Lockdown 2020 – A lovely walk + a rant – 7th May 2020

This morning our day started topsy turvy. I started my day by prepping dinner. We were having a hotpot for dinner and to save me using the large roasting tray – which I had used last night for lasagne and it still had leftovers in it – I was going to use our slow cooker. I prepped all the ingredients before adding them all together and cooking them before placing them in the slow cooker to cook until later. I added the potato slices on top and left it to cook while we got on with our day.

While I had been cooking Bella had been playing in the living room with her toot toot toys. Well I say with her toot toot toys, she was actually just using the little house her toot toot dog lives in but the dog is in her bedroom and she was playing with princesses and Duplo people.

Once I’d finished prepping the dinner and Bella was happy to leave her toys we went for our weekly walk. I know a lot of people are going for daily walks but my anxiety can just about cope with one a week. We got ourselves ready and then headed out.

We had heard reports of someone being a bit creepy over by the orchards over the weekend. Liam was staying at home but said if we had any trouble to give him a call and he’d be straight over. Bella wanted to wear a jumper even though it was baking outside but that’s what she wanted.

We walked over to the fields. I couldn’t believe how many cars were on the road. We were trying to cross over to the entrance to the fields and we had to wait for several minutes for there to be a break in the traffic.

*Rant alart!*

It’s insane. We are still on lockdown so why is everyone out. I’m seriously waiting for the second wave of infections. People end up getting complacent and bored and decide to go sod it, it’s not affected me so I’m gonna do what I please. I however feel my family and friends’ health is far more important than my boredom. I refuse to mingle with other people because how would I feel if I accidently gave them the infection and even worse if they gave it to Bella. I mean that’s a whole new level of stupid if entertaining yourself is far more important than those you love’s health.

Ah got fed up of sitting at home so I thought I’d go to the shop and get some snacks and then go to my parents for a movie day. Three weeks later, oh yeah my mum died of corona and there’s a chance I’m the one responsible for spreading it to her because spending a couple of hours with her was far more important than any of our health or even life. Opps! My bad! Like seriously people stop being selfish and think how you would feel if you lost a family member because of your boredom. Just winds me up so bad that people don’t get how bad it is.

I admit I’m bored and having Bella here 24/7 is driving me insane at times. Especially not being able to take her to the park or the beach but her health and life is far more important to me than getting five minutes peace. I would never forgive myself if me wanting those few minutes break resulted in her being exposed to the virus and then spending weeks fighting it, potentially ending up in hospital and dying. I’ve watched some fight just a chest infection, barely being able to breath and because they don’t think their gonna make it, they weren’t put on a ventilator. Be told that because of something seemingly so silly they might not see the next 24 hours and inform the family. The panic as that person struggles to breathe. And we were luckily we were able to sit round their bed and joke and hold their hand with the only thing being restrictive an oxygen mask. And I live with guilt every day thinking if only I’d rung a doctor sooner or taken her to hospital. That guilt never leaves no matter how many times people tell you it’s not your fault you did everything right. There’s always something you could do different. If people want to live with the knowledge that that is happening to their loved one and can live with the potential guilt, go for it. Do what you want!

Sorry for my rant but it’s so frustrating when I’m trying to keep my family safe.

*Rant over!*

We walked into the field and today Bella decided she wanted to walk towards the hill. I knew several ways home coming off the hill so I was happy to head that way.

We hadn’t even gotten very far down the footpath when Bella said she wanted to sit on my shoulders – that’s Daly’s fault. I agreed and let her sit on my shoulders because I knew it would be easier to carry her like that than on my hip.

Off we went again. We walked to the bottom of the hill but then Bella wanted to go to the left back towards the houses and down a little wooded path. I hadn’t been this way for about 2 years. Last time I walked this way was when I was doing my photography course and I took a cute photo of Bella running down the path through the autumn leaves in her cute red coat. I now use that photo on my business cards and as my business profile picture.

We walked along the path with Bella on my shoulders as they gradually burned. Oh man carrying Bella was a definite work out.

