Fun, fun, fun – 12th February 2019

Thank God today is the last day of Toddler Sense at 10.30. Like usual I did not want to get up. But then again I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I was tossing and turning. The stupid thing is I’m tired but just can’t sleep.

Bless, Bella was still half asleep when I got her dressed this morning. However once she was awake she was in full morning person mood. Running around, singing, playing. We walked down to the bus stop to catch, whats become, our normal bus. Bella was running around at the bus stop, chatting to people and looking for the bus.

As soon as the bus turned up Bella was on it. I’m still standing at the back of the queue but Bella had gone and marched herself all the way to the back of the bus. She likes sitting there. The whole journey I sat and chatted to the lady Bella had sat next to. The journey was going well until we got into town. Technically it’s the last stop but the bus literally sits there for two minutes and then goes back the way it came. So we just sit on the bus and wait for it to go back on itself. However today we had a grumpy bus driver who had bad attitude. He told us it was the last stop so to get off. I explained we were going to a stop on the way back and he snapped it’s the last stop get off!

Attitude is normally fine. I get it people have crap days and one little thing ticks them but at the moment it does not have a good ending for me. Anyways we got off the bus walked 10 meters to then wait for the same bus. I wasn’t upset about being asked to get off it was the attitude. Like seriously dude! Bella was running riot which annoyed me even more.

Luckily the bus driver realised his mistake in tone and apologised when we got back on the bus. He said I’m sorry but I had to go to the toilet and I can’t leave you on the bus. Which is 100% fine. Fair enough! That makes sense but why didn’t you say that to start with.

Eventually we made it to the little village and walked across the bridge to toddler sense. Today’s theme was Valentine’s so all the children had been asked to wear red. When we got inside the hall was all red and pink with love hearts everywhere. Bella didn’t seem to thrilled with the love hearts, they even had arms to hug but she wasn’t interested. They had the castle bouncy castle today and in the ball pit was red and pink balls and mini hearts with arms. Bella decided instead of playing in the ball pit she was going to tidy up all the balls that had been thrown out.

She went down the slide a couple of times. She was much better at this than the last time the castle was up. She actually made it up the climbing wall to the slide with minimal help. She eventually warmed up to the hearts so kept giving one of the mini hearts goes on the slide.

Once she’d finished with the slide she decided to take one of the little cars for a walk, didn’t ride it just dragged it around with her and over obsticals.

She enjoyed the music that was on during play time. She did a bit of dancing and twirling. Her dress proper spun out When she twirled. It looked so pretty. This didn’t last long though. Bella was hungry so came and sat with me for her snack until tidy up time.

We went and sat on the mats in our regular spot for Bellas last toddler sense class in the under 2s. The first activity was to get the heart beating. Bella had a lollipop drum while I had a shaker and we made lots of noise. Bella did struggle a little holding the drum and hitting it. I think it’s because she was trying to hit the drum with the stick in her left hand but her right is usually her stronger hand. She enjoyed making lots of noise.

Next was a visual treat. Helen made a giant heart on the floor and then dropped scarves and rose petals over the children’s heads. Bella enjoyed picking up the petals and sprinkling back over her head.

Then with the same giant heart lots of lights were set up. There were little electronic tea lights and a pretty heart light. All the children were given light wands. I love these things. They’re like a foam tube with flashing lights inside. Bella was using them as light sabers and trying to fight all the other children. Then the bubbles came out. Bella giggles so much when the bubbles appear it’s so cute.

Eventually it was time for a cuddle with Tod. Bella wrapped her Tod up in a pretty red scarf and then danced around rocking him. That is before she’d drop him on the floor and scream oops. This then continued until the end of the activity.

The final activity of the day involved 99 red balloons. They were blown out over the group using a fan and then while we were all throwing the balloons about there were more bubbles. Bella kept following the bubbles as they moved around the room.

Today was a lovely last session for Bella. She still didn’t join in fully but it was good to see her enjoy herself.

We caught the bus back home. And we had another not so great driver. I’d pressed the button to get off at the train station. Several other people got off the bus there and just as i was helping Bella to walk down the aisle the bus just drove off again. The thing was me and another man wanted to get off the station but the driver didn’t bother to wait for us meaning we had to get off at the next stop.

We had to walk back up to the station to go into town – there’s no safe places to cross. We wandered down to the pub which has because our regular Tuesday now. I’d offered to take some more photos for Nathan especially of the rugby flags but not sure how great the photos are. Bella managed to nick 3 pounds off me, well actually out of my purse, and put it in the pool table.

Instead of lifting her up and moving her around the table I just let her do her thing on the table. She crawled around the table putting all the balls in the pockets.

Nathan and his mum joined us in the pub so Nathan took over babysitting. He ended up chasing her all over the pub. She’s got a thing about a large round table in the front window. She likes to hide under it. I sat at the back of the pub enjoying a cuppa with Nathan’s mum while we chatted and put the world to rights.

At 4pm after Bella had spent everyone’s money I decided it was time to head home so I could do some dinner and get home before it got dark. On the way home we walked past the park. Bella had been refusing to nap so I thought I’d let her burn off some energy in the park.

She loved running around and playing. We very rarely end up at the park so it was a treat for her. She played on the swings, the slides and enjoyed the roundabout.

She was having such a good time she didn’t want to leave. I told her I was going and she just said bye and waved. That’s my stubborn, independent daughter.

In the end I had to catch her to get her out of the park. She even walked nearly all the way home from the park and was very sensible stopping at all the roads and looking for cars.

As you can see we had an eventful day. Very busy with lots of activities.

Let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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