Birthday Blog – Bella’s 2nd Birthday with friends and family – 21st February 2019

BELLA TURNED 2 TODAY! I can’t believe my baby girl is two. She’s growing so fast. I can’t believe that two years ago we were in hospital with our little peanut in the NICU and now she’s causing chaos everywhere lol.

Daly and I had prepared all her presents last night with her cards and set them up in the living room with her giant unicorn and balloons all over the floor.

At some point during the night Bella had climbed into bed with us. However she kept moving and ended up kicking us both though out the night. Daly had to get up early to meet his dad so he could go pick up our new car but Bella and I stayed in bed and snuggled. Nothing better than birthday snuggles. I ended up falling asleep but I was aware of Bella playing with her baby next to me and telling her baby what to do. I can’t remember what she was actually playing but I remember being proud of her for being imaginative with her doll. I eventually woke up to a very awake and excited little girl.

She was egar to go down stairs even though she didn’t really have an idea of what was waiting for her downstairs. It was so cute the first thing she noticed when we came down stairs was all the balloons. She kicked them around and threw them in the air and then realised the presents being guarded by the unicorn.

She ended up pulling all the tags off the presents and found her sylvanian families bus. She kept rearranging the tags to sit on the top deck of the bus and to drive it.

While she was happy playing with the tags I started on the washing up. It had been bugging me and I think because it was Bellas birthday I had the motivation to actually do something today. I also wanted to clean the kitchen a bit as I thought everyone was coming round in the evening so if planned on giving Bella some fairy cakes to decorate for her party as something to do.

We however didn’t get a chance to ice any cakes as there were people coming and going all day. It actually made the day really nice that we got to spend individual time with each family member. The first person to come knocking on our door was Grandpa which was a nice surprise. He hadn’t said he was coming round so it was nice for him to come see Bella on her birthday. He had brought Bella a couple of presents and her card.

She’d got into the swing of opening presents by this point as she had already opened one from Daly and I and a couple of the presents I had found from Nanna.

She had also opened a Miffy bear she had been given by her dutch Great Uncle and Great Aunty. Miffy is a huge thing over in holland. So it was a semi traditional dutch present.

Grandpa had bought Bella some In the Night Garden activity books each with different scenes to make with the characters. He had also bought her a toddler bible and prayer book. We chatted about bellas party on Saturday as dad didn’t think he’d be able to make the whole party sadly so I let him know when we were going to the do the cake and food. He didn’t stay long as he had to go.

Literally 5 minutes after dad had left Nathan, Zach and their mum turned up with a massive box. No surprise seeing as Zach always spoils Bella. He loves that girl. We all sat in the living room and everyone was trying to say hello but Bella was far more interested in the huge box. Her, Nathan and Zach all ripped open the paper to see what was inside.

Inside the box was a huge toot toot set. It’s almost as tall as Bella. Daly sat there trying to put it together. One of the first instructions was to screw the two tower pieces together. But Daly argued there were no screws. All the boys hunted all the little plastic bags for these screws but decided there weren’t any.

Bella kept trying to help build the tower but was getting more in the way so instead Zach gave Bella his second present. A little toot toot dog in a house. That worked in distracting Bella. She sat happily playing with the dog and folding and unfolding it’s little house. She also kept trying to put the toot toot car in the house and then both of them. She got frustrated when she wasn’t able to close the house with both the car and dog in it.

Finally Daly had finished building her tower. Now it was time for batteries. Luckily they’d brought some with them. Bella loved shooting the car and dog down the massive ramp to the loop da loop. I’ve been working on my hosting skills. It causes me major anxiety but I offered people drinks and got them. Sounds stupid but to me it’s a huge thing. As Daly had finished the tower and I was getting people drinks Daly and Zach went into town to pick up some Pepsi for us.

While they were gone Nathan and Cathy gave Bella their presents. Well they tried but she was having far too much fun with the tower and her toys so I opened those presents. Cathy had got Bella some pretty tops and Nathan had bought her a cute little denim dungaree dress. I love her in little dungarees and denim outfits.

The boys returned with drinks and we sat and chatted and had a play around with the car tower. We were wondering how everything worked and which route went where. Sadly Nathan had to work so we had to say goodbye to him and Cathy but Zach stayed to enjoy the full day as he was off work. Daly had offered to drop him home later.

Bella had asked for a film on as she was getting a bit tired so we put the Little Mermaid on and the boys entertained themselves on the PlayStation. May seem a bit out of order that they were playing games but Bella was happy with her film so I don’t expect everyone to just sit around staring at her hoping something is going to happen.

About an hour after Cathy and Nathan left, Aunty Becky and cousin Hannah came round to wish Bella happy birthday. They weren’t able to stay long but it was nice of them to pop and see her even for half an hour. Hannah had bought Bella a toy microwave to go with one of her many kitchens – Bella has 3. Hannah played with Bella showing her how to open the microwave door but sadly we didn’t have any batteries to put in it so it could work properly. It came with a pizza which Bella enjoyed popping in and out but then She decided she wanted to cook something else so went and found some of her play food.

