Me time!

When I’m child and husband free I like to enjoy some me time and pamper myself.

Often, when I have a free evening I have a nice relaxing bath. Now tonight I’ve been using some of the bits I got for Christmas from my sister. But before I have a bath, I wash my face and tonight I’m going to do a face mask. I always love how they make my skin feel afterwards.

First I wash my using my Simple Spotless Skin Face wash and massage it in to my skin using a facebrush I got from Primark for a quid. My face just always feels cleaner after using the brush.

Once I washed my face I pat my face dry. Now tonight I decided to use a face mask while I enjoyed my bath. I really like the 7th Heaven face masks. Both my sister and I use them and luckily for Christmas my sister bought me their basket full of goodies.

I absolutely love this basket and it’s great if you love face masks. Inside are 9 face masks, 1 hair mask, a bath bomb and a bath pompom.

I really like their Charcoal peel off mask so that’s the one I used tonight. It always makes my face feel lovely and smooth. I use a foundation brush to put the mask on (a clean one of course) I hate the sticky feeling of it on my fingers so I was so happy when I learnt that hack (that probably everyone already knew, oh well I’m late to the party)

Here I am, looking like a mud monster all ready to jump in the bath.

Now I’ve always loved bubbles in my bath but for Christmas I got a lot of bath bombs so I’m giving them a go.

I got these really cute duck bath bombs for Christmas, again from my sister. Bella absolutely loves bath ducks and when I saw these I was drawn to them. Tonight I tried the pink duck. I don’t think they have different scents, they just seem to change the colour of the water slightly but still great all the same.

Still not sure on bath bombs but I’ll continue to give them ago. They make me feel like I’m making a bit more of an effort to pamper myself.

Now when I have a bath I now tend to have a glass of wine to truly make it some me time. At the moment I’ve been drinking some Blossom Hill rosè. I’m not a huge fan of rosè but add a bit of lemonade and that’ll do.

I also love to have my candles when it’s bath time. I love these two from the Home Inspiration collection by Yankee candle. I’m really fussy over the smells of candles but these two I love – Merry Mint Chocolate and Candy Cane Forest

As you can tell my Candy Cane Forest candle is my favourite. We managed to find a replacement one while we were Christmas shopping so mum bought me that but I’m not using it until I completely kill this one as they are so hard to get hold of.

While I’m in the bath I tend to catch up on my YouTube videos. Now I’m a funny one. I quite enjoy having a bath and relaxing in it but once I’ve finished my bath I have to have a shower. I really hate it if I can only have a bath and there’s no shower. I just feel dirty after a bath which is why I only have them to relax.

Well that was my pamper evening for tonight. Occasionally I will do my nails afterwards or curl my hair but tonight I’m just relaxing in my PJs and watching rubbish on tv. So I’m going to continue relaxing and speak to you all soon.

Night, CiCi

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