Poorly girl – 25th January 2019

Oh dear, Bella hasn’t seemed very well today. It’s all those pints she was pulling yesterday. She seemed ok when she woke up just didn’t seem in the mood to get out of bed this morning. She was quite happy snuggled up with me watching the Little Mermaid, yep we’re back on that one again.

When I finally got her downstairs she was complaining her head hurt, which is very unlike her. Even when she’s poorly she carries on going but she was very grumpy this morning.

Daly had slept on the sofa last night. That sounds so bad, that sounds like we’ve had an argument or I’ve kicked him out. Nope! We’re good, no argument or problems. He needed to stay awake all evening as he was switching to night shifts. I’m not sure what he did all night but when we came downstairs we found him asleep on the sofa. He woke up to the sound of Bella but then he just slithered off the sofa to lay on the floor. Bella sat next to him with her lunch watching videos.

I’m currently trying to knit a cardigan for Bella. I learnt to knit when I was 9 but I’ve only just started knitting again because I can’t find cardigans and jumpers I like. It’s good though, it gives me something useful to do with my time. Also I’m pretty good at knitting while I sit and watch the TV, it doesn’t require me to pay any attention.

It’s only a simple pattern. I’m not quite up to scratch to give a harder pattern ago. Hopefully the more confident I get the more daring I can get with patterns.

We went for a nice walk this afternoon across the park. Bella loved see all the dogs going for walks and got very excited when she saw the park but sadly we had to drop something off. I had told her she could go to the park on the way back home but sadly she’d fallen asleep. It’s been nice walking places and enjoying the outdoors.

I had taken my camera with me in the hopes Bella would have wanted to get out of the pram and walk across the field. I would have loved to have gotten some photos of her by the huge tree in the centre of our park but Bella wasn’t feeling it. No snow on today’s walk but that’s ok. It’s still freezing so I’m sure we’ll have some snow at some point.

When we got home Bella slept in the pram while I got crafty. The ribbon for Bellas hair bows to go with her Birthday outfit had turned up so I made them while watching a bit of YouTube.

As Bella was still asleep when I finished that i went back to my knitting. I can tell she’s not feeling 100% she napped for over 3 hours. And normally wakes up to me littering around. Occasionally she stirred but she fell straight back to sleep everytime.

When Bella finally woke up I decided to try my go at getting the Christmas photos I was suppose to get done before Christmas done.

While I was setting up my camera and lights Bella decided she suddenly wanted to play with all her toys that I’d put away and put them right in the middle of my set up.

I managed to get a few cute test shots and she actually let me dress her in her Santa dress but she wasn’t too fond of sitting still and letting me take photos.

In the end I only used the one outfit and background. I had planned on at least 3 different outfits and 2 different backdrops with different props but I didn’t want to push my luck as bellas mood quickly went down hill.

I tried bribing her, singing, using her dolly to pose, biscuits and nope, nothing worked. I couldn’t even get her dummy off her. But at least I got some nice photos. I’ll have to try the other outfits and backdrops another time when she’s feeling better.

She didn’t even want her dinner. I did us a mini fry up. Ok not the best when your not feeling well but not a single item was fried lol. Bella sat there for an hour with her dinner but at least she ate something.

After dinner Bella was very tired. I had to nip out quickly but my sister had come round so she watched Bella while I was out. I came home to find Bella half way up the stairs with her aunty Rachel. Apparently she had gone upstairs to put herself to bed but Rachel had told her I was going to be home soon to get her ready for bed. So she had stopped and snuggled into Rachel. Bless her. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight. Don’t like it when she’s poorly and there’s not much I can do to help her.

We’re off on a mini adventure on the train tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have some stories for you.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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