The Travel Blogs – Nothing like Family – 15th March 2019

We made it to my uncle’s. Took us as long as predicted which is good. When we got to my uncle Barry’s we said hello to Barry and Sheron. We went and sat in the living room and enjoyed a cup of tea.

We chatted about Bellas nursery and how she was getting on. Also about the fact Bellas many illnesses over the last few months. Daly and Barry chatted about the car we’d hired. Sheron kept dipping in and out of the conversation as she was doing us dinner. Bella had grabbed the iPad as soon as we got in the house and was leaning on the sofa watching Peppa Pig and Shimmer and Shine.

I had put on Facebook that I was having problems with Bellas Nuby cup leaking in bed with her. The last few nights I’ve had to change Bellas pyjamas and dry the bed out as they were soaked. Barry and Sheron had bought Bella a Munchkin cup with a straw for us to try. She loved it and kept asking Sheron for more juice.

We had pizza and salad for dinner.

Bella sat in the high chair next to me. She surprised me by eating all her dinner and even used her knife and fork. She very rarely uses them. She finds it easier to eat with her hands. I do encourage her but she has none of it normally. Uncle Barry gave Bella a yoghurt for dessert and again she surprised me. She ate her yoghurt completely with her spoon. Normally she eats half the yoghurt with the spoon and then eats the rest with her fingers. But today no fingers.

My cousin Jamie turned up just as we were finishing dinner. He told us about his eventful drive home and then we all returned to the living room.

Bella went back to the iPad this time watching Paw Patrol. Jamie and I were remembering all our random conversations that we’ve had over the years. We chatted about time traveling chickens with cows and grumpy ducks which had something to do with dinosaurs. I think it was something like the dinosaurs were time traveling chickens but we can’t remember. We just remember being in hysterics everytime one of us mooed or quacked.

Then we had a laugh that resulted from something I’d said about man and Jamie corrected me saying ‘woman actually’ with regards to gender equality. I said how I didn’t really care I’m not a feminist. My aunty then brought up how babies are now being theybies as to not place a gender on them. To which Jamie announced he identified as a broom handle. So when he fills out forms he doesn’t fill out male or female he ticks other. We chatted about the weird people out there that have had surgery to turn themselves into a tenderness alien or a cat. We have random conversations.

We discussed Bellas swimming lessons as Jamie had said he was going swimming at some point. Which brought us on to the last random conversations we had. How if your going to save someone whose fallen in a river you need to go home first, put your pyjamas on, grab your brick, go back to the river, throw the brick in, save the brick and then save the person. This then got extended to Jamie didn’t want a brick anymore he was bringing his broom handle. His dad then said about how random it was the way lifesaving used to be taught in pools to which Jamie said sod it throw in an elephant. So I decided we now need to save the elephant in water by creating a lever with the brick and the broom pole. As you can see we have random conversations but we wouldn’t change them.

We decided it was time for us to head to the hotel to give Barry and Sheron a break from the craziness and so we could get Bella to bed.

The hotel is about 20 minutes away from my uncle’s. Travelodge this time. No Premier Inn but were getting a fry up Sunday morning thanks to my aunty so we don’t need a Premier Inn.

Bella and I went to find the room while Daly parked the car. We were welcomed by a very nice lady at reception. She chatted with Bella about her dolly and told us where our room was.

Bella was very excited when we got to the room and explored. Even though there’s a bed set up for Bella she moves too much in her sleep so we have her travel cot.

Daly arrived with all our bits and we started to get ready for bed. I set up the travel cot for Bella but she seemed to have decided that my bed was now her bed. She made herself nice and comfortable under her duvet.

We’re now all settled in bed and going to get some sleep so we can have a great day tomorrow with the family.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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