The Travel Blogs – Are we there yet? – 17th March 2019

More family time today. It’s been lovely. We were going to my uncles for breakfast. They always make us a lovely English breakfast on a Sunday when we’re down this way. We got up late this morning. My head really hurt when I woke up so I didn’t want to get up but I knew there was a breakfast waiting for me.

Luckily I’d packed our bags last night and I didn’t have to get Bella dressed as I was giving her a bath at Barry and Sheron’s. I woke Daly up and got him up to get himself ready. While he was getting dressed I took down Bella’s travel cot and then I took them out to the car.

We were suppose to be sitting down for breakfast at 10 but with getting Daly up and packing the car we didn’t leave the hotel until 9.55. I wanted to drive this morning. I set up the SAT NAV and off we went. I instantly went wrong so we took a little detour through the country. We hit a few little bridges. Daly didn’t like the fact I went woohoo every time we went over them. We finally found the main road and we were back on track.

We got to my uncles at 10.30. As soon as we walked in Jamie went “funny 10 o’clock” I said it was because Daly takes forever to get up and as soon as Daly came through the door and said it was my fault because I’d taken a detour. Didn’t matter we hadn’t missed breakfast.

We sat down to enjoy our lovely English breakfast. We had sausages, egg, bacon, beans, tomatoes and toast. It’s always a yummy breakfast.

After breakfast I gave Bella a bath. We tried some snuffle baby bubble bath to see if that helped Bella’s breathing. Bella had been really chesty when she woke up and it sounded like she’d lost her voice. Luckily it’s come back as the days gone on. She had fun splashing in the bath, she was chasing the bubbles around the bath with her sponge.

While Bella was in the bath my cousin Greg turned up with his little one, Briony. Daly got Bella dressed and went and said hello while I sorted the bathroom out.

Greg had said he wanted to climb a nearby hill. We thought as the weather was nice we’d all go. It’s actually sunny today and not too cold. Uncle Barry had said needed to sort the garage out so couldn’t come. We think he lost his spirit of adventure. We got ready making sure we had coats and that the kids had warm clothes before we got in the cars to go find Greg’s hill.

Jamie came with Daly, Bella and I and Sheron went with Greg and Briony. The hill was about a 15 minute drive away. We parked up at the bottom of the hill and got ourselves sorted. I needed to put my trainers and the kids needed to put their coats and wellies on.

Once we were ready, we set off up the hill. Briony and Isabella tried to walk it but occasionally asked to be carried. They were both adventurous, both Daly and Greg had to keep a hold of them before they tried to walk off the side of the hill.

Jamie ran up to the top of the hill, Greg followed with Briony and Daly slowly made his way up while Bella, Sheron and I carried on walking up the track to the top of the hill. Luckily the track was pretty sheltered so we weren’t being blown about.

We got to the top and found the wind again. We enjoyed the view but quickly made our way back down the hill. Sheron ended up at one point with both girls. And even I was honoured by Briony holding my hand as we walked.

It was a lovely walk. It’s nice to do things like that. Doesn’t cost a thing but spending time with the family.

We went back to the cars and headed back to Barry and Sheron’s for a cup of tea and a sit down. Bella and I sat in the living room and watched a film while Greg washed his car and the boys went to ASDA. Briony was having her lunch with Sheron

We ended up sitting in the dinning room chatting and drinking our tea while Briony finished her lunch and then the girls play. It was lovely watching them play and sharing toys. They were running around with each other screaming and giggling.

They were using the washing basket as a boat and pushing each other along on the ride on car.

Sadly Briony and Greg had to go home so we said goodbye. He was going home to cook a roast and had a few other bits to do.

Sheron, Barry and I all sat in the front room watching tv and chilling for the afternoon. I was going through the photos from this morning and also wrote up a bit for Bella’s nursery about her weekend.

Jamie and Daly were in Jamie’s room playing on the Xbox. Bella decided she wanted to join them and see what they were up to. She ended up crashing on Jamie’s bed. Obviously the walk this morning had worn her out.

That’s pretty much how the rest of the day went. A nice chilled out afternoon with everyone relaxing and doing their own things. When Bella woke up she played a little bit on the iPad before we had some dinner.

After dinner Bella was very interested in the dishwasher. We don’t have one at home so Bella found it extremely interesting. She was playing with her doggy on the door while Sheron filled it. Bella had to keep being reminded that she shouldn’t touch anything in the dishwasher as it was dirty.

Once the dishwasher had been filled we returned to the living room. Bella showed Sheron some of the games on the iPad and they sat doing them together.

Bella kept going into annoying the boys who were now watching films. She even wheeled in on the little ride on car. She’s been a bit of a daddy’s girl today.

We’re having our finally cup of tea before we have to hit the road home. Last bit of relaxation before the long drive. It’s been a wonderful weekend, shame it has to end but we have to return to reality. Hopefully we can all meet up again.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

One thought on “The Travel Blogs – Are we there yet? – 17th March 2019

  1. Sheron Dunford says:

    Brilliant loved reading it and looking at your photo’s. Was great having you all here. We look forward to our next get together ❤ xx


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