Movie day – 19th January 2019

So proud of myself last night. I got most of my evening jobs done within one hour. I food shopped, got dinner, posted my sister’s birthday card and then posted all of Bella’s birthday party invites. And even had some me time and had a lovely relaxing pampering bath before crashing in bed watching TV.

I seem to have needed a long sleep. I didn’t wake up until gone 12 and when I did wake up it felt like every cell in my body was vibrating. I’m in the process of writing a blog about my Narcolepsy and how it effects me. This muscle/cell vibration thing is part of my Narcolepsy and I think it’s my body telling me I need to either slow down or full on stop.

I’ve been reunited with my baby! God I missed my little one last night. Was lovely having time to myself but I do miss Bella like crazy when she’s at her Grandparents. Apparently she didn’t have a good night. She would only sleep in her Grandmas arms, everytime they tried to put her down she was having none of it.

I’ve managed to get another 2 loads of washing done today lol. I’ve come to the conclusion we need to stop wearing clothes until all the washing is done otherwise it’s a never ending cycle and the washing will never be finished.

We spent our afternoon watching Cars 3. Bella loves her cars so she sat on the floor playing with her cars and garage while enjoying the film. And stealing Grandads snacks. Grandma was getting ready for a night out with the carnival girlies. She’s got dressed up all pretty in her long red evening gown. I was suppose to do her hair but I’ve been too ill today to do much. I felt so bad as I’d promised I’d do it for her. But the whole time I was round there I was curled up in a ball in agony. My doctor seems to think I could have crohns disease but I have yet to get tested. I know it was something my mum wanted me to get done due to the frequency I get stomach pains and feeling ill. It grounds me for the day and makes looking after Bella hard.

Once we were home Bella wanted to watch the Greatest Showman. She loves that film. We spent the evening dancing and singing along with the film. Singing is one of her favourite things to do. We enjoyed our evening dinner of pizza inbetween our dances. Think Bella loves the lifts everytime she’d come up to me and say “up!” After the film Bella decided the ironing board was a boat and was playing on it with her baby. She comes up with some funny ideas but it’s great how imaginative she is.

Once Bella went to bed I popped on Independence Day. One of my favourites. While watching Independence Day I was making giant daisys for Bellas birthday party in February. She’s having an In the Night Garden party so the daisys are for Uppsy Daisys section. Looking forward to giving her such a magical day. Bella helped me draw a couple of the centres of the daisys. She loves to help, she even showed her drawing to the cats.

Anyways, Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow has in store for us.

Love CiCi

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