The Travel Blogs – Girls dinner date – 1st February 2019

Well we’re settling down for bed now. Hopefully for a much better sleep than last night.

We decided on the Beefeater next door for dinner. The very nice lady at the Premier Inn desk booked us a table for 6.15pm while we went out to the car to pick up our shoes and coats ready for our city exploring tomorrow. We went back to the room for a half an hour and watched pointless. Well Bella has been building with her Duplo. She’s got a thing about building rockets at the moment.

We walked over to the Beefeater just after 6. The place was pretty quiet. I’m guessing there was no point in us booking a table but it’s not as if it was any wasted effort on my part. Bella kept playing in one of their windows, jumping out and shouting “Boo!” Before she kept trying to hide round the corner by the toilets to jump out.

She found a wall with paintings of cows on it and was telling me all about them. That she’d found some cows and that they go moo. A very nice man showed us to our table. A cute little table for two in the corner by the window. Bella wanted to sit at the table like a big girl but I knew she’d probably run around as soon as she got bored so in a high chair she went.

Bella was given some colours and the back of her menu had activities for her to do. It seems the theme at the Beefeater at the moment is Shaun the Sheep. We were brought our drinks and then we ordered our dinners.

I didn’t fancy much. I’m not a huge fan of Beefeater but I chose the gammon steak and for Bella I chose the spaghetti bolognese. It’s her favourite dinner so I felt sure we’d be on to a winner. While we waited Bella and I cheersed and then we counted her crayons and discussed what colours they were. Very proud of her, she seems to know the colour yellow now.

Our yummy dinners turned up. Bellas looked especially nice. I’m so jealous of kids meals. They always look so good. Bellas bolognese came with garlic bread and veg sticks. It smelt amazing too.

I didn’t quite manage to finish my meal. But Bella made a damn good attempt on her dinner. She started dipping her veg sticks in her sauce, then her garlic bread. She tried really hard to eat with her fork. But she found that tricky as it was a grown up fork.

Bella was such a state when she finished. Although she did get a bit upset that her hands were dirty with bolognese. She’s recently got really fussed if she gets dirty.

She did a very good job of cleaning her high chair and her hands and face. At least she’s normally willing to clean up after dinner.

We walked back to our hotel room and Bella asked to watch Madagascar again. We both changed into our pjs and then Bella sat on the bed watching her film while I got us sorted for tomorrow.

I organised our outfits for my cousins 21st party tomorrow night. And found us warm clothes for when we go into city tomorrow.

My final job of the evening before I could relax in bed was pack bellas changing bag so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning.

I’m now chilling in bed. Planning on dozing off any minute to the sounds of Madagascar.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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