Stop growing! – 4th March 2019

My anxiety is through the roof today. It’s a big day for Bella and the poor peanut has got a rotten cold. Today is Bellas first day of nursery. I’m panicking over so many things. Has she got everything she needs, should I send her with wellies, what if the staff thing I’m a bad mum, are we gonna be late, what are the rules, how do we pay. You know all those fun questions I should have asked months ago or when we booked her first day of nursery but it was booked on the day of mum’s funeral so nursery wasn’t my priority that day.

I packed her bag last night so I didn’t have to panic today – not that it’s helping. I’ve had to use her ballet backpack. I wanted to take Bella shopping for a nursery bag but with birthdays the day just ended up on top of us before we knew it. I suppose it means she gets a bit more use out of her bag but I don’t want it to get ruined.

Anyways, I took Bella to her toddler group this morning like usual. We were a bit late. This time we missed snack time. However they still got Bella a snack and a drink and I got my usual cup of tea.

Bella zoomed off into the main room to play with the cars. She loves the cars and the garages they have. But quickly her attention was taken by the little house and kitchen. She went round giving all the adults plates before I went to join her by the house. She made me cups of tea and we cheersed.

She then found a toy helicopter that she was making fly across the room before she was using a table to roll it across. Only problem, it wasn’t a solid table it was slats. Then she played with two cars from the same set. They kept going after you pushed them although they sounded like they had those wind up motors inside them. Apparently them being used as cars was no good instead Bella thought they made better binoculars.

We left toddler group and better decided she wanted to go for a little explore around the outside of the church where her group is held. I had to chase her down to catch her and get her to get in the car.

We headed home to have some lunch and wake daddy up. It was a bit weird Bella having lunch so early. She normally has lunch about 1/half 1ish but Bella starts nursery at 12.30. Surprisingly I made her a cheese sandwich and she had a carrot for lunch and actually ate it all. At least I knew she was going to nursery with a full stomach.

I went and woke Daly up quoting Nemo “First day of school, first day of school!” Daly had been really looking forward to being able to take and pick Bella up from nursery.

We headed to the car to head to the nursery, but not before we were able to do some first day at nursery photos in the garden. She refused to pose on the drive with the chalk board but she was happy to pose on the garden. May have been last minute but at least we’ve got some nice photos of her first day.

We took Bella off to nursery and Daly was taking the mickey out of me because of how anxious I was and kept waiting for me to burst into tears. As soon as we walked into the nursery and Bella was allowed through the gate she was off. Didn’t even care she was still wearing her coat. I had a quick chat to the manager just to check over a few details and then we were off. Bella didn’t even say goodbye but then again I knew she wouldn’t. Too many interesting things around and fun to be had. And guess what I never cried. After chatting to the manager I felt loads better. Was just able to have all my questions answered.

We went home with the idea of tidying the house. However when we pulled up we discovered my sister had turned up. So bang went that idea. In the end I sat and finished editing all the photos from Bellas birthday and her first day of nursery photos. Next up bellas birthday party photos.

3 o’clock came and it was time to pick up the peanut. We got to nursery just before the heavens opened. When we got to the nursery we couldn’t see Bella anywhere (there are three rooms) I said to Daly they sold her but she appeared all happy and excited to see us. I got a lovely big hug from Bella and then daddy did. I had to fill out a little bit of paper work before we could go home but was better to get it sorted there and then.

We headed back outside to the car to discover a downpour. Bella was in tears because she’d had to leave nursery and that she was cold and wet. We got home and warmed up. Luckily Bella got to see her aunty Rachel. I went back to editing photos but first gave in to Bellas constant begging for Paw Patrol. I’ve seen the same episodes like 50 times this past weekend.

While I cooked dinner Bella did some playdough using her new cutters she had got for her birthday. It’s a cute beach set with a bucket and spade. So Bella kept making castles making sure to give the bucket a good tap on the bottom before lifting it up.

It’s been a long day and time for someone to go to bed. Bella is very tired and still feeling poorly so off to bed we’re going.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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