Birthday Blog- turning 31 – 28th Febrauary 2019

Zach had stayed last night as the boys had had a gaming night. He came and woke us up just after 8 as we had planned to go for a Wetherspoons fry up. I got up and woke Bella up. Daly however did his usual of just laying in bed looking at his phone. Eventually he emerged and we were able to get out of the house to attempt to get a breakfast before Bellas first ballet lesson.

In the car we got and off to the pub to park up as we planned to head in and say hello after our breakfast. However the back of the pub is currently right next to a construction site. So trying to get in to go round to the car park we were met by a skip lorry doing a switch. So we were stuck sat in the road watching this skip lorry for 10 minutes before we could pull into the car park. Annoyingly that ment we wouldn’t have time to head up to spoons for breakfast so we headed into the pub to see Nathan and Ed.

Bella was still extremely grumpy about being woken up. I thought her first ballet session was going to be a disaster. She would leave me in the pub yet normally she’ll run around the place. And especially as there was no one there is expected her to have full run of the place.

About 20 minutes before we had to leave for ballet I gave her the option. Did she want to wear her ballet outfit or did she want to stay in what she was wearing. Surprisingly she wanted to put her outfit. It was almost like our normal Bella once she was wearing her ballet outfit. She was showing everyone her outfit and dancing.

We headed off to ballet and guess what, as we were leaving the car park another skip lorry was blocking the road. So again we sat there and waited. Eventually we could get on our way again. We found the hall quite easily. Bella got out of the car and instantly fell over on the gravel. So not a great start to ballet.

We headed inside and got caught out but stupid automatic doors that didn’t work. The first door opened fine. It had one of those giant disabled buttons next to it. The inner door however didn’t open. It had one of those stick buttons and no matter how we pressed the button the door wouldnt open. In the end I just pulled the door open. Turns out I wasn’t the only one, another parent had struggled as well.

In to class we went and met Miss Linda and Miss Paige. Bella was a little shy to start with and went and sat in the corner with her bag. She insisted I sat with her. There was one other girl in the class who was enjoying herself running around. After Bella watched her for a while she decided she was going to join in.

She did really well at ballet, joining in with her good toes and naughty toes. She especially loved pointing her feet in between bends. She was very good at those. We also sang some action rhymes. One activity was jumping and Bella liked jumping from spot to spot going “boing”

The final activity of her session involved dancing with the classes mascot bears – Twinkle and Ted. Bella had one of each and instead of making them dance was enjoying making them kiss. Very cute. Then we had to put them to bed. While everyone else was rocking their bears to sleep Bella laid her bears on the scarf and then stood back to present them to the teacher.

Her teacher said how well she’d done for her first lesson. I was surprised she’d joined in so well. I thought she’d just sit with me or hide but she at least gave everything a good. Very proud of her.

We went back to the pub to find daddy and uncle Zach. As I got into the pub Daly shooed me away so he could get Bella to write in my birthday card. I went and sat at my regular table and waited to be told it was safe to look.

Eventually I was allowed to look and was given my cards from Daly and Bella. Bella had done me a little scribble in her card.

Bella had received a sticker from ballet to say how well she had done in her class. But it kept falling off her. So while Bella sat on my lap we stuck the sticker on baby to say she was a ballet superstar. We were waiting for Nathan as we were all going for a trip to the darts shop.

Off to the darts shop we went. We have discovered two adults and a child seat do not make for a comfortable journey in a Skoda Fabia. We made it though. May have been a tight squeeze but we got there in one piece.

We all got out, Daly, Nathan, Zach, Bella and I and went to do some darts shopping. Bella really liked all the trophies in the shop but I was constantly worried Bella was going to break something. Luckily uncle Zach was on the case and kept an eye on her. The owner didn’t mind Bella exploring, as he said she’s only a baby.

I had been wanting some new darts for a while, but annoyingly the girl play darts they used to do had all changed so I wasn’t too sure about them. I tried a set of 26g to see how I got on with them. I used to have 24g darts and I was sure I wanted some heavier ones. I had a few throws and then decided that the heavier ones for me. I also chose them fairy flights and some pretty pink stems.

Nathan bought some darts as well that he tried out as well as some other bits. Zach also bought some darts bits including a new case.

Then it was time to squeeze back in the Skoda and head back to the pub. My side was really starting to hurt by this point. I had problems with it 4 years ago but after loads of tests they found nothing wrong. In the end they said it was my ribs rubbing on my muscle, so muscle pain nothing really serious.

When we got to the pub Daly headed up to subway to get us some lunch. While he went that way Bella did her usual of finding the cue ball and putting it in the pockets. The rest of us had a go on the dart board. Cathy and Nathan were sorting out a white board so we could score as there isn’t a score board at the moment.

It was going to be the winner played the chalker. I played Nathan while Zach chalked. No huge surprise I lost! Luckily at that point Daly arrived with our lunch so we had a sit down.

My side had started to hurt more so I’d taken some pain killers in the hope I’d start to feel better. Didn’t quite work. The pain killers didn’t take the pain away. Instead it made me extremely drowsy. In the end we had to leave the pub so I could go home and sleep. I wanted to just laid down on the pub floor and sleep there and then.

We went home and I crashed out on the sofa. Not sure what Bella and Daly did while I was asleep but when I woke up the living room, hall and kitchen had be tidied. I had taken Bella out of her ballet outfit so she could have some of her birthday cake. I hadn’t wanted her to get any chocolate on it. So I had to find an outfit for her to wear as her grandparents were coming over with auntie Paige.

I found her cat dress that Grandma had bought her for Christmas. She looks so cute in that dress.

Dalys parents and his sister turned up and gave me their cards and presents. I got a lovely cherry bomb candle from Dalys parents. They also brought me a few more cards including one from Grandma and Grandad who had given me a bit of birthday money. The money covered the cost of my darts so I decided that that was a good use of my birthday money. Adam turned up and we all chatted for a bit. Rachel turned up as well and gave me her present from her and Oli. A Birthday Princess sash.

Dalys parents and Adam and Paige headed of home and then Daly, Rachel and I discussed what we wanted to do for dinner. I still didn’t feel 100% so didn’t really want much so we decided to just pick up some rice dishes from the Chinese. We had a nice little Chinese picnic. That was pretty much it for my birthday but it was a really enjoyable day. I like days like that, nice and chilled.

Well that’s the actually birthday. Next up my 31st party.

Love CiCi x

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