New term, New toddler sense – 26th February 2019

Today was Bellas first session of Toddler sense in the older group. She seemed far more awake when we got her up to get ready. Daly however just laid in bed watching videos on his phone.

I had a fit because for some reason at the moment all of Bellas jeans have disappeared. I hope I find them before she starts nursery. So it took me forever to find an outfit for Bella. This meant when Daly got up he had to get Bella dressed as I was then hunting for clothes for myself.

Today’s toddler senses theme was Rock n Roll. Luckily another little girl had moved up classes so at least Bella knew someone in her class.

There was a huge soft play set up for them to climb over and balance on. Bella decided she was going to give this ago. Unfortunately Bella lost her footing over a soft play bridge and fell off. We had some tears and needed some mummy cuddles but she tried the soft play again. I was glad she didn’t let a little fall stop her.

This week the pianos and guitars were out. Bellas not too sure of the guitars but she loves the pianos, especially as they have microphones. She loves to rock out playing and singing.

At the end of playtime, the older group tidy away. I wasn’t sure how Bella was going to be with this as it was out of her routine but she actually helped really nicely tidying up the ball pit. She put all the balls in the bag and even tried to move the pit to the side of the room.

First activity of the day involved dancing with shakers. It seemed Bella had made a new friend very quickly as the pair of them were running around and dancing all over the room.

Next up dancing with pompoms. Bella seemed a bit unsure of today. She happily picked up a pom but wanted me to dance with her holding her hand.

We had an activity using the tension cloth. We had to bounce squeaky balls into the air. Bella kept trying to row with the cloth and I had to remind her to bounce. She enjoyed it when the balls came off the cloth into her lap. She’d squeak the ball and then throw it back into the centre.

Of course you can’t have a Rock n Roll week without rocking out on the guitars. Bella did really well pretending to play her guitar. She however did start by trying to poke everyone in the face with the neck of the guitar.

The final activity of the day was a good old bounce on the Rodys. Bella however had far more interest pretending to feed and groom her horse. He also got quite a few cuddles and kisses.

Before we left toddler sense everybody sang Happy Birthday to Bella. She had a choice of which colour birthday hat she wore and surprisingly she chose the pink hat and actually wore it. She even let me take photos of her in it before she ran off with it.

After toddler sense we were off to do our routine of visiting the pub. Sadly Nathan wasn’t going to be around but his mum was. We however got stuck in bad traffic trying to get back into town and sadly for Daly I had bad cravings. We got to the roundabout on the outside of town and I told Daly I was craving strawberries and a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s. I even offered to give him my card so I was paying for my food. Instead he dropped me at Sainsbury’s so I could get some strawberries and Daly was going to pick me up a cheeseburger once he had picked Tony up.

Bella and I went to the pub and Bella had a little picnic of a lunchable and raspberries and we sat and chatted with Cathy at my table. I’ve claimed it as my own. I told Cathy, Nathan needs to put a reserved sign on it for me.

Tony and Daly eventually turned up with cheeseburgers for me and a Big Mac for Cathy. Bella had raided the toy box in the pub and pulled out a jigsaw to do. Sadly 45 pieces is a bit too many for Bella so I thought we’d take a little walk to the charity shops and see if we could get a toddler friendly jigsaw or two. We found a giant transport jigsaw and Bella proudly carried it back to the pub.

I had taken my laptop with me to try and do some editing of bellas birthday photos. Luckily I had a cup of tea to keep me going. I managed to edit about 60 photos but I’ve still got 350 to go.

I’ve not been feeling so great. I keep feeling hot and cold and shakey and I have pain in my kidneys. Need to see if I can get a doctors appointment soon to see what’s wrong with me.

Anyways let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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