We made it through to the lane back towards the main road and Bella had to get off my shoulders. She wasn’t too happy about walking again but she had to suck it up. We walked down the lane, with Bella pretending to be a car and made it up to the main road.

We headed down the road past the houses and Bella looked out for rainbows again. We found a big one made out of post it notes in someone’s up stairs window but didn’t find any others. We walked back through the park and Bella moaned that it was a long way home even though she could see the house. I think she was just enjoying moaning today.

When we got home my weighted hoop had turned up so I put it together and went for a spin in the garden while Bella watched TV. According to Bella I was hoopa hooping. So cute. I’ve signed up to online hoop classes in the hopes to loose some weight. I’ve managed to put on weight during this look down, not surprising.

When I came inside it was time for Bella’s nursery session online. They were having a story followed by a craft today. I had set up Bella’s table in front of the TV and while Bella was listening to the story I got all of the resources together. She needed a paper plate, orange paint, black paper, and some glue.

Bella sat and listened nicely to the story the Tiger who came to Tea. Once the story was over she sat up at the table and listened to the instructions. She painted her plate orange.

Then she had to tear up the black paper. She struggled with this bit but with some help she finally got there.

Once all the paper was torn up she needed to glue it onto the plate to make the tiger stripes. Her nursery nurse said the idea was to give them skills to make something rather than making an all singing all dancing tiger.

Bella, however, wanted to turn it into a tiger. I went and found her some googly eyes. She glued them on. Then she cut out some triangles for ears and glued them on.

And finally drew a nose on some pink card before cutting it out and gluing it on. She was very proud of her tiger. We sent a photo of it to her nursery so they could see what she had created.

That evening before dinner Bella seemed to get a burst of energy. She spent a good half an hour running from the living room to the dinning room and back. That child never tires.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Butterflies – 6th May 2020

I woke up before Bella today. That never happens. I was downstairs and actually was able to sit and watch some grown up TV before she came down stairs.

When she eventually came downstairs the TV went off and it was time for breakfast. I didn’t really want to make toast this morning so I raided the cereal. We had some shreddies I had bought for Daly which he hasn’t touched yet so we opened them. I poured Bella a bowl with milk and them myself a bowl with milk and sugar. We went and sat up to the table and enjoyed our breakfast together.

When we’d finished our breakfast I told Bella it was time for some work. This morning it was finger painting spots onto ladybirds. I sat with Bella as we counted out how many spots she needed to put on the ladybirds. She did a pretty good job at counting. But she hadn’t quite got the idea that she could put the spots on both sides of the shell of the ladybird.

While I did some jobs, Bella entertained herself doing some stamping. Bella received a stamp set off my aunty Hanneke last year when we went to my cousins party. Bella had found it and was using this this morning. I found her some paper and she had to use one of her Paw Patrol ink pads but she was happily playing.

As I passed through with washing to hang up on the line, Bella was telling me which animal she was stamping. She is certainly coming along with her conversation skills.

Liam woke up and he and Bella enjoyed some CBeebies while I sat on the floor and sorted out all the dry washing. It seemed to be piling up pretty badly over the last few days. Apparently I was sitting in a castle, made from the washing piles, and Bella was trying to join me in the castle. We were both queens and when I got up to sort out her lunch, she was now the queen.

After lunch we read a story about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Bella seemed really focused on butterflies today. She snuggled up on my lap and listened so nicely to the story. She was telling me all about the story and what was happening in the pictures.

After the story we did a bit of art. Using water coloured paints we painted coffee filters to make butterfly wings. While Bella was painting their wings I painted a few pegs brown for their bodies. I thought we could hang the finished butterflies in the window as a cute display.

Bella ended up painting 8 coffee filters before I finally got her to stop and move on. She was enjoying painting so much. It’s great how she gets so stuck into an activity like that and it’s hard to pull her out.

She was a bit sad I’d told her it was time to stop. I asked her if she wanted another activity to which the answer was yes. I gave her a shape butterfly to make. I stuck the original picture up in front of her as a guide and then just left her to it. She did amazing at copying the original. She didn’t need any guidance at all. If I asked her which shape she was using next she’d show me and tell me where it was going to go.

