Lockdown 2020 – Before bedtime cookie cooking – 22nd May 2020

My morning started with trying to clean up Bella’s handwriting boards. Thank god for Elbow Grease. That stuff works wonders. I mean it is my go to cleaning product. I use it on everything and the great thing is I know it is able to clean off very dried on white board pens. I had sorted out all the sheets and laid them all over the kitchen counter. I covered them in Elbow Grease and then left them for a little while.

It turned out while they were soaking up all that good cleaning product Jess and Joe turned up for a socially distanced visit. We had deliberately placed a few deck chairs in the front of the garage for such visits. I pulled out the deck chairs and then we sat out on the drive – adhering to the 2 meter rule and having a nice catch up. It’s so nice to be able to have a conversation with some one who doesn’t live in your house.

We had a nice morning catching up and enjoying adult conversations. Once Joe and Jess left Bella wanted to continue playing outside but my very strange child decided she wanted to go into the garden with her coat on. I mean the weather is lovely and no need for a coat but you can not win an argument with a 3 year old. So out she went into the back garden with her coat on.

We pottered around the garden for a little bit. While Bella was playing I ended up doing a little bit of photography. Mum’s roses had flowered and were looking beautiful in the garden so I wanted to capture some photos. I’ve been recently experimenting with using the camera on my s10 to see what I could do with it. I mean it’s suppose to be a really good camera, I just haven’t played around with it properly.

Bella had taken her cleaning trolley out into the garden and was pushing it around everywhere. She likes to go round with her little broom and sweep everything. She was sweeping the spiders off the slide.

I headed back indoors as I am not an outdoor person and it wasn’t long before Bella joined me back inside. I’m guessing the sunshine had made her tired as it wasn’t too long before she was curled up on the floor under a blanket and feel asleep. I when I say curled I mean she fully wrapped herself up in the blanket and clocked out.

That evening I decided to give Toad in the Hole a bash. I’ve been trying to cook lots of different things during this lockdown. It turns out Toad in the Hole is extremely easy to make and was very yummy. Although the boys made comments, saying that as I was able to make the batter to go round the sausages would they be able to have yorkshire puddings with their roast dinner on Sundays. One days those boys will learn to keep their mouths shut. They can’t just say Thank you for dinner and eat it quietly.

After dinner I was craving some cookies so had found an easy recipe to follow and called Bella to help me out in the kitchen.

Bella helped me measure out all the ingredients and break up the chocolate to put inside the cookies. She really enjoyed helping me make cookies. It was nice to have some cooking time with Bella. I’ve been meaning to do cooking with her for a while but we just kept putting it off.

Bella helped me make her white chocolate chip cookies and then once they were finished and in the oven cooking I made myself some milk chocolate cookies.

Bella’s cookies seemed to come out so nicely whereas mine were not so great. Oh well they tasted good lol.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

I seemed to give up! Opps

Now I’m sure lockdown has gotten to a lot of people. Being stuck indoors, doing the same things day after day. I know it certainly has gotten to me. i guess you can tell that from the lack of blogs. Before lockdown I had a blogging schedule and was kinda able to stay on top of it – this is why I couldn’t take on Youtube to try and make a career, I would not be able to upload consistently I bet. But during lockdown my mood dropped, and I actually got bored of trying to sit infront of my laptop and write about our days, even if we’d been pretty productive. I’m actually kinda gutted because this is such a rare event and these blogs would be something great to lock back on in years to come and go oh, so that’s how I spent my time, that’s what Bella managed to achieve. I still plan on uploading all those blogs I missed but instead they will be a week blog rather than a daily blog – you never know that may be the way forward for me to make sure I am uploading every week.

So for the next few weeks I will be uploading weekly blogs, probably more for me than anyone else. There will be the odd themed blog or day trip blogs – I have a few that need to be posted. We will have to see how this plan goes.

