Sleepy day – 17th February 2019

Bella is still poorly. She didn’t want to wake up this morning. She woke up for a little bit and snuggled and watch CBeebies but then curled up with her blanket and went back to sleep.

I left her in bed and went down stairs to finish off the door curtain for Bellas birthday party. I’m really gutted we weren’t able to get hold of an Igglepiggle costume for her party. It was one thing I really wanted for her party but no luck. It sucks. Well at least now her door curtain is down. So almost everything is ready for next weekend. I’m looking forward to it but then I’m worrying about what activities/games to put on for the kids but they’re all 2ish so what do you do.

Bella woke up and was a little up set I had left her upstairs but we didn’t have as many tears as normal. I went and got her and then we had a little play down stairs. She entertained herself by playing with her duplo and cars. She also liked played with the curtain but I had to keep reminding her to be careful as we didn’t want to break it. One of her favourite activities was attaching pegs to the strands.

She had a snack of fruit as i knew it was at least something she’d eat. I gave her a banana, an apple and a handful of grapes. Considering how her appetite has been she did really well and ate everything but half her apple. She’s always hit and miss with apple anyways.

She found her spinning turtle so we spent the afternoon playing with that. Popping all the balls in and trying to catch them as the turtle fired them back out. It nice to watch Bella play with it. Mum bought it for Christmas last year so I’m glad it’s something she likes.

We had quite a lazy afternoon. Bella was struggling to stay awake and actually play. She’s play for five minutes and then go grab her blanket and dummy and come cuddle up. We watched Finding Nemo as ITV2s afternoon film. Bella couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted to cuddle up on the sofa or lay on the floor with me.

I spent my afternoon knitting. Bella starts ballet next week and the only thing she’s missing is a ballet wrap so I’ve been working on one. I managed to finish one of the side pieces and I’ve almost finished the second leaving me with only the arms to do. At least today I wasn’t competing with Bella trying to pull the wool off me.

So today was a bit of a nothing day. Those sick days that sadly I can’t see an end to at the moment. Hopefully Bella will feel better soon. We’re off to see one of mum’s friends tomorrow so that should be good for me to go and chat to someone.

I miss my mum like crazy and I don’t know what to do or how to deal with it at the moment. I don’t want to be a grown up at the moment I just wanna be little old me and have Bella cuddles.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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