2 year review – 11th March 2019

Today was Bellas 2 year review. So up we got and had some breakfast before heading over to the children’s centre to see the health visitor. We were a little early so Bella entertained herself playing with the toys in reception.

We got called in and in we went. Even though it was Bellas two year check I swear the health visitor and I spent more time talking about how I was coping and mum’s death. She gave me the name of a charity to support Bella as it has effected her. As much as people can say oh she’s only little she doesn’t know what’s happening. Bellas a smart girl so I’m going to see what we can do for her.

The health visitor didn’t have too many concerns. The only concerns we had was with Bellas speech and her level of vocabulary. Also the fact that Bella goes mute when she’s around new people. We’ve booked an appointment for a years time so we can review how Bella is doing with all the chaos going on in her little life and how her speech is.

We came home and had some lunch and Bella enjoyed watching some Cbeebies. I tidied up a little bit as the living room was bugging me.

I dropped Bella off at nursery. Not that she seemed too happy to go in today. She was very clingy at the door. First time she’d been like that. Luckily she went to the manager for cuddles and was happy for me to leave.

I came home and Daly and I sat on the sofa together. He was watching YouTube videos while I was doing my Happy Colouring. We were freezing though. Even though I’d turned the heating on both Daly and I were in jumpers snuggled under fleece blankets cold. I was so cold I put my scarf on.

Eventually it was time to go get Bella from nursery. Just like I’d left her she was in someone’s arms. Apparently she’d been a bit wobblely today. I did wonder if she was going to be with how she was when I left her. But apparently shed enjoyed some time in the garden playing and shed been able to do some making.

She came home with a picture she made me. So cute that she’s actually brought something home she’s made.

She helped me do a little shopping before we went home. We picked up some waffles for dinner as Bella wants fish fingers. She proudly carried the waffles back to the car before ditching them for an apple.

Almost as soon as she got home Bella crashed out on the sofa. Wonder if that’s had some reason for her clinginess today. Bless her either that or she wore herself out in the garden at nursery.

Bella woke up just in time to help me with dinner. She’d chosen fish fingers this morning so she laid them out on the oven tray.

Then she added the waffles that we’d bought earlier to the tray. Then she helped me by placing the tray in the oven.

Now we’ve just got to wait for it all to cook.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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