Back to reality – 5th February 2019

After a nice chilled day of doing nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, we’re back to our normal routine and were off to Toddler Sense this morning. Once again via the bus as I had to return our beast yesterday (ok so I did do something) the problem was neither one of us wanted to get up this morning. I’m getting fed up of not being able to sleep of an evening but when I finally fall asleep I have to get up like 3 hours later.

I woke up first and ran round the house trying to get ready as quickly as possible. I like to try and leave the house at 9am to go catch the bus and had woken up at 8.45am. While I was downstairs getting dressed I heard Bella wake up. She was still very sleepy but once I brought her downstairs she had her Ariel Duplo and once again kept taking her dress off and then asking me to put it back on. Making changing her nappy and getting her dressed a little tricky. We managed to get out of the house just after 9am. I’d packed Bella some breakfast to have on the bus and off we went. Bella was holding her head while we walked down to the bus stop which made me question if she had a headache but she seemed ok in herself just tired.

While we waited for the bus we chatted with a lady we had met the week before. Bella had wrapped her blanket around her like a cape or a scarf and was wandering around. I had to keep reminding her not to go into the mud or put her blanket on the ground as we don’t want that getting dirty. I asked her to look out for the bus so we knew when to get ready but she didn’t seem interested today.

Eventually the bus turned up and we were on our way to Toddler Sense. I was struggling to stay awake during the ride. Bella played a matching game on the iPad as we travelled. She’s very good at matching. She has great visual persception.

We road the bus all the way into town today rather than getting off an playing with nature. However the bus driver tried to kick us off saying it was the end of the line and he wasn’t going where we wanted – liar. After explaining 2/3 times he finally understood he was going where we wanted and I was right. Oh well these things happen. Bella cuddled up only lap in the bus and fell back asleep. I think both of our sleep patterns are shot.

It was absolutely freezing walking over the bridge to the village today. It’s so foggy and cold. But at least it isn’t wet this week.

The rubbish thing about getting the bus, apart from it taking over an hour for a 15 minute drive is we arrive 10 minutes late to her class. But at least we still go. May be a mission to get there but if I’m suppose to be somewhere I will get there one way or another.

This week’s class was all about Noahs Ark. There were lots of animals all dotted around the hall. Bella particularly liked the giraffes and stars. At one point she did have two zebras but didn’t seem overly thrilled with them.

The soft play had been turned into a boat (or ark) and the holes in the shapes made portholes. Bella decided to turn the large porthole into a kinda shop where she appeared to be selling the stars. She did a very good job sharing this week. She gave me and her class teacher a star.

Bella still seemed very tired in class. She had her blanket and her dummy with her all session. I normally wouldn’t allow but at the moment it’s the only way I can get her to half complie and actually join in with class. Daly and I are trying to weigh up if she’s just too old for the class now (She moves up to the next age group in two weeks) or if Toddler Sense just isn’t for her anymore.

Our first activity was a puppet show all about Noah and the animals entering the Ark. Bella didn’t want to sit and watch. Instead she kept stealing the pompoms in front of the puppet stage and running off with them. I ended up led on the floor in front of the stage where I’d been trying to get Bella to sit still and she’d run off.

The next activity lucky involved the pompoms. We danced along as we rode our boat ashore. Bella joined in and got all excited and giggly as she danced and waved her pompoms around. She found it really funny when I tickled her with my pompoms. And of course out came the rain bubbles. Bella was giggling and jumping up and down with excitement. It’s nice to see her enjoy herself so much.

We headed under the sea and eventually found all the sea animals that were in the flood waters. Bella found a Dory and Nemo and was quite happy playing with them. Once again we had toys kissing. It’s nice to know how loving she is. Although saying that she did try to snatch a Nemo off another child. Luckily after a swift ‘no’ Bella went back to playing with the Nemo and Dory she already had. She loved them so much she didn’t want to give them back at the end. She even threw a couple of Tods under the sea scene for good measure.

Now we had visited all the sea life we had to row our boat back to shore. We used the fun band which is an huge elastic band with bells and scarfs attached. Bella enjoyed doing row row with the band. She was very fast while she rowing. Row row was one of the first songs we taught her when she was born so I was glad she joined in. Half way through however she got bored and ran of to collect handfuls of the soft stars. Which she then threw into the centre of our circle. Oh well she stayed for half of the activity.

