Mini Nature Walk – 24th February 2019

This morning started like every other morning. Us lazing in bed for ages watching things on tablets and phones.

We slept in a separate room to Bella last night to see how she went as she keeps climbing into bed with us. Turns out she did great.

Daly said he was going to go get me a Costa and before he went, he went and got Bella and put her in bed with me. She sat and watched YouTube with me. Then when Daly came back with the Costa and some nibbles Bella stole my phone and led in bed watching Now TV. She’s really into Shimmer and Shine at the moment. I sat on New Look looking at pretty dresses as I have none that fit me anymore.

Daly had offered to take our friend Joe to work so he left us just before 12 and we got up to start our day.

First up we did a bit of colouring and drawing round blocks. Bella really enjoyed this and kept giving me different blocks and crayons to use.

I needed to go down to the post box at the end of our road to post a birthday card. Daly had the pram in the car as I’d said I wasn’t planning on going out so it meant Bella was going to have to walk but that didn’t matter. She enjoys walking and it’s been such a lovely day today.

Bella carried the card all the way to the post box and proudly posted it once we got there.

That was the easy part. Once the card was posted we went on an epic detour home. First she saw the Daffodils that were growing round the flats by the post box. She likes flowers so she ran off to go and look at them. I do love our little random walks where Bella is the leader.

She ran off round the flats and the grass area in the middle of them all. She discovered a little alley that led into the garages and to another set of houses. She very sensibly stopped at every road to look for cars and waited for me to tell her it was safe to cross.

She discovered another lead through back to the set of flats with the daffodils. Bella also enjoys going up to doors so she kept going up the ramps to the flat doors and then just sitting there before running back down the ramps to do it again.

We walked back past the flats to the post box and played hide and seek round a bush. When Bella came to find me it turned out she’d also found some diddy apples and daisies.

I let her chose the way home. Whether we’d go up the road or through the alley with steps that headed up towards her Grandpa’s. She counted the steps as we went up them. Because she knows where Grandpa lives she kept going up to his door but I had to keep telling her that Grandpa wasn’t in because his car wasn’t there.

I thought we would be able to head up the hill to come out in the road just above where with live but nope. Bella headed in the opposite direction to another alley. There are so many round our way. Bella had discovered the alley that led to the park.

We played chase across the field heading towards home. First she chased me, then I chased her. She got distracted by all the dog walkers that were out so we stopped and watched a few of the dogs play fetch.

I carried her across the last bit of the park hoping we could eventually go home.

We came through an alley that comes out at the top of our hill however there is also an alley directly opposite the park one that leads to the link road. Guess which way Bella wanted to go.

Through to the link road we went. Luckily there is another alley that leads behind the house so I knew we wouldn’t have to go back on ourselves or follow the whole road to get back round to the house.

As we walked along Bella spotted more flowers. There were a few forget me nots and some buttercups. I taught Bella how to tell if someone liked butter.

She’d got tired by this point so I carried her the last little bit. While I walk she kept testing with the buttercup to see if I still liked butter.

We made it home and I put all the items she had found in a bowl so she could show her daddy. Turns out Bella managed to make a 10 minute job last over an hour and a half but we enjoyed ourselves. Days with random adventures are the best.

Bella has spent her afternoon watching a bit of tv, organising her shoes into pairs and using the colours and shapes on her paper. While I have been doing jobs. I’ve managed to get all my washing done. Finally! And I also cleaned the kitchen. Don’t know where this motivation came from but I’m not going to knock it.

I’m currently in the process of cooking us a roast. We’ve got roast chicken for dinner. It’s nice being in the routine of having a roast on a Sunday when it’s the three of us. Also for some reason I find roasts pretty easy to cook after mum taught me. It’s probably one of my favourite meals to cook.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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