Once Hannah and Becky left the boys continued to play – not that they had really stopped while they were here. Bella went back to her movie to watch the rest of it.

Dalys parents were on their way over to come celebrate with Bella and Daly headed off to go and get auntie Paige. While he was gone, I took his place on the PlayStation playing zombies with Zach. I actually did pretty well. Not that Daly believed me when he got back.

Grandma and Grandad turned up while Daly was getting Paige so they made a fuss of Bella. Bella showed Grandad the toys she had got for her birthday.

When Daly and Paige turned up Grandma and Grandad gave Bella her present. A hamster like creature that repeats everything you say in a really high pitched voice. We all played around with it making it say silly things. Bella however was more concerned about trying to get it to sit still and kept hitting it on the head.

She showed Grandad how her new car track worked before we moved it into her toy room so we weren’t having to talk round it and there was more space in the room.

Bella sat with Daly and opened a few more of the presents mum had got her. Two little sets of books. Always a hit. This child loves books.

Paige waited to give Bella her present from Paige and Adam as we were waiting for Adam to finish work and turn up. Also Adam has started a mini tradition with Bella which is cute. Bella will always sit on his lap to open any presents Paige and Adam get her. It’s fun coz even if Paige gives her the present Bella will march over to Adam and insist on sitting on his lap. It’s so nice to see.

Grandad started to help Bella open a present from her Great Uncle Barry and Great Aunt Sheron but she got distracted by balloons. What started as a little balloon fight with Grandad turned into a full out balloon war between Bella, Paige, Daly and Zach. With Daly being the main target.

War then turned into trying to make each others hair stand on end. Poor Bella and Paige looked like they’d put their fingers in a socket. Bella more so.

We also played a little bit of keepy up with the balloons but Bella preferred beating people with the balloons rather than hitting them. Zach and Grandad quickly became the targets again.

Adam finally made it to ours from work so Bella could have her present. Sure enough Paige gave Bella the present and Bella ran off to sit on Adams lap so he could help her unwrap it. Adam and Paige had got Bella a huge cooking set with saucepans, and spoons, strainers and even a potatoes masher. Bella insisted Adam opened the box so she could play with all the bits. Again we had a group discussion about how impossible children’s toys are to get into nower days. It takes 5 hours just to open the box let alone get the thing out.

Grandma and Grandad had to go and Adam and Paige wanted to get home before it got too late so we did Bellas cake before everyone left. She had chosen a lion cake.

Of course, like is tradition, her cake had two candles (yellow to match the icing) and we all sang happy birthday. Bella sat with Grandad while we sang and blew the candles out with no help at all. Blowing candles out is great fun if you Bella shaped.

Bella played with her cooking bits a bit more and made everyone some food but sadly we had to say goodbye do they could all get home.

While we were waiting for my sister to turn up Zach helped Bella open her present from Barry and Sheron and her cards. The present we managed to open and it was a book with dinosaur fuzzy felts. When they had come down to see mum because mum was poorly we’d spent a lot of time inside and they played with Bella. The big hit for Bella to do with them was her fuzzy felt sets so it was lovely they’d remembered that and her love of dinosaurs.

Rachel eventually turned up but with no Oli. He was poorly and didn’t want to make Bella ill. Bella was straight into the bag of presents. She’s definitely got the idea of presents or pres as she called them all day. Zach helped Bella open the presents from Auntie Rachel. Not that Bella had asked if they were for her or if she could have them. Rachel didn’t seem to mind though.

The first present Zach and Bella unwrapped was a lovely floral dress. Rachel was saying as soon as she knew what size Bella was she had to get it. It’s a nice light material so will be perfect foe parties in the summer. Next they unwrapped a Frozen bath toy set. The one Bella had seen in the Disney Store and really wanted. Straight away they were out of the bag and Bella was lining the characters up.

We were going to do a little tea party but where everyone was staggered during the day it just never happened. As we never had our tea party of nibbles Rachel and I went to go get some sausage and chips for us girls. The boys said they were going to pick up a burger or something when Daly dropped Zach home.

We came home and us girls had a little sausage and chips party on the carpet while the boys continued to play Call of Duty. Bella wasn’t too interested in her food. The cat however was interested and stole her sausage. Normally Bella would be upset and either cry or tell the cat off but she really didn’t care.

After Rachel and I had finished dinner we got Bellas tunnel out that Daly and I had got her. It started with Bella going through the tunnel followed by a cat but then Uncle Zach got in on the action.

He trapped Bella in the tunnel by standing it up and then the pair of them played peek a boo. Or Bella was pretending to be a Jack in a box. She kept peeking out of the top and shouting boo.

It was time for the birthday girl to go to bed. She had an amazing day and were so happy with how her birthday went. It was lovely seeing everyone over the day rather than all at once. So a huge thank you to all her family for making her birthday so special.

Love CiCi x

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