6th March 2019

Today was a chilled day thankfully. Didn’t have to get up and out early. Bella and I snuggled in bed before I finally got up. I thought Daly was awake so went into him. It turns out he was still asleep and his phone was just playing YouTube. He woke up however and then moaned that I’d woken him up too early. Not my fault, I thought he was awake.

Bella and I went down stairs and had some breakfast/lunch. She didn’t really want to get dressed but we were going round to see dad for our birthdays. I put het in a cute little hoodie I’d bought for her yesterday from Poundland.

Rachel turned up just before we headed off to dad’s. She normally pops round on a Wednesday we just haven’t had a chance to really do anything recently. She was dropping off the car seat for Bella as Bella is staying with Adam and Paige on Friday and they need a car seat. I said to Rachel just before we went out if she was bored and wanted something to do she could tidy Bellas play room. It’s recently just become a dumping ground for all her toys.

We took a nice walk round to dad’s. Bella wanted to go through the alleys rather than round via the road. Didn’t bother me. It’s nice that she enjoys walking.

Just as we got to the flat we saw dad outside sorting the bins out. We went up into the flat to start our birthday celebrations.

Bella played with the youngest child while us adults had a cup of tea and a chat. The children were playing with Peppa Pig whebles. Bella seemed to quite like them. She also like the Thomas phone she had found.

Dad gave us our presents. Bella got a Paw Patrol story book, some red sparkly shoes and Angie had got Bella a little red outfit with Peppa Pig and a unicorn on it and the Zog DVD as we had watched it round there at Christmas. It’s nice that Bellas DVD collection is getting bigger.

We left and walked home. Well that was after Bella got off the step outside the flat. Bella cried the whole way home. She didn’t want to walk, she was hungry and tired.

When we got home aunty Rachel was still here. Bless her she had not only tidied the play room but also the living room. Was nice to come home to. Daly hadn’t left for work yet. We all chilled out in the living room and then off Daly went.

Rachel hung around for a little bit longer but left soon after. I decided to try and get a little more house work done. Especially as I needed to wash Bellas ballet outfit for her class tomorrow.

I did however catch Bella in the sink playing with the cutlery. She had climbed into the washing basket on all the clothes so she could reach the sink. Really cute but not where I wanted her.

She’s still feeling under the weather so we shared some soup for dinner and now it’s time for bed.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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