The final activity involved shakers. Bella was very good and got both herself and I some shakers for this activity. She joined in shaking and banging the shakers together. Even taking mine off me so she could have four. Then the rain bubbles came out. Cue Bella screaming and giggling with excitement. I don’t think she’s been that excited at Toddler Sense in a while. She kept trying to pop all the bubbles with her shaker before just stamping around in them. And of course because the flood had ended a rainbow came out. Bella danced under the rainbow.

We had a lovely session and hopefully Bella will gain a place in the later class after the February half term. After class we walked back over the footbridge to the other side of the duel carriageway to wait for the bus. There was no rain this week but it was freezing waiting. Bella was hungry so she had her apple pieces I had done her for breakfast. I’d tried giving Bella her breakfast as we got on the bus but she refused.

We travelled back into a town and like an idiot I pressed the stop bell on the bus too soon. To save my embarrassment I made us get off the bus and then walk through the whole of town. Bella had been asking me for biscuits all morning so we stopped in Lidl to get her some as we were going to stop by at uncle Nathan’s pub on the way home.

While we were in Lidl Bella spotted some grapes. Again she likes her grapes and we hadn’t had any for a while so we picked some up. I also grabbed some nuggets to chuck in the freezer and a shepherds pie for dinner. Bella had managed to get out of the pram while we were in the queue to pay so I decided I was going to let her walk to the pub.

Walking went well for about 15 minutes. I let Bella play as she walked. She kept running to shop doorways and then running down the slopes they had into the High Street. However the Edinburgh Woolen Mill didn’t have it’s door shut so instead of just hiding in the doorway she ran straight into the shop and decided to play hide and seek. I know most parents would probably get annoyed and frustrated but she’s nearly 2, she doesn’t get to walk in town of her and the amount of stimulus around her she’s going to be distracted and all over the place. I just patiently let her get on with it.

She had run right to the back of the shop and hid from me in the changing rooms. She then decided to flick through the clothes like she was shopping. We finally made it out of the shop after Bellas second trip round the shop.

Sadly as we went to cross the road to go get me a Greggs sausage roll Bella refused to hold the pram so as i took her hand she decided to throw a tantrum. Not a safe place to throw herself on the ground just as we start to cross the road. I took her back to the kerb and told her off. I asked her to look for the cars and asked her what would happen if the car got her. ‘Squish!’ Bella knows that cars are dangerous and that she needs to behave and look for cars when she’s crossing the road. She was still having none of it which ment she was put back into the pram. If she can not walk sensibly and safely then I will not have her walking.

While in Greggs I let her have a gingerbread man. Well actually we bought 2 as it was 2 for a pound and I know Bella will eat them. Then it was time to head for the pub.

Sadly Nathan wasn’t in today but his mum was going to be in in the afternoon so I knew we were going to see her. We made it to the pub and we found a little corner to sit in. Bella sat nicely at the table eating her gingerbread man while I ordered a coke and sat an ate my sausage roll. Got to love a sausage roll! Ed and his friend were in pub playing pool so it was good to see someone else I knew. It’s becoming our Tuesday routine at the moment to pop into the pub. It’s too far to walk home from the station and today we got off the bus even further than the station.

Bella had her grapes and then some biscuits before harassing Ed at the pool table. After a bit Ed and I played a match before we then played a game of doubles. I always get confused when I play doubles I never know whose turn it is. I tried hard but sadly of course I lost while Bella led on the floor and watched some Nick Jr.

While we sat in the pub just chilling, Ed played with Bella to give me a break. He let bella put a pound into the pool table so she could get the balls out of it. She then threw all the balls onto the table.

Ed ran around the table with Bella so she could push all the balls into the pockets. Once she had pocketed them all she kept asking for another pound but it wasn’t happening. So instead Ed showed her where the cue ball came out so she could put that in the pockets. Sadly she couldn’t quite reach the pockets when she was standing so once again she had to be lifted up. And even ended up crawling around the table at one point.

After a lot of running around Bella was ready to crash and I felt I should attempt to walk home again. We said our goodbyes as Nathan’s mum had now appeared behind the bar and off we went up the hill home. Bella crashed within seconds of being in the pram. Once I got home I snuggled up on the sofa and left Bella to sleep until dinner time.

We’re now going to have some dinner before Bella has a bath and then bed.

Night night and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for

Love CiCi

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