I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves. I seem to be doing better with my mental health but my narcolepsy seems to have gone in the opposite direction. I seem to be sleeping far too much but my mood has improved so that is a win I guess.

Stay safe

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – In the pool again – 21st May 2020

This morning it was too hot outside so instead of going outside into the pool we sheltered inside with all the curtains closed so the sunlight couldn’t come in. Its so depressing inside the house when it is so hot outside. All the curtains and windows are closed and its so dark because I don’t want the lights on as that adds to the heat.

So as it was so hot we had a movie morning in the dark. I had wanted to share Thunderbirds 2005 film with Bella and it seemed like a perfect chance. I know a lot of people didn’t like the Thunderbirds film when it came out but I have always loved Bill Paxton and the Thunderbirds so its a perfect film. Bella seemed to really liked it. We settled down in the living room and watched the film together.

When the film was over Bella wanted to go outside and go into the pool. We got ready and in Bella went. I got out one of the loungers again and settled down in the shade although I still felt like I was burning. It was a very hot day.

After a few hours in the sun and while I burnt, Bella eventually ventured back inside. She seemed to be fed up with the pool but at least it meant I could get out of the sun. I burn so easily.

While we were all inside I spotted a robin hanging out in the garden and on the swing. It does like to hang out in our garden. I see it quite regularly. I tried to snap a few photos on my phone but they weren’t the best. I’ll have to try with my camera at some point and see if I can get some good ones.

That afternoon Bella decided she wanted to do some drawing. She really enjoys drawing at the moment. Today she surprised me by drawing round her hand. I was quite impressed, I’d never seen her to that before and that requires good coordination. When she’d finished she definitely had a hand shape drawn on her paper.

Hopefully another sunny day tomorrow.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Another Pool Day – 20th May 2020

Rachel had bought Bella some treats when she did our shopping. She had seen some goodies that she’d thought she’d like. She had picked her up a Peppa Pig card set and a popcorn playdough factory. I surprised Bella with the Peppa Pig cards this morning. She was very excited and sorted them out to into a circle with a little path through the middle. She hasn’t got the idea of how to use the cards but she was having fun.

It was another gorgeous day outside. Bella wanted to head back outside into the pool so I found her her swimsuit and we headed outside. I had found her a few toys that she could play with in the pool. I found a few ocean animals that she could use.

That was our day pretty much. Bella was in and out of the pool all day so I spent most of my time switching from the sofa to the lounge chair in the garden depending where Bella was.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Fun in the Pool – 19th May 2020

Today was a nice chilled out day. Although it’s starting to get pretty hot outside.

Bella wanted to bring down her duplo from her bedroom this morning. She had round up all her square duplos in a little basket she had and brought them down. She likes to line them up or put them all together to make towers. She quietly played on the floor while I was curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning so a cup of tea definitely helps.

Because of the heat I wanted to set up the pool in the garden for Bella. It has been so beautiful recently that we definitely need the pool to cool down in. Sadly we don’t have the big inflatable pool anymore as it got burst last summer. Instead we’ve got a small mermaid pool which is ideal for keeping Bella cool. I set up the pool and filled it up for Bella.

Then we came across a problem, because it had had been so long since we had gone swimming (last October) I didn’t realise how tight Bella’s swimsuit had gotten. Oh well, it will do for the time being. It’s not too tight or small that she can’t wear them. I however got hold of Bella’s Grandma to see if she could get hold of a new swimsuit for her. They live pretty close to a Sainsburys and it has a pretty good clothing section. Bella does have a butterfly tankini somewhere but she’s hidden it in her room somewhere.

Anyways she got dressed in her swimsuit and headed out into the garden to play. While she was out splashing about I got one of our new lounger seats and sat with her in the garden. It was good fun.

Once she’d finished in the pool it was time to get our and get dry. I got Bella dressed and then she wanted to spend some time playing on her iPad. She’s been really enjoying a racing game on her iPad and I love the fact all the games I have for her are educational games.

