Busy Day – 7th March 2019

We’ve come to the conclusion Bella has a better social life than me. Her Thursday was definitely a busy day.

First up Babyballet. Bella did so well at her second class. She joined in with nearly every activity and did most of them independently. I could actually sit and enjoy the session rather than chasing Bella down to get her to sit and join in.

We did Jack in the boxes, naughty toes and good toes, wind the bobbing up, row row and lots of other activities. I was really impressed with how well she joined in. She even made friends with another little girl and showed her her baby.

After ballet it was time to head home and have some lunch before Bella went to nursery for her second afternoon. Bella sat nicely to eat her lunch.

I woke Daly shaking him shouting 2nd day of school. He was grumpy though and hid under the duvet. Yet he’d been the one to say he wanted to take Bella to nursery. He eventually emerged from the bed room.

Char had messaged me moaning about how cold and windy it was while she picked up her son. Apparently she got blown down the street. I believed she was hinting for a visit so I invited her round for a cuppa and a chat.

Char turned up just as Daly and Bella left for nursery. We enjoyed a cuppa while her son played with the playdough and toys in the play room. He kept asking where Bella was and I had to tell him that Bella was at school.

Daly did lots of little jobs while he was out. Char and I thought he had got lost or ended up at the pub for a drink. Turns out the latter was true.

Soon it was time to go get Bella. We all bundled in the car, we’d offered to take Char home as we were going her way after getting Bella as we were going to go see Zach.

Bella apparently had a lovely time at nursery. She’s been asking for me but they said there hadn’t been any tears and she quickly moves on to activities. She gave me a huge hug when I picked her up. I love picking her up and getting that hug.

We dropped Char and her son off and then went round to Zachs. We sat and chatted. However Bella was getting into everything. Zach managed to find some Paw Patrol episodes and put them on the TV.

Cathy and I went to drop Dalys mum home and then we headed off to get dinner. We had take away. I didn’t want to go home and cook dinner.

Even though it was a busy day it was a nice chilled day. I think it was Bella who was more busy than the rest of us with her social life.

Anyways let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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