Shopping trip – 28th January 2019

I’m still on a bit of a downer today. It took all my effort to get out of bed and make it downstairs but I suppose that’s the good (or bad) thing about being a parent. I have to get up for Bella so I can’t wallow in my pity party for one. Shame, I’m sure it would be one hell of a party.

I had to get up to wait for our new car battery. How excited can one person get about a battery lol. It took forever to turn up though. Sadly because of this I wasn’t able to take Bella to her toddler group. However she didn’t seem in a very good mood this morning so I don’t know how she’d have been sharing with other children. She spent the whole morning refusing to talk, she just kept ‘huh’ing. Very frustrating when she’s completely capable of talking just won’t. And then she was getting frustrated that I refused to answer to her ‘hmm’ing and kept asking her to ask nicely.

My sister turned up. I got so excited when the doorbell rang thinking it was the car battery but nope, just my sister. Not that I’m not happy to see my sister but I need my car back.

It was so cute this morning, while we were waiting for the new battery to turn up Bella and Rachel played picnics. Bella brought all her toy food in and sat with Rachel. She kept handing her various pieces and even Bella’s baby joined their picnic eating cookies. Always good when real food is involved.

Finally the new battery turned up for our car, but it still doesn’t work. I’m now at a loss. I have a little knowledge of cars but an electrical fault or problem if it isn’t the battery I haven’t got a clue. My neighbour tried to help me but to no luck. He checked that the battery was connected. It’s weird, we can turn on the lights but not the radio or blower, and the dash won’t light up. I’m completely out of my depth with this thing. I just hope and pray I can go to Nottingham at the end of the week.

Once I’d played with the car – I’m turning into my husband, I went and got changed and we decided we should probably go for a walk into town to get some lunch. The problem with having no car, I’m not able to do a household shop so we were running out of food. Not good when you have a toddler whose constantly eating.

I wasn’t in the mood to get up and out but as a mum I’ve got to feed my daughter. Luckily having my sister here meant getting out the door was quicker than normal. She got Bella ready while I sorted myself and got all of Bella’s bit ready. We took a nice leisurely walk into town. Bella fell asleep 5 minutes into the walk. I’m guessing she needed that sleep after her mood this morning.

I felt much better once we were out and about I felt much better. I was tempted to still buy myself a party blower for my pity party hehe. It was chilly in town. Lucky Bella was all snuggly in her snowsuit.

We went to Subway for lunch. We used to every Monday with mum before she went to her art class, so it’s nice we’re still carrying it on. Bella slept through the whole of lunch so my sister and I sat and chatted about my trip away and the car and Rachel’s current decorating project.

After having something to eat we went for a wander round the shopping centre, popping into The Works and PoundStretcher. The Works have got all their Easter stuff in, Rachel and I said we will have to do a day of Easter crafts with Bella to get in the mood. They had lovely sun catchers to paint and little bunny’s and chicks to paint. We need to make Bella a new Easter basket this year as she decided to put her foot through last years one.

We stopped in Poundland and I grabbed some bits of shopping we needed. I found part of my valentines present for Daly. And I looked at a few bits for Bella’s party but going away at the weekend means I haven’t got any disposable income at the moment to spend on those bits so they will have to wait until next week.

Rachel’s husband met us from Sainsbury’s thankfully which meant I was able to do our shop and get it home in one piece. I had Rachel push the pram round while I pushed the trolley. I still managed to get completely confused at the check out though as Rachel was paying for her shopping and I was trying to work out how I was going to get the trolley and pram out of the shop. I seemed to completely have forgotten Rachel was with me.

Like I said getting out did me some good. When I got home I did some cleaning and sorted the kitchen out and I felt good. I didn’t feel like I just wanted to crawl into bed and never emerge.

We’ve had a pretty chilled afternoon. We watched Jurassic Park. I say we, Bella only watched the very beginning. Her face when she saw the dinosaurs was perfect. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Before bed Bella and I have been playing tea parties with her baby and doctors. Apparently I’ve not been feeling very well but instead of conventional medicine, Dr Bella prescribed sunglasses and a baton. Not quite sure what she thinks is wrong with me but maybe she’s telling me to have a holiday.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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