Insomnia Sucks – 21st January 2019

I’m enjoying having some form of routine back. I hate it when our days are all over the place but things are finally back to some form of normality after Christmas. All of Bella’s classes are back on so she’s enjoying all of her activities and I’m enjoying life being semi simple lol not that life ever is.

Now my day started at around midnight. I’ve got really bad insomnia at the moment. I say at the moment I’ve had bad insomnia for over a year. I believe I’ve mentioned it before and how the doctors won’t give me anything for it because I have Narcolepsy. Well I’ve kinda taken things into my own hands and I’ve started taking Kalms in the hope that they will give me some relief. No luck last night though.

I had gone up to bed about 10, Bella was already soundo. I tried to sleep but after an hour or so of tossing and turning I’ve gave up. I decided to get up and sort out some of Bella’s old clothes to sell. It’s been something I’ve been needing to do for a while. I sorted out a whole load of Bella’s clothes to sell and took photos of all of them to put them up on Facebay in the hopes of making a few extra pennys. I also put some of my Lipsy dresses up on Ebay 😦 I love those dresses so much, they’re so pretty but since having Bella no matter how much weight I loose I’m never going to fit back into them. As much as I’d love to store them it’s just a waste when someone else could enjoy them.

After posting all these items on Facebay and Ebay I attempted to sleep again but had a headache that would just not go away. I tried some painkillers but was still up when Daly came in from work at half 5. I finally managed to drop up in order to be woken up at 8.30 by a wide awake Bella

This morning we went to Bella’s toddler group. It’s a nice chance for her to just play with other children and be social rather than just having to put up with me all day. She enjoyed running around and playing on the seesaws, scuttle bugs and slides and also did a bit of colouring this morning.

But I think the two highlights of her morning was finding what seemed to be a new collection of dinosaurs in the animal box. Bella loves her dinosaurs.

She also had great fun seeing how far she could push the toy cars across the floor. She really enjoyed this morning and even made a friend playing races in the main hall.

When we got home we both had some lunch and relaxed watching Tv. I was exhausted from only two hours of sleep so I ended up crashing out on one of the sofas and Bella crashed on another.

We both woke up to Daly playing Call Of Duty 3 on the PlayStation. Surprisingly our cat Tinsel came and sat with us while we all chilled out in the living room. She’s an extremely timid cat and she really isn’t a fan of Bella’s. Bella is too noisy for Tinsel’s liking. It was nice for her to come join us as she hasn’t really spent anytime downstairs with us since mum died. Tinsel, although my sister’s cat, was very much my mum’s cat.

I’ve found a new app on the iPad that I find quite relaxing called ‘Happy Colour’ so have been using that when I have a spare half hour. It’s alone the same lines as those Mindfulness colouring books but as an app. I was doing Mindfulness sessions with mum, but obviously those stopped when mum died as they were provided for mum by the Hospice. I really enjoying colouring so this is just a nice way to do it without little person spying colours and trying to join in.

Before dinner the jigsaws came out again, of course. Bella seems to be getting better at them every time she does them. She needed no help at all with the 4 piece jigsaw today.

After dinner we did some gymnastics and messing around with cheer stunts. It’s lovely that I can share something I grew up loving with Bella and see her enjoy it as well. Hopefully when she’s older she’ll come to me and tell me it’s something she wants to pursue.

Anyways, Bella’s off to bed, Daly’s killing things on the PlayStation and I’m going to do some more colouring on my app to relax and unwind in the hopes I’ll get a better nights sleep.

Night all and lets see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi

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