The Travel Blogs – Behind enemy lines – 2nd February 2019

We’ve had a lovely evening at my cousin Abigails 21st Birthday. Which was the reason for our trip. Oh and a bit of a wander down memory lane.

After our little wander around town we came back to the hotel and while Bella played I had a quick shower. Then came the normal task of blow drying and then straightening my hair. Blow drying is especially important at the moment. Due to dying my hair red if I don’t try it the colour transfers to everything. And on hotel towels that is not a great thing.

Then the rest of making me look half decent happened – make up. Once I was ready I got Bella dressed and did her hair again. I have to say we scrubbed up pretty well. Bella looked especially cute with her red dress and red bow in her hair. And her sparkly new shoes just topped it off.

We had a bit of a mission to get to the party. SAT NAVs are great when they work. Twice mine sent me wrong but we eventually made it to the University of Nottingham. The enemy university. I’m a Trent girl and had never crossed to the dark side and gone to the Uni.

When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by our family. My dad, and both my uncle’s and aunties and of course the birthday girl, my cousin. Bella didn’t want to go to anyone and was extremely clingy but she’s always like that in a new place. Also she hadn’t seen any of the family for a while so she needed time to refresh her memory of them all. The hotel was very fancy. It’s a shame we couldn’t afford to stay there. But I still love the Premier Inn.

We were lead round to the party room and shown where Bella was sitting. My aunty Hanneke had bought Bella some bits to keep her occupied. That was really sweet of her. I’d packed bellas iPad (which I hate her using at the table but when she might have to sit at a table for 3 hours I’ll suck it up) so it was really nice that my aunty thought of her. She’s got her a really cool wooden puzzle that the pieces turned into stamps and it came with an ink pad. She’s also bought her two books but one sang so that was quickly hidden away and one about the weather. Very fitting with the snow.

Bella kept legging it out the party room and through the hotel. Luckily dad seemed pretty fast on his feet so he kept running after her. She then got frustrated she was being stopped going out the door she tries to get the doors open that go out into the car park. Luckily she wasn’t able to open them.

The tables looked lovely and we had little place cards to tell us where we were sitting. Bellas seat was easy to find – it was the high chair. I was on one side of her and my dad on the other.

After welcome drinks we all sat at our tables and waited for the starters to come out. For the first course My uncle Anthony sat next to me. We both had the soup for starters but we couldn’t work out what flavour it was. I decided I could taste pea in it and my uncle could taste mint. But that’s as far as we got.

While we had our starters, Bellas dinner turned up. She had chips, sausages and I had forgotten it came with beans. Bellas poor dress, and the poor table cloth. Dinner ended up everywhere. I’m proud of Bella though, she gave her dinner a good go. She ate all the sausages and made a good attempt with the beans. I’m sure she ate some chips as well but as we know she doesn’t like chips.

By the time the adults main arrived Bella was over her food so Hanneke showed her how to use the stamp set. Bella wasn’t very good at press them down hard to make the prints on the paper but she gave it a good go. Amazingly she managed to get none of the ink on the table.

The main was lovely. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. I had pork chop with like pureed potatoes or a form of mash with some form of sauce. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sauce but everything else was lovely. It was nice to have a proper yummy dinner. Especially as it was something I probably wouldn’t choose normally.

Bella was starting to get fussy and upset about being at the table but considering it was past her bedtime I wasn’t surprised. As much as I hated to do it I let her have the iPad. She played her dinosaur game for a little bit but was still being fussy and acting very tired so I put Moana back on for her, she had been watching it at the hotel. She sat very nicely with Grandpa and watched her film.

Finally dessert arrived. I’d order a sorbet with fruit. I shared some of my fruit with Bella and so did Hanneke. Bella loves water melon. Bella had ice cream but she didn’t seem very interested. Instead we cleaned her up and she went for cuddles on Grandpa’s lap watching Disney films.

It was a lovely evening and very interesting to see the other Uni. I’m still a Trent girl. Their campus reminds me very much of Kent Uni. Luckily finding our way off campus was a lot easier than finding our way in. Bella was asleep within seconds. We were straight in bed when we got back to the hotel. All that partying had worn us out.

Let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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