The day after the night before – 2nd March 2019

Oh man. Last night was brilliant. I’ve never had a proper adult party. But that’ll be in my birthday blog.

This morning was a good morning. I woke Daly up at half 9 as he had to be home to say goodbye to his car and I needed to be up the other end of town but half 10 to meet Leanne for breakfast. Knowing I had to get a toddler ready and dressed means I have to get up. Just as Daly was moaning about getting up he got a phone call. It was the person coming to collect the car saying they were going to be at the house in 15 minutes. I had to laugh. Daly had 15 minutes to get up, dressed and back to the house. So off he went.

Ed had gone with him so they could go pick up some bits before he had to work. However the idiot had forgotten to leave me the pram and our coats. Bella was downstairs having snuggles with a sleepy Nathan and watching Paw Patrol on his phone. She didn’t want to get dressed but eventually she was looking all cute in her little outfit.

Daly made it back in time for us to have our coats before we left. Bella didn’t want to put her coat on. She tried running away but daddy caught her.

Daly and Ed walked into town with us and said goodbye so they could go get some bits and we walked up the street to go meet my bestie Leanne. We found her just outside Card Factory and we walked up the Wetherspoons together. We were going for breakfast.

The normal mission to find a table in spoons was had. We finally found a nice table in the middle and sat down. Bella decided she wanted to sit in a grown up blue chair. Leanne popped my coat under her to make her taller at the table but she wasn’t having any of it.

We chose what we were going to have and Leanne went to order. The good thing is Leanne and I are very similar. We both ordered the same a traditional English breakfast and a cup of tea. Bella had some fruit like she does most mornings.

We had a nice catch up over breakfast. We chatted about blogging, photography and our families. We don’t see each other often so it’s nice that we do these catch ups. And there is always tea involved.

After breakfast was time for cards and presents. Annoyingly I didn’t have Leanne’s birthday present with me as last night had been a surprise for Daly. He would have got a bit suspicious if there was a present in the car. Leanne gave us our cards which Bella ripped the envelope of pretty impressively. Apparently pulling the card out was not an option.

Leanne had got me the next book in an Alice in Wonderland series. It’s like a rewrite using the original story as a bit of background. Leanne had bought me the first one called Alice last year for Christmas and this year she bought me the book titled the Red Queen. She had also got me some pretty gold sparkly nail varnish. Can’t beat a bit of glitter. I now just need to try grow my nails again. I hate nail varnish on short nails.

Leanne had bought Bella some books for our mini book work. At least I might get to read something other than Sleeping Beauty at bedtime.

Leanne apologised for the second presents. I had said no toys as Bella had got plenty for Christmas and I’d thought she’d have got even more for her birthday. But I’ll let Leanne off for the toy. She had bought her a Cinderella carriage. Leanne has bought Bella the Ariel one for Christmas so all Leanne was doing was adding to the set she’d already bought her.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Leanne so she could head home and get on with the rest of her day and so we could go find Daly. We got back to the pub and Daly and Nathan had already collected up all the bits from the party and moved it upstairs into the flat.

We went up to join the boys upstairs. Nathan still looked half asleep. Bella sat and was happy she could watch Shimmer and Shine. I’m seriously going to have to stop her being glued to a screen. We packed the car and I swear I said goodbye to Nathan at least 4 times with hugs and kisses – the whole works.

We went home and Bella snuggled up on the sofa with a snack and Cbeebies – great parenting considering I’d just moaned about her watching screens. Daly and I snuggled up on the sofa while he played CoD. I was shattered from all the excitement of yesterday so ended up falling asleep on Daly. But not before Bella had fallen asleep on her sofa.

The rest of the afternoon has been pretty chilled since we woke up. Bellas been playing with her travel bath toys that she’d found in our overnight bag. She’s also had her Cinderella carriage and dealing Cinderella out for a duck. I tried to encourage her to find her Ariel carriage but she was having far too much fun with the Cinderella.

Bellas been a bit grumpy the rest of the afternoon. Everytime I’ve said no it’s caused a melt down. I think her cold has come back full force. She keeps sneezing and is very snifflely. Also she’s developed a bit of a cough. Think it’s gonna be an early night for her with her lavender plug in.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds.

Love CiCi x

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