After dinner Daly and Bella had a bit of a play around with Daly’s phone while I was busy. They sent me a whole bunch of silly photos for me to enjoy when I finally checked my phone.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Migraines suck – 5th May 2020

I didn’t really want to get up this morning. I heard Bella get up closely followed by Liam. It turns out when I came downstairs Liam had come down to find Bella sitting on the sofa with the TV on. She is good at that. She’s discovered how to turn on the TV but she hasn’t worked out to turn on the sound bar yet. Liam popped CBeebies on for Bella and the pair of them were chilling out when I came down.

Liam had made me a cup of tea and was waiting for Daly to wake up so he could go to work. He works in the middle of a wood so shouldn’t be any risk of him catching corona virus unless a tree has it. I made Bella some toast and we chilled out on the sofa while Daly and Liam headed out.

It was ballet this morning so once we’d eaten we got ready. I rigged the laptop up to the TV and we found the resources we needed for class. Today Bella needed some scarfs (we’ve been using fat quatres) and a noisy instrument. We hunted them out and class began.

Bella once again was very focused and joined in well. She made me join in with her a little bit but I was soon able to just sit back and relax.

After ballet Bella got dressed and I let her watch some Nick Jr. Homeschooling wasn’t going as planned today but oh well, we have on and off days.

Bella was happily watching Peppa Pig while I prepared dinner. I was making us a lasagne and things like that I like to prepare in the morning and then put them in the fridge to cook later. It means I feel less pressure when it’s dinner time.

I came into the living room to find Bella sat in the washing basket using it as a boat. I was pretty impressed with that imagination. She’s never done that before.

I had also been doing various bits of house work as the day went on – cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing up and washing clothes and putting them on the line. It felt good to get jobs done. I actually felt pretty motivated today but I had a niggly feeling in my head.

Once I’d finished the house work and Liam was home from work I was starting to feel really crap. I was dozing on the sofa but that wasn’t working so I headed upstairs so I could crash out. I knew Daly had finished the car and Liam was home. I knew if Daly had a headache or was tired he’d just disappear off so I thought why can’t I.  

I went upstairs and crashed out in bed with the migraine of the day. They seem to becoming almost daily at the moment. It’s so annoying.

I fell asleep and woke up just before I had to put the dinner on. Daly and Bella had tidied up the living room and all was calm downstairs. I was able to put the dinner in the oven and then chill on the sofa. Bella wanted to play with her house so she brought it out into the living room and she wanted to bring out her box of little figures. Because the living room had been tidied I told her instead of the whole box she needed to choose a few and bring them into the living room. She finally put the box back and calm was restored.

I’m not happy I keep getting these headaches, hopefully they’ll ease up soon.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Home Schooling with Daddy – 4th May 2020

Back onto homeschooling. The timetable is all planned out and we’re good to go.

First task this morning was breakfast and some fine motor skills. Bella had a lion head and had to use pegs to give it a lions mane. Bella very carefully pegged the pegs round the outside. I was very impressed with her pinching skills. She actually has very strong fingers.

She was very fussy about where the pegs were positioned and insisted that the pegs went completely round the outside. She tried to put some pegs on his ears but I had to tell her nope and stick to the parts where the mane should be.

After fine motor skills it was time for ballet. Bella didn’t want to wear her skirt again but that didn’t matter. She is becoming a little super star when it’s ballet time. She joins in so nicely and listens well to her teacher it’s great.

Bella really enjoyed the activity where she had to wave the scarfs. She had the wave them side to side and then skip around in a circle. She was a little concerned that Misty was sat in the middle of the living room but I told her Misty would move if Bella needed the space.

After ballet we had a little break before we played a game on powerpoint. Bella told me she wanted to look a safari animals as well as minibeasts so that was our focus for today. We were playing a game where a small section of an animal was shown and Bella had to guess what the animal was. She was brilliant at it. She was able to guess animals better than me.

Some of the animals she struggled with because she’d never really seen them before. Animals such as meerkats and hyenas. I mean she’s seen them in zoos and safari parks but not an animal we commonly talk about.

