Carnival Season starts again – 26th January 2019

I could not sleep last night. I can’t really say I tried though. Once again we watched the Little Mermaid. When Bella is bouncing around and insisting on playing late at night it seems to be the only thing that calms her and gets her to stop. As soon as i put the film on she settled and snuggled into me and was asleep in minutes.

I dyed my hair last night before going to bed to hopefully get the red a little bit brighter and cover my roots. I hate it when I rinse it out though, because it’s red it looks awful in the bath and it takes so long to try and get all the dye out.

It still managed to turn my towel red. I had to sleep on a towel so my pillows didn’t end up being dyed red.

This evening is Faversham Carnival Selection when they choose the new carnival court, 2 princesses and one queen. But faversham has juniors too so 3 senior girls and 3 junior girls.

I spent most of the day slowly getting ready. I had a bath – which was a bad idea to attempt while Bella was awake. She managed to get hold of the parmesan cheese and throw it everywhere. This then lead to us having to pick up all her toys and then hoovering the whole of downstairs. It smells horrible. I really hope I got it all up.

After my bath Bella and I did our make up. Bless her. She loves to copy me and play with my make up. I learnt today that photography lights are great for make up.

I finally got Bella to watch Moana. I say watch, she saw half of it and then fell asleep on top of her giant unicorn. It was nice to have a bit of a chill time before we had to catch the train.

Bella loves getting the train. She was so excited when we got to the train station and she could see all the trains coming and going. She kept pointing them out to me. It was spitting so Bella got a little upset as her baby was getting wet. She found it funny hiding under the hood of her pram and popping out every now and then.

We finally arrived at the carnival selection after our train journey. It was so nice to see friends we hadn’t seen for ages. Bella had great fun dancing the evening away and running around. At some point during the evening she found a bin lid and decided to walk around holding it like it was a skirt. My child is crazy.

I enjoy taking photos at the carnival events so it was nice to get back to do event photography. The girls participate in public speaking, deportment and a private interview. I’m able to photograph the first two but obviously the private interview is private. I also spent a lot of the evening running around after Bella taking photos.

I want to do more sort of events photos – I really enjoy this but also maybe venture in to portraits. It’s not something I really enjoy but it’ll be nice to give a go and see how I do. If people like it, it could be a step forward.

Now because I was using my camera I haven’t edited or even downloaded my photos yet which means this blog is missing a few photos but I will be adding them.

Anyway, night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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