Migraines suck – 14th March 2019

Bella did not want to get up this morning. Not surprised considering she was still bouncing around in bed until about 2am. That child does not stop.

She’s still coughing and sounding like she’s losing her voice. Hope she doesn’t suffer with her throat like I do. That’s not nice.

Babyballet this morning. I managed to get Bella dressed in her ballet outfit and out the house to go to ballet. Had to prevent her being blown away when we stepped outside, it was so windy.

Bella was a bit hit and miss with ballet today. One minute she was really clingy and then she was running off. She ran out of the classroom twice before class started to go jump on the comfy seats in the hall way. She was enjoying twirling today and jump in. She found the teachers mini trampoline and kept jumping on it.

She joined in nicely with the second half of the class thankfully. Doing her Jack in the box and jumping on the spots. She also enjoyed dancing with the scarfs. Of course she always enjoys dancing with twinkle at the end of the class.

Sadly that was the end of her three week trial but hopefully we can continue with it. She enjoys getting dressed up and she does practice her good toes and naughty toes at home. She even gets me to do it with her.

After class we took a trip to ASDA to go pick up some cat food. Bella and I went and looked in George but didn’t find any cute outfits this time. We did however get her a new duvet set. She chose a pretty green unicorn set. So Nannas favourite colour and the animal Nanna wanted to be. I love my girl.

We went home and had some lunch before time for nursery. As I was getting her ready and then putting her in the car rain was thrashing down. I kept hiding behind the car so I didn’t get wet not that that worked.

Funny thing was by the time we’d driven to nursery it had stopped raining. Bella proudly walked the rest of the way to nursery with her backpack on.

After dropping Bella off I went home and got more house work done. I started to sort out Bellas room and all her clothes. Then made a start on the washing up while watching the Hills. I have to have some American rubbish on while I do housework.

Daly finally emerged to go and pick Bella up from nursery thankfully as my head was starting to hurt. When he came back Bella was very clingy. Apparently there had been tears at nursery today. I’m guessing it’s where she’s not feeling so great. We’ll have to see how she does over the weekend to see if she goes in Monday.

Before Daly went to work I wanted Bella to show him her little pirate outfit I had got her. She looked so cute in her little dress. She loved it but got annoyed with me that I told her she needed to take it off to eat a tomato. We compromised and she was allowed an apple. I had a little pirate sat in my living room. It was so cute.

Daly went to work and we chilled watching Paw Patrol. My head was starting to get worse which was not good. Especially when you have a hungry toddler to feed. I really wanted to just go to sleep. Instead I popped my pain meds and set about cooking dinner with Bellas help.

She really enjoys helping me cook. She actually gets really upset if it’s not dinner time and she doesn’t need to go in the freezer.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds.

Love CiCi x

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