Bus ride – 29th January 2019

Today started early for us. Now I know for most people early is like 4, 5 or 6am but for us it’s 8.30. We are not morning people. We do not enjoy waking up and having to leave our beds. If we could we’d never leave them. But needs must this morning. Due to our dead car I had to get the bus to Bellas Toddler Sense class. Now might not seem such a mission except there is no direct bus to her class. Well there is but only at 7am and that’s a little early for a 10.30 class. So we had to make sure we caught the 9.30 bus from town.

Like I said getting up was painful. Bella seemed more sleepy than me though. Shed been up until gone one jumping all over the bed, stole my packet of crisps and every now and then she’s get right up close in my face and just go ‘Hi!’ And then go back to munching. And then when I wanted to sleep she decided I was a perfect seat for her. Except she kept deliberately falling off of me on to the bed as she’d seemed to find this quite amusing.

So 8.30 start for us was not fun. I always find on those mornings though things seem to flow quite well and I managed to give Bella her breakfast and get her dressed with no fussing. She even sat in the pram nicely as we walked down to the bus stop. Normally she’d fight, and scream and cry because she wants to walk but she was happy to watch the world go by.

I panicked that we were going to miss our bus and ran the last little bit. Bad idea. I have a series of alarms on my phone and normally on a Tuesday I have a 9am alarm to wake me up for toddler sense and then a 9.30am alarm to tell me to leave for Toddler sense. Its only a 15 minute drive to her class but I like to get a Costa on the way. So as were walking and about a 100 yards away from the bus stop my alarm on my phone starts going off in my pocket. I thought it was the half 9 alarm. So I run to the bus stop then pull out my phone to turn the alarm off. Turns out I had also set a 9.15 alarm so I was 18 minutes early for my bus and had run for nothing.

While waiting at the bus stop we bumped into our friend so we chatted for a bit. She said how surprised she was to see me up so early – my friends know me well. And then the bus turned up.

Bella didn’t seem too excited to get the bus today. Normally she’s extremely excited and taking in everything. This morning she just snuggled into me. She woke up a little bit when we got on to the duel carriageway, she spotted sheep, lorries and lots of trees. She even shouted bus when she realised where we were.

We had to get off the bus so we could catch another going back the way we came to get to where we were going. Bella loved being able to run around in the grass and find sticks and leaves. She loves being outside and playing. Sadly it doesn’t happen too much but it’s nice when it does.

Eventually the bus turned up and we went back up the hill to Toddler Sense – written like this it doesn’t sound far and you could think I could walk it but it was at least another mile up the road if not further. We got off the bus and walked over the large bridge over the duel carriageway. I swear I’m broken. My back hurt so much pushing the pram up the ramp to the bridge.

This week it was the Ugle Bug Ball at toddler sense. Bella seemed to struggle today with the bouncy castles slide. Normally she’s up and down it no problem but today she’d get so far up using the foot holes and then just slide straight back down and have to start again.

She actually attempted the balance buckets with two feet today. Normally she’ll step one foot on the ground and the other on the buckets. I’m guessing it makes her feel more stable.

We loved the activities today. The first activity was a country garden with lots of finger puppet bugs and petals to play with. Bella found two butterfly finger puppets that she played with and then a bee. For some reason love seemed to be in the air. Bella was making everything kiss today.

We also made a spider web out of wool between all the children in the group. We also listened to the Bumble bee and tickled each other with feathers. Bella really enjoys tickling me and making people giggle.

The last activity was the story of the ugly bug ball done as a kinda puppet show and then all the children had their own ball. With lots of balloons and bubbles. Bella loved catching the the balloons and throwing them. She wasn’t even that interested in the bubbles this week.

We wrapped back up and ventured back into the cold. By this time Bella was tired and hungry. She had some apple slices while we made our way back over the duel carriageway. Again it killed my back. We sadly missed our bus literally by seconds but it didn’t really matter. It wasn’t as cold as it had been. Bella was quite cosy in her snowsuit in the pram. I let her play her dinosaur game on the iPad as I refused to let her out of the pram next to a busy duel carriageway. She understands cars will squish her but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to get distracted and step into the road.

Eventually the bus turned up – which we nearly missed thanks to it hiding behind a lorry. We had quite an easy journey home. Bella was tired but fighting sleep but she was quite happy just playing and didn’t want mummy interfering.

We got off the bus by the train station and started to walk home through town. On our way through I asked Bella if she wanted to see uncle Nathan. She was still extremely tired and fighting it. She said no and when I asked her if she wanted to go home she said yes. But by the time near the pub I asked her again if she wanted to see uncle Nathan, this time the answer was yes.

We popped into the pub and within seconds Bella was asleep. The pub obviously has a relaxing atmosphere. I sat at the bar and chatted to Nathan’s mum. Nathan finally turned up and I woke Bella up. Bella managed to get four lots of strawberries from Nathan. All I could smell was strawberries when I hugged her. I played a game of pool and lost badly. Well I say badly I swear I’m only able to pot a ball out of pure luck. Although I’m pretty good at snookering whoever I’m playing and never deliberately.

After leaving the pub we had a pretty chilled afternoon/evening. We had some lunch and then I continued with my knitting while Bella played.

In the evening our friends Richard and Joe came around to have a look at the car. It wasn’t good news – it needs some proper TLC. Luckily being friends with a mechanic has perks but trying to fix a car in the dark and rain doesn’t work.

Thank God for everyone on my side. We’ve managed to hire a car for me to go to Nottingham as Daly understands how important a weekend away is to me. I just need some time away from home to not think about stuff and just enjoy myself.

Anyways, night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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