Bella loves a sing song – 12th March 2019

Today wore Bella out. This morning started like every Tuesday morning. Except Bella woke me up this morning sitting on me, jumping up and down going ‘get up!’ I did eventually drag myself out of bed. Luckily I’ve got into the habit of sorting out bellas outfit and bag the night before so I only required brain power to get myself ready.

I found some clothes and got myself dressed. Getting Bella dressed was a bit of a challenge this morning. She kept running away. She let me do her hair though. I gave her a banana for breakfast only to find her sat in the hall way with another 15 minutes later even though she knew we were going to Costa and getting a gingerbread man. Sadly once she’s bitten through the skin it’s a waste to take it off her.

Off to Costa we went in the cold and the rain. Through the drive through to get our decaf tea and a gingerbread man. The drive through was quite busy this morning. Normally we’re the only car in there but this morning there were 3 in front and another behind. Once we had our treats and I’d stopped to give Bella her man we headed off to toddler sense.

This week at Toddler sense it was the secret garden. Bella was extremely independent this morning. She loved the free play. Playing in the ball pit.

She enjoyed going up the mini climbing wall to the slide. This week she needed no help whatsoever. She enjoyed playing with the other children on the bouncy castle. It was nice to see her play with others.

There was a little gardening area with baskets, there were large flower pots filled with balls and spades and rakes for rhe children to garden with. Bella tried to collect up some of the balls with the spade. She found this tricky so instead used her hands to collect the balls to fill her basket. She enjoyed just carrying around her little basket around the whole play area putting balls in and out of it.

One of her favourite areas this morning was the giant flower windmills. Bella kept standing up with flower and treating it like a microphone. She kept singing ‘Paw Patrol’ and then switching to just making the flower spin.

She did very good tidying up at the end of the free play sesson. She helped put all ball pit balls into the bag with another little boy. She then didn’t really want to sit down for the actual session.

First up – the welcome song with Tod. Bella didn’t want to go and getting any the equipment. She seems to love the space made by tidying up and just wants to run round like a crazy person. Luckily, however, she did join in with the welcome song. I was glad because she’d been singing it in the hall way when we were waiting to enter the hall.

After the welcome it was straight into fun activities. All the children had the light wands – which Bella always use as a light saber for some reason. She hasn’t even seen Star Wars. While the children were all dancing and waving their wands the teacher sprinkled them with petals. Bella liked gathering the petals up and throwing them in the air. As well as petals, out came the bubbles. Bella tried popping the bubbles with her light wand. I was scared she was going to knock someone out.

Next the children all had flashing balls on a piece of elastic to represent flowers. Bella liked bouncing hers around and everytime time it stoped flashing she’d hit it to set it off again.

It was time for some scarf dancing. Someone was hiding in the secret garden and the children had to find him while they were exploring. Bella did really good dancing with her scarf. She was really intreged with who was hiding. It turned out Tod was all snuggled up in a blanket. The children all went and got a blanket to wrap their Tods in.

Bella wasn’t too interested in Tod snuggling down so I got baby. We wrapped baby up and then we all shared cuddles while watching a shadow play. And there’s no better shadow play than an in the Night Garden one. It was nice to actually sit snuggled with Bella and her getting so excited about seeing all the characters.

Final activity of the day was with the balloons. We had giant ones and normal sized ones. Bella seemed a bit unsure with this. She was on the outside a bit with this activity until she could finally get hold of a balloon. Again she took off to the big mats to dance around.

After toddler sense it was time for the pub. When we got there, there was someone sat at our table. It completely threw Bella. She hates it when we don’t sit where we normally do. We chose a different table and I got us some drinks. I had messaged Nathan and Cathy that we were there and we waited for them to appear.

They eventually appeared and Cathy had a present from Zach for Bella. Zach had ordered Bella another birthday present but it had only just turned up. It’s a mini pink grand piano with a microphone. Cathy and I set it up for Bella and then Bella treated the whole pub to her version of ‘Paw Patrol’ Turns out you can turn the piano volume down but not the Mic. Oh well Bella loves it.

We eventually were able to go back to our normal table. Bella sat and watched Paw Patrol while the grown ups chatted. Well I say chatted we were all doing online shopping and occasionally talked about what we were looking for. Cathy and Nathan were looking at Top Trumps cards and I was looking for a pirate costume for pirate week at Toddler sense. Normally I wouldn’t buy her an outfit just for that but she loves pirates and dressing up.

3.30 came round and I checked my phone to see if Daly had woken up. I know his routine when he wakes up is to check his phone and I’d sent him a Snapchat. Meaning if the Snapchat had been opened Daly was awake. Sadly it hadn’t been so we had to head home to wake him up for work at 5. Before we left Bella managed to find a balloon and sweet talked or cuddled Nathan into getting her a fruit shoot. She proudly left the pub holding her balloon and splashing in puddles. This girl loves the rain.

When we got home we went a woke Daly up. Turned out he’d woken up minutes before we got there and the first thing he says to me ‘ have you seen the time?’ Yep that’s why we came home Daly! Daly got up and got ready for work while I set up bellas piano so she could show him.

Daly left for work and we enjoyed an afternoon of tv and playing with toys. We had one job to do though. Bella is off to a birthday party tomorrow so we needed to finish wrapping the present and write the card.

Bella needed a little help to stick the tape down. It may not be the best wrapped present ever but Bella wrapped it for her friend so it’s the best my little girl did. And she tried her hardest.

Bella loves writing cards so that required no help at all.

All that’s left is for her to choose an outfit in the morning to wear to her friends.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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