After the powerpoint it was time for lunch. Bella decided after eating her lunch she was going to draw on her magnetic board. She told me she was going to draw Liam, Daddy, Mummy and Bella. First up she drew me.

She seemed to loose interest quickly with that and ended up just scribbling all over the board. Oh well she was happy.

That afternoon daddy helped her with her activities. She wanted to do something so I found out her activity I had set. It was a make your own safari park sheet. She had a base mat to stick all the animals on and the second sheet had all the animals and items you would find at a safari park to cut out and then stick on.

Daly sat with Bella and helped her cut out the items. He held the pieces for her and told her which bits need cutting. She can actually cut pretty well as long as she doesn’t have to hold the paper. The scissors are stiff even though their kiddy ones. She has to use both hands to open them but then cuts well.

As she was happily working with her dad and they were doing the safari sheet together I headed upstairs to tidy my room. My side of the bed has been getting more and more untidy and becoming a dumping area for everything, it’s been driving me mad.

I went upstairs and tidied away. After a while I heard Bella and Daly come up the stairs. She had come up to show me her finished safari park. She told me all about it and then we took a photo of it.

It was nice to let Bella and Daly spend some time together and get some jobs down. I’m so happy I’ve managed to sort out my side of the room. That’s another area to tick of my list as tidied.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Down to the Post Box – 3rd May 2020

It’s another day in lockdown. Daly is off today and I told him that he could have full responsibility for Bella on his days off as I’m getting to my wits end with her.

I’m guessing Bella had got her pyjamas wet last night in the whole bathroom flooding thing. This morning when she came downstairs she was in a different pyjama top which was inside out and her pyjama drawer was open. At least I know she can take responsibility for things like dressing herself and she also knows where her clothes are.

Daly spent his morning outside washing Rachel’s car. Bella and I spent the morning inside. I was enjoying watch itv. At least this time I was able to see the whole of Britain’s got Talent with very little distraction. Bella was happily playing on the floor with her bricks and animals and her little house.

As the day went on Bella was a little bored of her house and bricks and wanted to do some arts and crafts. We pulled out her art box and had a hunt through. She found some stain glass pictures for her to paint but I wasn’t up for any painting today. Instead she found some Christmas lollypops to colour so she set about colouring them.

Daly and Liam went on the PlayStations in the afternoon. Bella was getting a bit antsy and I needed to head down to the postbox so we decided to go out for a walk. Not in the fields and orchards this time just down the road. Bella was very excited about this as she knew she was going to be able to hunt for the rainbows in peoples windows. We put on our coats, grabbed the letters and headed out.

We walked down the road and Bella was so excited everytime she saw a rainbow. We live near sections of houses that are placed round little greens set back from the road. Bella wanted to walk round these to see if there were any rainbows in these houses. We then came across 3 massive rainbows that were drawn in chalk on the side of one of the houses. Bella went and stood under them for a photo before heading back on our walk.

Once we posted the letters we crossed the road so we could look for rainbows on the opposite side. Bella wanted to continue the walk so we took a bit of a detour home cutting through to a different part of the estate.

We didn’t come across anyone on our walk considering we were in the estate still. We looped back through the houses and cut through a little grassy bit that lead back to our house. I had completely forgotten this grassy bit existed. It was full of dandelions and daisies. Bella stopped to pick a few and blow some dandelion clocks.

We made our way back home in time for me to start dinner. I do love a roast on a Sunday.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – She flooded the Bathroom – 2nd May 2020

Today wasn’t much of a day to be honest. It was more of a filler.

Most of our morning, or to be more accurate Bella’s morning was spent watching the Simpsons. She seems to really enjoy the episodes. I think it’s just because it’s a cartoon than anything else but it kept Liam and I entertained.

We had a brief moment of an activity this morning where we finished Bella’s trees for her zoo. Bella painted the tops of her trees green and then we placed them to one side to dry.

The rest of the day was chilled out watching films again before our Saturday night TV started. I was curled up on the sofa with my tea.

