The Travel Blogs – Hitting the City – 2nd February 2019

Neither of us slept too great last night. Bella was buzzing when it was bed time so I had to put her in the travel cot just so I could get some sleep. Sadly she had another disrupted sleep night. This time I believe due to a headache. I just hope she doesn’t suffer like me and have them all the time. She woke me up at 2.15am crying and tossing in her sleep but seemed to settle when I told her it was ok and mummy was here. Mummy was tired and had a headache herself, she did not want to move. Bella then again woke me at 3.15am crying. This time she couldn’t settle back so I got up to check on her. Even though there was no light on except a nifty purple upright above my bed just giving a soft glow. Bella had her hands over her eyes like you do when you have a headache and your trying to find relief.

I got her out of bed to put her in with me, thinking me being close will give her some comfort and I gave her some Calpol. We had the same the other day when she came and told me her head hurt. She settled down after the Calpol but continued to hold her head. However within half an hour the Calpol had obviously done the trick as she settled into a restful deep sleep.

Bella was 100% in the morning. She was obviously channelling her dad today because she suddenly became a morning person. She was playing with my phone, jumping on and off the bed, jumping all over me. I however was and still am nursing a headache so no bouncing around for me. I got dressed and then Bella and I headed to the restaurant for breakfast. Bella looked so cute running down the hallways in her Pjs and her uggs.

We had to wait to be seared but Bella again kept disappearing off down to the toilets and then trying to go find a table. I had to keep reminding her to mind the people coming back with their breakfast.

We were seated in a nice little corner at a table for two right next to breakfast. Which was extremely handy because it meant Bella could sit at the table while I got our breakfasts.

Bella started her day like normal with a banana but I also got her some fruit salad as she can be quite hungry in the morning.

I however sided for a cooked breakfast, that’s the whole reason I stay at Premier Inn. For their decent breakfasts. At least that way I know we’ve eaten properly.

Bella insisted I sat next to her at breakfast. She’s been very loving today with constant hugs and kisses.

We finished dinner and went back to the room to get ready to hit the City. Considering I had prepared everything last night it still took us an hour to get out the hotel.

Eventually we managed to get out of the building but Bella didn’t want to come to the car with me to get her pram. Instead she wanted to play hide and seek.

In the end I had to put her in the pram just so we could cross the road to get to the tram station. Bella enjoyed waiting for the tram to go. She was running up and down and run round a pole. Luckily it was a very quiet tram.

She enjoyed the trip in to city and so did I. I’d only ever used the tram once in city and that was to go with the Trent Tigers to the Ice Centre.

We made it into city just before 12 and the place has hardly changed in 9 years. Most of the same shops in the same places. McDonald’s had moved though lol. There was a Chinese market in the Old Market Place with lots of music and food but we didn’t really look around it.

Our first stop in city was Primark. The sad thing is Primark in Nottingham is always busy and having a pram just makes you feel your in the way. I had to pick up Bella some pumps for the party tonight. The ones we’d brought with us were too small. I knew I should have checked before we left. Bella chose some pretty silver pumps.

Next stop the Victoria Centre. It’s weird being somewhere you haven’t been for years but knowing your way around it no problem. The centre didn’t look too different. However it didn’t used to be owned by the same company that owns Lakeside.

Inside they had one of those random pianos there for people to play. An old man was playing various nursery rhymes on it. Bell and I stopped to listen and sing along. We sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Three blind mice and the wheels on the bus. He was very good. He just seamlessly went from one song to the other like a massive nursery rhyme megamix.

We took a wander though the Victoria market. That didn’t seem as busy as it used to be. Quite a few little cafes but not many market stalls anymore.

We found the Disney Store. Bella found a Ariel costume that was her size but she didn’t want it. It was very cute but everytime I asked her if she wanted it she said no. Maybe one day we’ll get her some fancy dress pieces.

I found an amazing fancy dress store a couple of shops down from Disney. Such a shame that wasn’t around when I was at uni. It was a brilliant shop. They had a whole section dedicated to the Trent Army.

I then decided it was time to eat. Bella had fallen asleep by this point. The problem – it’s Saturday and was lunchtime meaning everywhere was full. I used the good old Costa app to find the nearest Costa and off we went.

On the way we past a tree that I had my photo taken sat next to my first year of uni. I was mean and woke Bella up to try and create the same photo with her but she was having none of it. (That seems to have been the way that all the photos I tried to get of Bella have gone) however she was quite happy to walk up the hill with me to get to Costa.

On the way she played with a chain

A tree and some scaffolding.

We eventually made it to Costa and Bella sat very nicely at our table while I went to order. Bella had chosen a gingerbread man and some chocolate wafers. While I ordered a tea and a toasted tea cake for myself.

We had a lovely little tea date Bella and I. Chatting about what we had seen and what Bella could see in the Costa.

She enjoyed picking up their packets of coffee. Because I told her to put them back she decided to rearrange the whole display.

After Costa we went to the Tourist Information so Bella could buy a post card. She loves buying them where ever we go. She chose a lovely one with 4 sites of Nottingham to add to her collection back home.

We then got the tram back to the hotel. Bella sat and read the book she had been given by the nice lady in the Tourist Information. It’s a book about the buses in Nottingham. Bella read the book to her baby on the tram.

Back at the hotel now. Bella and I have enjoyed our little adventure in city but now we are relaxing before we get ready for the party tonight

Love CiCi

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