The Travel Blogs – Off to Nottingham – 1st February 2019

Early morning for all of us today. Bella and I had to get up so we could get on the road to Nottingham and Daly needed to get up to meet his dad from work. I didn’t want to get up this morning. Bella hadn’t had a good night and kept crying and the mum sense kicked in. So even though she was crying in her sleep and fine, I woke up every time. Daly woke me at 9am telling me it was time to get up. My answer, my alarm hadn’t gone off so it wasn’t time yet.

I eventually dragged myself out of bed when my alarm went off at 9.15am. I still wasn’t impressed I was awake. Bella and I went down stairs so she could have breakfast while I got dressed and Daly packed the car. She wasn’t very happy with me because she was allowed another banana for breakfast. Once she was dressed – Daly and I tag teamed. I got the top half dressed and Daly did the bottom as she kept running away from me. She ran away for Daly as well and tucked herself into a tiny gap behind one of the chairs in the dinning room.

At 10am, like planned, we hit the road. I first had to drop Daly the next village over so he could meet his dad from work and help him. Then it was off to Nottingham for Bella and I.

The South was suppose to have been hit very hard by snow last night but we had a tiny sprinkling. However as we went round London on the M25 we certainly found some snow. Every now and then it was snowing but thanks to having our beast it wasn’t that worrying.

We stopped at South Mimms services as i was in need of coffee and I thought Bella might be hungry. However Bella was more excited by the snow.

I got a latte from Starbucks and then we sat at a table by the window so Bella could see the snow.

Bella decided she wasn’t hungry and that she’d rather play her dinosaur game while I had my coffee.

When we went outside to go back to the car Bella decided it was time to play in the snow.

She tried running through it

And also tried her own version of throwing snowballs. She was extremely annoyed with me when I told her we had to get back in the car. We had a tantrum but she was quite happy once she had her blanket and dummy oh and an iPad.

We drove on further and, the funny thing is, as we got further north the less snow we saw. I’m sure there’s logic there somewhere. We stopped for lunch at Northampton services.

As we were heading to McDonald’s Bella found a ride on car she wanted to go on. So I gave her a pound and off she went racing her car.

She’s not a huge fan of them but she stayed in her seat the whole time with some encouragement and did actually drive and press all the buttons on the ride.

We finally got over the other side of the services to McDonald’s. Bella chose her usual nuggets and chips and I had a happy meal as well. I only needed something to keep me going for the time being as i wasn’t that hungry. Bella helped pay for our lunch using my card. She wanted to use the chip and pin but she had been pressing buttons on the machine so I wasn’t doing that.

While we waited for our food Bella placed a penny in the charity box that makes the penny spin round and round.

Then she went and got a balloon. She chose an orange one.

Then she went on the hunt for some colouring sheets. Sadly there weren’t any but our food was ready so it didn’t matter.

Bella and I got the same toy in our happy meal and Bella was making them eat her chips and ketchup. Thats when she wasnt making them fight or trying to eat them herself

Time to get back on the road. Bella fell asleep for the rest of the journey. Catching flys her father would say. At 4pm we finally arrived at our lovely Premier Inn. Man it was a mission to get to our room though. It maybe on the ground floor but i felt like I’d walked across half of Nottingham to get to it. Bella was so excited when we finally got to the room. Straight on the bed and making herself at home.

My priority was a cup of tea. While the kettle was boiling I threw on my pjs and I’ve been cuddled up in bed with my cuppa since.

Bella is currently running around the room pretending to sneeze and I’m just chilling out trying to decide what we’re going to have for dinner.

Anyways, until the next blog.

Love CiCi

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