The only other thing to report we did today was have pizza for dinner like normal. I tried to enjoy Britain’s got Talent but that was interrupted by Bella being a monkey. I had taken to leaving her gate open on her door so she could take herself to the toilet but tonight I discovered her in the bathroom trying to flood it. She had been putting toilet paper in the sink of water (not great with the whole toilet paper shortage recently) She had also been taking her kitchen bits into the bathroom and playing in the sink with them. The bathroom was soaked. I was not happy at all. And I was missing Britain’s got Talent. I became even more upset when I went into Bella’s bedroom and discovered water all over her play kitchen. She had obviously been taking water from the bathroom into her bedroom. I was extremely upset when I discovered this. I told her she wasn’t to play in the bathroom and because of the water in her bedroom she was not allowed her TV remote. She can’t turn the TV on with out the remote. And she was not going to be having her iPad during the day tomorrow. I gave her a towel so she can tidy up her kitchen and sent her back to bed, making sure to shut her gate to prevent anymore floods.

Not a great end to my Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Sorry for the content of this blog – my brain is not working at the moment.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – The day ended in tears – 1st May 2020

Pinch punch first of the month.  Before ballet Bella found the brick out again and was building a zoo again. I was happy with that as it kept her occupied while I got things set up for ballet. She wasn’t happy when I told her she needed to tidy it away so she could do ballet.

She was willing to dress completely in her ballet outfit today. She even wanted to wear her ballet cardigan which never happens. I do find she’s been settling nicely into these online ballet lessons. Today her ballet teacher was the teacher she used to have. I thought that would cheer Bella up but it didn’t. She was grumpy.

Even though she was grumpy she did join in with her class. She tried very hard. Even though she wasn’t happy she did so well. I was really impressed with her.

After ballet we watched Trolls World Tour again. Bella really likes that film. It’s brilliant. Bella stays focused the whole film which is good. It gives me an opportunity to get some jobs done.

After the film we received some post. But it was for Bella rather than anyone else. Inside was her certificate for being a finalist in the Faversham Carnival Club’s Easter bonnet competition. As well as her certificate she also received a pack of hair bands. They were really cute. I’m glad she won something. She worked so hard on her hat.

That afternoon we got the bricks out again and Bella wanted to make her zoo again. I thought it might be a good creative idea to make some trees for her zoo using all the empty toilet rolls we have. Bella tends to hoard them in her room for some weird reason. I had a good hunt under her bed and managed to find 5 empty toilet roll.

We took them downstairs and I cut a few slits into the top to make spikey leaves when we fold them down. We sat up to the table and Bella painted the bottom of the trees brown first, before we placed them to one side to dry. We’re going to add the green to the other end tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon was chilled out. Until disaster struck. Bella had decided she wanted some crisps but instead of asking an adult to go and get her a packet she took things into her own hands. She climbed up onto the kitchen bin. And we’re guessing she lost her balance and tried to steady herself but grabbed the potato box on the side and the bin went out from under her. We guess she pulled the box down on top of her as the bin went out. Liam and I shot up as soon as we heard the bang. We thought the lid of the bin had given way and we were expecting to find her inside the bin. Nope the bin was on its side across the kitchen floor, the potato box and potatoes were all over the floor and Bella was laying where the bin lives under the broom and mop.

I picked her up and took her in the living room to look her over while Liam sorted the kitchen for me. She must had hit her nose because she had a very short nose bleed but it stopped within five minutes. Because of the risk of a head injury I kept an eye on her and checked her head for any cuts and bums. I couldn’t find any and she calmed down pretty quick. We knew she was ok when she realised the TV was off and asked where the remote was. Thankfully I’ve also been trained for paediatric first aid so I know what to look for. Obviously with the current situation with corona virus I didn’t really want to take her to the hospital if I could help it. We snuggled on the sofa and chilled for a little bit so Bella could feel better.

Before I went to cook the dinner I checked Bella over again. She was tired but she’d been tired all day. Also sleep helps the body heal. I’ve been taught to look for the difference between asleep and unconscious so I wasn’t too worried about her going to sleep.

While I was cooking I kept coming in and checking on Bella. I kept checking to see she was just asleep and not unconscious.

