Family Day – 10th February 2019

Today has been one of those nice chilled day as a family.

It started with Disney movies in bed. Bella had climbed into bed with us and we snuggled up and watched Cars. Bella however got fed up of laying in bed and demanded we got out of bed and got up. She stood by the bedroom door with her blanket, baby and drink cup. We encouraged her to try opening the door herself but my door is a nightmare to open. So up we got.

Once we got downstairs Bella wanted to play with her toot toot cars. I pulled out her big box of track so she could build and playing in the living room. While she was playing with that Daly was playing on his PlayStation. I believe he was playing GTA but I’m not 100% but it sounded like it from the sounds and the music.

I spent time watching Friends and playing on my colouring app, Happy Colouring. It helps with my anxiety. I had woken up with such a headache so watching tv and playing an app on my phone probably didnt help but being snuggled up under my blanket on the sofa helped me feel a little better.

Daly was going to the pub to watch the rugby this afternoon and I’d been wanting to cook us a roast for a while but needed to get some meat. We decided to walk into town as a family. Bella walked the first part into town and kept running along with Daly.

Daly then carried her the rest of the way into town. I had the pram but he seemed to be enjoying time carrying Bella. He popped her into the pram when we got to Sainsbury’s so she didn’t run around the store. We said good bye to Daly and he went off to the pub and we went into Sainsbury’s.

Bella helped to carry part of the shopping to the till. It was nice for her to help and get involved. She carried the onions, some yoghurts for her and green beans. She was quite proud helping me carry the bits. I picked up a chicken for dinner. It’s the cheapest meat and there’s only 3 of us so 2.50 for a whole chicken does us just fine.

Bella got upset when I put the onions through the till. She was fine giving up the beans and the yoghurts but nope not the onions. Bless her she carried them all the way home but then again got so upset when I put the onions in the kitchen at home.

I did house work once we got home. Tidying up the living room and dining room, laying the table for dinner, washing in the washing machine and doing the washing up. I always use Sundays for house work. A roast cooks so long and there’s no point in sitting down while cooking it.

Bella was in the living room while I did the house work. She had been running around and discovered one of mums old necklaces. She used to always get mum to put her cross necklace on her so i put the one she’d found on her. To begin with she was a bit unsure but she’s still wearing it.

Just as I started to cook the dinner Bella let out this cry. She’d left her blanket in the kitchen with me and I’m guessing she was tired because the next time I walked into the living room Bella was crashed out on the sofa.

Daly eventually made it back from the pub. He said how much he loved the fact he’d been able to go to the pub and see his friend and then to come home to his family and have dinner on the table.

We had a lovely roast as a family, although Bella was still extremely tired and grumpy. She did eat her dinner but then wanted mummy cuddles. Since dinner she’s been cuddled up on Dalys lap while he plays GTA. Someone’s a mummy and daddy girl.

Anyways we’re going to spend some more time as a family.

Night and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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