The Travel Blogs – What’s in my travel changing bag

I’m always forgetting things when I go out, let alone away. But here is a little guide to what is in my changing bag when we’re away. It’s pretty similar to my day to day nappy bag with a few extras. I’ll add on some other bits that I travel with in my changing bag but I was using my bag ready for us to head into city tomorrow.

First essential that always goes into my changing bag is of course nappies, wipes and nappy bags. We’ve tried many different nappy makes but Sainsbury’s own band ‘Little One’s’ is my favourite. They do the job, they aren’t too expensive and even better there’s a Sainsbury’s within walking distance from both mine and Dalys house. We’ve always used ASDAs own wipes ‘Little Angels’ Again not too expensive and they aren’t too wet or too dry. I find Huggies and Pampers wipes are really papery and hard to separate. Sainsbury’s ones are soaking. They just make everything wet. The only other wipes we don’t mind using are Tescos. I just have to have unfragranced ones though. I’m really funny with the smell of things and also 9 times out of 10 everything smells of lavender which I am allergic to. Bellas changing bag also came with a travel changing mat, very handy and folds up nicely into its own little pocket.

Next something I have learnt to always have we me in the changing bag is a change of clothes. I learnt that after one time being out thinking nothing’s going to happen after I had forgotten a change of clothes. Then of course Bella ended up soaked through just as we got to mum’s art class. Meaning mum and Rachel had to look after Bella and I had to run down the High Street to Poundland to buy some clothes. So I now always make sure I have spare clothes on me. As fun as it is buying baby and toddler clothes it isn’t when it’s an emergency.

All of these seem to have a story why I carry them with me now. The next I have on my is Calpol and a syringe. We were at a carnival when Bella was about six months old and she suddenly came down with a temperature. I had a thermometer on me to be able to take her temperature but no Calpol to bring it now (I’ve since been told by the doctor not to use Calpol for fevers only for pain) So the pesky teething is why I always have Calpol on me. For those times she really needs something to get rid of the pain.

Since Bella has been able to walk I try to make sure I have her reigns on me. She is normally very well behaved and will walk next to me and hold my hand but there are times when she is your normal toddler who gets caught up in the excitement and runs off. For the likes of tomorrow when we are going to be I’m a busy city centre but I want her to be able to get out of the pram and explore, Bella will be wearing the reigns the whole time. It just makes me feel more comfortable and keep my mind at ease.

An important one for when we are going to busy all day. Especially with a small one that can get hangry and also fall asleep at any point during the day is snacks. I normally have one or two snacks in her bag but on a day out I make sure I have plenty to keep both of us going. This is why in the photo there is two of certain things. I also make sure I always have a bottle of water for myself. Bella normally has her 360 cup full of water and then I will have something to fill her cup with when it’s empty. The good thing is Bella loves fruit so I always make sure I have one or two pieces.

As it’s so cold at the moment I make sure Bella has a cardigan or jumper to wear when she takes her snowsuit off. She has this nice thick reindeer one that mum got her that’s great.

Due to the cold weather I always have gloves and hats for both of us. Not that Bella will wear either but it’s worth trying everytime.

At the moment Bella does still have a dummy, or Bibi as she calls it. Therefore it is an essential in her bag. I’m trying to ween her off it but in case of melt downs we have one in the bag. I make dummy clips and it makes it far easier to find them and I can attach them to her clothes.

Baby is bellas doll that mum bought her. Bella had claimed it as her own within seconds of being shown it. This doll goes everywhere with us. Even more so since mum went into hospital. She loves her baby which means it’s always in her bag.

Now on to my essentials in her bag. Because one of the rubbish things about being a mum is either you put your stuff in your baby’s bag or you end up becoming a bag lady.

First up is my phone. I mean everyone is attached to their phones right. I actually pretty much ignore mine but it is handy to have my phone with me for things like train and bus times, plus tickets, Now TV for Paw Patrol or the SAT NAV in the car. I also love to have my phone handy to take photos. Photos are a huge part of my life so to be able to capture moments instantly is so important.

Next up, my purse and pain pills. Obviously the purse for money lol. Pain pills is for my head. I suffer bad migraines so to have my meds on hand at all times is essential. I also have anti anxiety meds that I keep with me to ensure my anxiety is under control and I’m still able to get out and about and live my life and share experiences with my daughter. I don’t want my anxiety to beat me. Meaning I’m not able to take my daughter out.

My phone charger is normally in my bag. The problem with these modern phones and all the amazing things they do means the battery dies so quickly. Having my charger with me means I’m able to charge on the go and never be out of battery.

And last but not least, my camera. As I’ve said many times I love taking photos. And because of this before Christmas I treated myself to my first DSLR. I will normally have one of my cameras with me. Whether it is my DSLR or my Bridge camera. Both have their own merits but as we’re in Nottingham and my DSLR let’s me take lovely landscapes and lovely background blurs on photos. I love it.

So that’s what’s in my changing bag when we travel. Let me know what’s in your changing bag or if I’ve missed something important.

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