When it was dinner time I woke her up and all hell broke loose. Being asleep meant the pain had set in and Bella was crying her nose her bad. I gave her some calpol to help with the pain and tried to comfort her. I checked her head over again and by now a make had come up on her forehead where she’d been hit. I then checked her pupil reactions and checked they were even. It doesn’t help she’s always grumpy when she wakes up.

She calmed down at the table when I told her she could sit on my lap and eat her dinner. That went quite well. She happily sat on my lap munching away. And soon she was back to her normal self.

After dinner I rang Daly to let him know what was going on and that I’d be putting Bella in bed with me so I could keep an eye on her during the night. I didn’t think we’d have to take her to hospital but Daly was prepared if that happened. You never know with head injuries though so it’s better to be prepared and keep an eye out for any symptoms getting worse. Obviously I’m not a medical professional and I’m not giving advice on what to do if your in the same situation I am just recording what I did.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Bella made a zoo – 30th April 2020

This morning there was a bit more home schooling than we had done in a while. I had planned on taking Bella out for a week before lunch but the weather was miserable. I mean all day we had rain on and off and hail stones. And they weren’t small hail stones. They were pretty big.

Anyways our first activity of the day was matching shapes to make chicks. It was one of the activities we had for Easter but hadn’t really used them. So we pulled them out this morning and Bella sat on the floor matching up the shapes. She did pretty well.

She soon got bored though and changed the activity. Instead she was lining the shapes up next to each other.

Once we got dressed I let Bella go on her iPad. I know Bella is a little young for phonics but I wanted to try and download the Twinkl phonics app to at least start Bella off. I used to use them at work and they were helpful. Sadly because I have an old iPad mini it doesn’t have the newest ios which is needed for the app to download. I went through my old apps though and managed to find a phase one phonics app from Twinkl. I’ve found that if you have out of date apps in purchases you can some times download them. And it worked. I was able to download the phase one phonics onto the iPad mini for Bella to use.

So once I’d finally got this app downloaded I was able to let Bella play it. We sat together on the sofa and I helped her with the phonics games and to try and listen. She was very good at the listening snap – matching the sounds to the picture, and did very well at the description game. She was able to find the animals that were described and completely amazed me with how well she did with the instrument descriptions.

Now as it was a day stuck inside I decided to try and do some meal planning and get on top of Daly’s shifts. During this lockdown I’ve found it really helpful to meal plan. As I write a shopping list for Rachel once a week so she can pick up the food for us. It means I don’t have to leave the house. It’s a bit confusing if Narcolepsy is a high risk category. It is an autoimmune disease and that is classed as high risk but it doesn’t class you as immune compromised. Anyways Rachel doesn’t want to risk me getting it anyways so she’s completely happy to do our shopping. It also means Daly doesn’t have to go out on his days off. So meal planning has helped my shopping list. I have to plan how much food I need for the week and which meals need what foods. It’s been so helpful so hopefully I’ll continue after lockdown.

I pulled out my to do list, diary, our shopping list and my recipe books. I’ve been really struggling for meal ideas so I’ve been using a recipe books to try and give me some ideas. I managed to meal plan for the next two meals and work out what shopping we needed so I could send the list to Rachel.

Then I matched our meals up to Daly’s shifts. It means I’m able to cook things Daly doesn’t like when he’s on nights and occasionally I cook bits he can take to work and reheat. So I then sat in the kitchen matching it all up and updating our calendar. I mean I’m so confused which day is which at the moment, it’s frustrating.

Once the calendar was updated I headed back into the living room where Bella was playing with her bricks. I at first wondered where she had go her bricks from and I realised she’d been pulling out them out of her brick storage box. She hadn’t pulled out many though so I ended up lead on the floor pulling out as many bricks as I could.

Bella happily played with her bricks and built a huge building using the bricks. She had also discovered the little brick animals that were in the collection so she told me she was making a zoo.

Her zoo was pretty impressive when it was finished. I was proud of her. She wanted me to take a photo of her with her zoo but she also wanted to take a photo with her own camera. Sadly her wasn’t charged but that didn’t stop her pretending.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Busy day of home learning – 29th April 2020

I ended up crashing out when Bella went to bed last night but I was suppose to be having a digital coffee date with Leanne this morning so I panic woke up at quatre to 8 when Bella woke up. My phone had been left downstairs over night so it meant I had no alarms upstairs and no clock. So that meant when I heard Bella wake up I got up as well so I could at least be up and check the time.

