Getting Creative – 20th January 2019

Well at the end of yesterday I was making daisies for Bella’s birthday party and today we’ve carried on. Luckily all the petals have dried now and the next task is to glue them all to the bases and attach the centers. Yesterday evening our living room was full of daisy petals, there was 100 all to just make 10 daisies.

Bella has been chilling in her blue tutu again, she loves it, and the movie of choice for today was Tangled. I was quite surprised, I thought it was going to end up being Frozen or The Little Mermaid. She was quite happy to sit there watching that while I preformed an operation on her Iggle Piggle teddy. He needed to go in the washing machine but he has one of those voice boxes sewn into him so I had to unstitch him, remove the voice box and then stitch him back up before putting him in.

I’ve tried something different today when writing todays blog. I’m using my laptop and I have to say I’m not getting along with it. The amount of mistakes I have made and had to go back and correct. I thought I might make myself a little blog area so I can actually just sit in a cute little area and blog and feel a bit more like I’m actually doing it properly rather than just sitting on the sofa and blogging while watching films with Bella and writing it on my phone or my iPad. Maybe it’ll just take me some time to get used to typing on a keyboard again. We’ll see how this process goes. I’m sure I’ll find a method that works for me soon.

We went to see Daly for a little bit before he went to work. Mainly so I could drop him the car. We were only there briefly. I had planned to go over an hour earlier but Bella had decided to put herself down for a nap at the very end of Tangled. I didn’t have the heart to wake her, so I let her nap for 45 minutes before we went over to see her dad.

On the way back to mine from Daly’s parents the sky was beautiful. The sun was just starting to set and the sky was so golden and orange. It was so pretty, I was gutted I didn’t have my camera with me but I did my best with my phone camera. It was too pretty not to share.

Once we had got back home Bella decided she wanted to watch Frozen and I decided I was going to crack on with decorations for Bella’s party.

I spent the afternoon making frills to go round the centers of the daisies and had to curl them all. That took forever, I was hoping the daisies would be done by the end of today but sadly no. I have however managed to glue the fringes on to the centers so I have 100 complete daisy petals and 10 complete daisy centers and all I have to do is stick them together. I also ran out of glue gun glue which meant even if it hadn’t taken me all day to make the centers I wouldn’t have been able to get any further because I have no glue! Oh well a trip to town tomorrow then.

Due to the lack of glue I tried to start cutting dolly pegs down in order to make the Pontipines and Whatingers (or however it’s spelt) but although I have a saw, I do not have a D clamp to hold the peg while I cut it. My arm hurt so much from holding one peg still while I cut it I had to stop until I can find a clamp to hold it.

Despite all these things going wrong I’ve had a lovely evening with Bella. First she helped me cook dinner by getting all the equipment I needed out of the cupboards, she then helped herself to pots and pans and went into the living room to cook dinner for her toys. After dinner Bella wanted to do some jigsaws. It seems to be one of her favourite things to do. First we did her large Paw Patrol jigsaw but she got frustrated with this one as everytime she tried to put a piece in, the jigsaw broke else where. She did however manage to complete it but put it away almost instantly.

I then found her a new set of jigsaws she had got from her Uncle Nathan for Christmas – one of those first shape jigsaws. She did so well and required very little help to do the jigsaws. She did the 2 piece jigsaw independantly and the 4 piece jigsaw she just needed little reminding to mke sure she was putting the same colours together but then completed that on her own. I helped her with the 6 and 8 piece jigsaws but only guiding her which way round pieces went and what they were next to. It was nice spending some time this evening just doing those activities with Bella and not worrying about my phone or not being fully in the moment. I wish I was that present more often when plying with Bella. Maybe it’s something I can work on.

I’m now off to have a cup of tea and to Pinterest more decoration ideas for Bella’s birthday. I might possibly start work on a packing list for a trip Bella and I are taking in a few weeks time. I love a good packing list.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi

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