Sleep is an illusion – 22nd February 2019

We did not sleep well last night. Bella joined us in bed at some point during the night. I woke up to Bella sitting on top of me with my phone wanting to hand it to me. I have no idea what time that was but I have vague memory of reading the clock saying 4am.

Daly got up early I think because he was being pushed out of bed by Bella. He went off to Halfords to get some windscreen wipers. I stayed in bed with Bella and put Moana on for her on my phone. This worked for about 5 minutes but she kept pressing the screen which kept causing the app to close or freeze.

We got up and out of bed as I was having no luck to doze back off. We went downstairs and Bella and I sat and opened her cards as she had only opened 2 yesterday. Once she’d opened her cards and Daly had come back home she took herself off into her playroom to play with the toys she got for her birthday.

We had a man coming to check our Tv’s today as we have equipment wired up to our sets that had been faulty since mum died but we’d only just arranged for an engineer to turn up. He came and checked them over and rearranged the wires as I’d installed them wrong. Bella decided he was a fair target to be beaten up by a balloon.

She got fed up with the balloons so somehow managed to get herself up into her seat at the dinner table and was playing with her birthday candles and the Christmas candles. Next thing I knew she was sat on the table playing with mum’s reindeer. I told her she could play with them but we don’t sit on the table. She decided the man’s back was a good place for the deeds to walk. Considering how weary she is of people she was quite fearless this morning.

Once he had left we got dressed and out of the house to go see Dalys mum for her birthday. We headed into town first though to go pick up some bits for Bellas party bags.

Daly needed to go to Sainsbury’s before we headed to his. So while he was in the store I sat in the car with Bella and put together her party bags.

We went round to dalys and saw his mum, his sister and dad. Cousin Hannah was also there. Bella had thrown her drink all over her so she needed changing. She sat and had a lunchable with her dad while watching tv.

After we’d had lunch Bella kept being given snacks by her grandparents. Grandad gave her buttons then Grandma gave her a yum yum. Dalys Grandparents were coming round to see Dawn for her birthday so we sat and waited for them while Bella ran around eating everything in sight.

We had a nice chat with Dalys Grandparents and his Great Grandma and Dawn and Bella enjoyed their present opening. Bella got some clothes from Dalys Grandparents and some trousers from his Great Grandma.

When they were leaving I decided to go have a look at what I thought of Grandads car as Daly wondered if it could be an option for us as a car. I jumped in the drivers seat to see how it felt and left Grandma and Grandad stood outside waving at me.

We headed back home so we could collect the helium for Bellas balloons and I could grab the last few bits for the party bags.

We were having our friends Joe and Jess come round for a gaming evening tonight so while Daly was out picking them up I decided to have a little fun on Black ops 2. I didn’t actually do too badly and managed to kill more than the amount of times I died. Believe that was a first.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Party Day tomorrow so another Birthday Blog!

Love CiCi x

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