It turned out it was 7.45am and I had plenty of time before my video chat with Leanne. We were Skyping at 10am.

While I was waiting I made myself some breakfast. I had seen that Leanne had had scrambled eggs on toast yesterday so I ended up craving that. I made myself some scrambled eggs and toast and sat back down to watch some YouTube.

It turns out Bella is not good at early mornings. I’m wondering how she is gonna cope when she starts full days at nursery and then school. Getting her to wake up and do stuff before 9am is a nightmare. She crashed back out on the sofa. The funny thing is I knew she was going to.

I left her sleeping on the sofa while I ate my breakfast and then I decided to try some new make up I had bought. I had recently bought a new primer I had seen online. I really suffer from rosacea so anything that claims it can cover that I’ll try. I had seen this triple helix primer.

*Product Review* (In no way sponsored)

I bought the Stila One Step Correct – a Skin tone correcting and brightening primer. I wasn’t too sure about it but I’m willing to give anything it a go to try and make my make up routine easier and use less liquid foundation. I just find that takes so much time to do.

Now this primer is made up of three creams – hence triple helix. Inside is green to reduce redness, peach to cover dark circles and spots, and lavender to correct shallowness. I used a brush to blend the primer in and was really impressed with the results. I had read some of the reviews where people had said it hadn’t worked for them but lots of positive reviews as well. The coverage was wonderfully. My skin tone evened out beautifully, the redness was eased. I actually felt like my skin tone was brighter with just the primer and without putting any other make up on top.

Obviously the skin tone being evened out meant I looked a little weird as it does need make up over the top. I did put some powder foundation over the top but I wasn’t too fussed on doing a proper full blown face of make up. I mean we’re in lockdown. No one is going to take photos of me which means I’m not too fussed about how I look. I’m looking forward to trying a full face of make up with it to see if it still looks as good. I’ve found every other green primers are really chalky when I put them on so this one seemed tons better with no chalky texture.

*Product review over*

It was time to Skype Leanne. She text me to check we were still on and that she was going to make a cuppa and then come online. I soon received a text saying she was ready but had no idea what she was doing. I called her and we had a lovely time laying on our sofas chatting to each other about everything. She’s gutted she’s not on holiday as she was supposed to be heading to Disneyland and I chatted about how I was possibly going to cancel our trip to Disneyland Paris with the current situation. I don’t think Disney and oversea travel will be back to normal by the time we are suppose to go.

We were on the call for nearly two hours together. Bella interrupted every now and then wanting things but on the whole she was pretty good watching Paw Patrol. 

Leanne and I had a wonderful chat but we soon said goodbye. Leanne had things she needed to do with her day and I needed to do some home learning with Bella.

This afternoon we were going to do some science. I was going to show Bella how colours mix and how water can move through paper. We set about with our experiment.

I set up 6 tubs of water and food colouring, two blue, two red, and two yellow. Bella rolled up three pieces of kitchen roll so we could play them in the bowls.

Bella placed each end of the paper in to the tubs. The first was one end in blue and one in yellow. We watched the water gradually climbed up the paper until the two colours met in the middle. Then we tried the red and yellow tubs and finally the red and blue.

We decided to leave the tubs on the side in the kitchen for a while and come back to see what the colours had done later.

That afternoon Bella used her busy bag. This time I had filled it with minibeast pictures on megablocks as well as the giant bugs we had bought for Bella. She had lots of fun joining all the pieces together. This does seem to be one of her favourite activities. I love that Twinkl seem to have pictures for megablocks for all topics.

Once she’d matched all the bricks up she then matched the pictures with the giant bugs. She told me that butterflies come from caterpillars. She really does love butterflies. I think I might have to focus on butterflies next week.

That evening Daly seemed to be running a little late. I guessed it was because he was going to the shop to get some energy drinks to help him stay awake while he switched from day shifts to night. It turns out he hadn’t only been picking up energy drinks he had also picked up a gift for Bella. He felt bad because how upset she had gotten yesterday when he had told her that Thumper wasn’t for her so he had promised to get her a treat.

