Helpful Girl – 11th February 2019

This morning no one was ready to get up. I kept hitting snooze on the alarm, Daly refused to even stir and Bella snuggled up and tried to go back to sleep as soon as i got her downstairs. We don’t think Bella is 100% at the moment. She’s very cuddly and quiet. This morning was toddler group. We actually made it today after missing it for two weeks. It’s always a bit chilly in the hall so Bella was rocking a cute fluffy mouse jumper with some pink joggers.

Daly finally made it out of bed as we were heading out the door – only problem he had no idea where her group was. I had to send him Snapchat maps and highlight the route. I’d have been better off telling him to take the route to the hospital that’s near us. We did that walk all the time when I was pregnant with Bella. He caught up with us just as we got past the hospital. We had to walk across the park to get to her group and Daly was saying how he felt he should be in shorts and football boots. Eventually we made it over the park and to her group just in time for snack time and a cup of tea.

Bella stunned me at snack time. Normally when they come round and give everybody a biscuit Bella comes and shows me constantly. I also think she’s making sure I’m still there, it’s not even as if I hide. But today she sat at the table and ate all her snack and biscuit and never once left the table. Daly said it was because he was at her session. Once she’d finished she took her cup and bowl up to the ladies at the hatch before going back to playing.

Bella spent the rest of the session playing with the kitchens and served us both cups of tea. She was having a little trouble with sharing today. We had a few moments where Bella got quite upset we’d asked her to share and hid herself away but seconds later she’d be fine playing again. Before the end of the session she entertained herself on the bikes and finding books. Interesting combo but whatever floats her boat. She was very helpful at tidy up time and didn’t even need telling to bring items over to the cupboard. Daly had obviously disappeared at this point. Lazy!

After toddler group we decided to walk into town to get some lunch and spend some time together before Daly went home. We decided to grab a Subway and go take it to the pub. That place has become mine and Bellas second home. We end up there at least twice a week. We all sat at our table, lol I’ve adopted it as my own, and enjoyed our subs.

Daly entertained himself by making up Bellas toothless toy that came with her meal. Bella however entertained herself playing with the cue ball but didn’t seem as much fun without her buddy Ed. Nathan appeared to say hello but he was busy so couldn’t stop to chat but he owns a pub now, he’s gonna be busy. Ed suddenly appeared, apparently he had seen Daly on the cameras. Bella was extremely excited her friend had turned up and immediately hunted down his money for the pool table. Ed and Bella ran round the table putting all the balls in the pockets. Amazingly Bella managed to scam him out of 2 pounds just so she could put pool balls in the pockets.

Dalys dad came to pick him up on his way to work so Daly could get back over to his town so we decided to head over to Rachel’s to see how she was feeling. Rachel has sprain the ligaments in her foot so is currently struggling to walk. We didn’t stay for long at Rachel’s for long, I had a grumpy toddler who was trying to let the guinea pigs out. When she had stayed with Oli the other week he had let her feed the guinea pigs treats this however ment she insisted Rachel got the tin down of guinea pig treats so she could do this again. Rachel showed me the decorations she had made for Bellas party as she’d finally finished the Haahoos.

When we got home I made Bella a blanket fort as she’d been hiding under a blanket next to me. I even put fairy lights in it and cushions. She was quite happy sitting in it watching Moana while I played on the PlayStation. I decided to play GTA. I’ve kinda got back into it after watching Daly play. It just sucks I have no one to play with as everyone has upgraded to a PS4 and I’m still using a lowly PS3.

I’m not the best on GTA. I kinda did a number on my car trucking across the hills. My poor truck got a bit crumpled.

At dinner time Bella was extremely helpful. While I was cooking the cats were meowing around and wanting to be fed. Bella had come out into the kitchen and seeing this grabbed the cat food off the side and went about feeding the cats. She’s so helpful.

After she’d fed the cats she saw me go into the cupboard with all the saucepans so decided to help herself to items. She put saucepans, bowls, sieves, and collanders all over the floor and proceeded to play them all as drums. Once I told her dinner was ready and we needed to sit up to the table she then put everything she had got out of the cupboard back into it. It all needs washing but she did a super job of tidying away.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow

Love CiCi

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