Park date with Tony – 25th February 2019

We had a busy day today but it’s been lots of fun. Now half term is over were back to our normal routine of Toddler group on a Monday morning.

I struggled to wake up. Even though I had 4 alarms set. I managed to wake up to my alarm that goes off when we need to leave the house for her group. Not the best start to the new term. Luckily Bella was pretty easy to get up and dressed this morning so that meant getting out of the house wasn’t too hard.

For the first time in over a month I didn’t have to walk across town to get to her group. I could actually drive over. Although Daly had removed Bellas car seat so that wasted some time fitting it in the car.

We were only about 15 minutes late so she hadn’t missed much play time. Today’s area of choice was the little toy kitchen and house they have. Bella kept handing out cups and plates to adults before collecting them back in and running back to the kitchen to then do it all again.

Luckily we hadn’t missed snack time. Bella was one of the first to sit down when the leaders called all the children for snack. Bellas little friend came and sat with her. I love the fact she’s starting to form friendships. Even if it’s just based on routine they still play together and like to sit with each other for snack. And of course, knowing my daughter, her friend is a little boy. It’s nice coz I like to stand and chat to his mum so I’m kinda starting to make mum friends.

I thought Bella was going to manage to sit for the whole of snack but no, she had to come and show me her biscuit. She played a little bit with the cars but the kitchen was her favourite today.

She was very good at tidying up and helped me carry items through so they could be put away into the cupboards. Bella likes to carry the baby toys through as they are nice and light.

We headed home from Toddler group and I chilled out on the sofa while Bella played and had more snacks. Daly sat and sorted out our car. We’re getting rid of Dalys baby as it’s going to cost us more to fix up. He’s very upset about it.

While I was chilling on the sofa our friend Tony messaged me about meeting him at the park with Bella as he was taking his daughter. I asked Daly what he thought and then we sorted ourselves out to go to the park.

I grabbed us some snack lunch bits and drinks for Daly and I. I had already made Bella a pack lunch and already packed it into her changing bag. Just as we were getting ready to go Bella decided she wanted a yoghurt. So Bella had her yoghurt and then we went outside to get in the car.

While Daly and I were getting the car packed Bella was playing in the garden. Unfortunately she decided to try and play with a rose bush which resulted in a thorn in her hand. Daddy to the rescue though. He gave Bella kisses and cuddles and then managed to get the thorn out of her hand. All happy and ready to go to the park.

At the park we met Tony and his little girl. Bella was off running around the park giving everything a go. She didn’t seem to thrilled with the swings today. I don’t think she really went on them at all. Sadly Tonys little one is too little to actually play at the park yet so instead us adults took it in turns to play with Bella.

She loved the mini climbing frame. It’s especially great because she can do it all by herself and doesn’t require any help. It means we can just enjoy her playing. She also enjoys the big climbing frame though. I helped her to complete the cargo bridges while Daly helped her with the monkey bars.

Normally she loves going down the slide but she was having far more fun climbing around over the climbing frames and running back and forth

Her favourite activity at the park however is the climbing frame shaped like a car with a climbing wall on the back and a cargo net for the windscreen. She kept running back to the car and driving it. I think all of us ended up with Bella driving us somewhere. Apparently when Tony and I joined her on the car she was driving us to the beach.

We had a mini picnic break before Bella went back to the car and even gave the seesaw a go all by herself. We decided after about an hour and a half it was time to head off to see Bellas Great Grandad.

We hadn’t seen him for a while and we like to take Bella to see him around her birthday and also thank him for the car. We gave Tony a ride back home and his little girl went off with her mum.

At Grandads we chatted about Bellas birthday and he asked me how I was with mum not being around. We had a long chat about the car and how economical it is. Grandad gave Bella her birthday card and some money to get her a present. She’s gonna go shopping with daddy to spend her birthday money soon.

We said goodbye to Grandad and went back to find Tony. By we time we got back home it was nearly 5 so Bella played for a while and I tried to muster some energy to make dinner. I’m looking forward to the morning as I don’t have to get up as early for Toddler Sense anymore.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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