He turned up with a Lady teddy from Lady and the Tramp. She was over the moon with it. It was so cute how excited she was.

The evening was a nice chilled one. Once Bella had gone to bed I sorted out her sensory bin. I had turned it into a minibeast habitat. There was paper and green rice for the grass, some compost. Sticks, pebbles, some plastic flowers and some leaves. The final touch was the bugs. The sensory bin actually looked really good. I’m sure Bella’s going to love exploring it.

Then it was the Great British Sewing Bee time. Mum and I used to watch it when she was alive so I was very excited it was back. Especially as I’ve gotten into sewing and making outfits for Bella. I’m really excited for next week as it’s children’s clothes week, hopefully lots of ideas for Bella.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Kids Quiz – 28th April 2020

Ballet again this morning. We’re getting better at this little routine of ballet in the morning. I managed to get Bella dressed for ballet with very little fight. She joined in nicely with all the routines

After ballet we had a bit of a TV time. I had signed Bella up for a quiz to help raise money for a children’s charity. It had been promoted on the Babyballet page and it looked like something fun and different for us to do. It was going live at 2pm so we were killing some time before it started.

I was dozing on and off on the sofa. We’d ended up watching some more Hotel Transylvania and once that finished Bella saw the trailer for Space Jam. She made it clear she wanted to watch that so Liam put it on the TV for her. She got really into it. And to be honest so did I. We watched it all together.

Once the film had finished Bella and I cracked on with the quiz. I rigged the laptop up to the TV and Bella and I sat there answering questions.

I left her to answer all the questions by herself. They were aimed at 2 – 4 year olds so she should be able to do them all by herself. She did really well with most of them. She only got 2 out of 18 wrong. One of those questions was where do penguins live. The options were forest, desert, polar region or a pond. Bella answered a pond but we’ve never really looked at where polar animals live and we’ve only ever seen them at the zoo or aquarium.

When the quiz was over Bella received a certificate for her hard work. We took some photos of her with her certificate so we could send them to nursery.

Rachel had messaged me during the day to say that Oli would be dropping their car up to us later as they aren’t using it so it gets it out the way and Daly has another car to tinker with. So I knew I was expecting Oli at some point. While I left Bella watching Barbie on the TV I went into the kitchen do some washing up so I had bits for dinner. I had the window open as it was a bit hot. Liam came and joined me in the kitchen to make a cuppa and we suddenly heard from the window ‘Hello!’

I knew Oli was suppose to be up at some point so didn’t really think much of it but Liam jumped. Realising it was Oli I went to open the front door so Bella could come and say hello. Of course we stay two meters away from each other. I will only let Bella come to the door while people stand the other side of the drive.

It turned out Oli was out walking the dog and he said Rachel would bring the car up later. We had a chat on the doorstep about various things. Mainly how we were coming with the lockdown before saying goodbye to Oli and going back to cooking and cleaning.

I was doing a hotpot for dinner so once it was all prepped I popped it in the oven. I went and joined Bella back in the living room and we were watching Barbie still. Daly soon arrived home from work.

Today was our wedding anniversary but Daly had accidently got the dates mixed and had tried to give me my card and present on Sunday. Luckily I hadn’t opened it and just put them to one side to keep until today. When he came in he grabbed the card and present and presented them to me. He had also added a mini Thumper teddy to them. Bella spotting the teddy came bouncing over trying to take Thumper saying ‘Daddy, what did you buy me’ It was so cute and she was so upset when Daly told her it was for me.

Just after dinner Rachel turned up with all our shopping and said she’d be up with the car in a bit. They weren’t sure if the car was gonna start but Daly had offered to go and jump start it if needed.

Not long after Daly ended up with a call to go help them start the car. When Daly and Rachel arrived back at our Rachel had brought a bunch of flowers with her. She gave them to me and I asked her what they were for. She told them they were partially for letting us look after her car but mainly just to brighten my day. It was such a sweet thing. It was a true surprise. Love my sister.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x