Walking is hard work – 24th January 2019

I’ve come to the conclusion walking hurts my back. I must be getting old. Our car is currently dead so I had to walk the other side of town for my counselling. It was so cold. And it was starting to snow. I kinda want snow but I kinda don’t. Bella loved the snow last year but was ill so couldn’t go out and enjoy it and then once Bella felt better I was ill.

It only snowed for about 5 minutes ☹ oh well hopefully we’ll get some more at some point soon. I want to build a snowman with Bella.

Counselling went well. Was nice to sit down for an hour lol meant I was able to regain my energy for the walk home in the freezing cold again.

Daly had gone down to his friends pub to help get it ready for opening day and had taken Bella with him. Apparent Bella is a bar maid in training.

Once I got to the pub Bella was sound asleep and her Grandad and Grandma were there to take Bella to theirs for the day.

Daly and I have spent all day at the pub. Me mainly drinking cups of tea while Daly cleaned the windows and moving furniture up in to the flat. Oh my word, we had a right giggle at that. Sadly I can’t put the video up as there was a lot of swearing involved but it’s safe to say Daly didnt enjoy all the heavy lifting and carry bedroom furniture up two flights of stairs. Was extremely funny to watch though.

Not really much happened today to be honest. It’s been kinda a quiet day but we’ve been out. It’s been nice to be somewhere different though.

I had to walk home to meet Bella from her Grandparents this evening as our car is still off the road at the moment. We’ve got a new battery on the way and the other battery is charging. So hopefully we’ll be back on the road soon.

I quite liked having to walk today. Ok to the other side of town was a bit excessive but it gives me time to just chill, do a bit of exercise, have some me time and I get to listen to my music. I used to walk every where before I had Bella but now with all the planning it takes to go for a walk with Bella, making sure I’ve got the pram, is she warm enough, have I got snacks, a change of clothes etc and I feel rude if I have my headphones on while I’m out with Bella. I like talking to her and getting her to tell me about the things she’s seen. Even if she’s asleep I feel rude listening to my music, what if she wakes up. So having a chance for it to just be me and my music was lovely. Maybe it’s something I need to do more often and maybe take a camera with me so I can take some photos. That way two hobbies in one.

I’m still feeling cold now but off to bed soon, so I can be all cosy under the duvet. We’re currently watching a bit of POP and Bella is playing with her toy laptop but it’s bedtime in a minute. I’m sure she’s tired. She didn’t sleep well last night, in the end I had to put the Little Mermaid on for her to try and get her to settle.

I might try to take more photos of our day tomorrow to help these blogs be a bit more interesting as the last two have just been very wordy.

Oh well, night all And let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi

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