That evening when it had finally cooled down Bella wanted to carry on playing in the garden. She found out her scooter and practiced scooting around the garden. She’s getting a lot better with her balance.

We had a nice day outside enjoying the weather. I’m just dreading if it gets any hotter.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Can’t believe I placed – 18th May 2020

Bella woke up early this morning. Not good when Daly is switching to nights and we’re all sleeping in the living room together. I managed to wake up when Bella did as I wasn’t feeling so great. And to prevent her jumping all over Daly and waking him up I quickly popped Nick Jr on for her. During this lockdown I’ve bitten the bullet and signed back up for the kids channels on Now TV.

Bella happily settled down to watching TV. While I got up and had a bath. I don’t like baths but they relax me when I’m not feeling well. It was 7am so Bella and I were the only two up and that child seems addicted to screens.

Once I finished my bath I snuggled down on the sofa and enjoyed some kids TV with Bella. Liam soon joined us and Bella was a bit fed up so decided to jump all over Daly. It wasn’t too bad. Daly doesn’t tend to sleep too late when he’s switching between days and nights.

Bella jumped all over him in bed and when he finally got up Bella had great fun playing peek a boo under the covers. She was having a ball. She does love it when the sofa bed is out in the living room.

I was waiting for the results from the pageant I had entered so was trying to distract myself from clock watching. The results were going live on facebook at 12ish. They were going to announce the top ten and along with some side awards such as most potential.

12pm soon turned and it was time to log on and tune in for the live. I kept refreshing the page and my notifications to see if the live was going to come up. Eventually the live came on and it was time for the results. I knew a few of the girls I was up against and also the age I was compared to them all, so I was thinking I wouldn’t do too well. But I tried really hard with the final round so I hoped that would build my scores up high enough.

The director first went through the side awards but I didn’t place in any of them, oh well there was still the top ten. Soon it was that time. The top ten started to be announced. First tenth, then ninth, eight and then seventh. I was announced as coming 7th place and I am so proud of myself. I think I was at least 8 years older than anyone else in the pageant if not even more so I’m not going to scoff at 7th place. To think it’s been 5 years since the last time I competed and never made it anywhere near placing so I’m extremely happy with myself. It’s shown me I can do it. Maybe I’ll end up taking this confidence boost and try my hand at pageants again.

After the awards were announced, we went outside. Joe and Jess had turned up for a socially distanced visit. We sat on deck chairs on the drive so we could sit and chat out in the fresh air. Bella loved the chance to talk to someone else other than Liam and I. She sat outside with us on the drive enjoying some of daddy’s crisps. Daly had bought a multipack of Wotsits for work and had left one of them at home which Bella found. And who am I to say no.

Liam spent the time washing the car as it’s something for him to do during this time at home. He’s an outside person and he can’t stand being in the house all the time so getting outside and washing the cars helps.

While we were outside chatting Bella disappeared inside. After a while I got a bit suspicious of what she was up to. We hadn’t heard anything from her for a while and that’s always worrying when it’s a toddler that’s gone quiet. I went inside and searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. She wasn’t responding to me calling and I couldn’t see her anywhere. I obviously started to freak out. I even checked the back garden but no sign. Just as I was about to freak out on Jess, Joe and Liam I discovered a little bundle curled up on all the bedding in front of the TV. She had blended in so well with all the blankets and fallen asleep so wasn’t answering. I managed to calm down and reassure myself she was ok and really there and headed back to chat.

Bit of an eventful afternoon but we survived it.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Sleepover – 17th May 2020

We started this morning pretending to be witches. I was turning Bella into various things. First she wanted to be a frog and she was hopping all over the living room and furniture going ribbit. Then once that magic had worn off she wanted to be a carriage and then a castle. And finally of course she wanted to be a princess. A cute way to start our morning.

We caught up on last nights Britain’s got Talent. Bella loves watching it but ends up going to bed on a Saturday night before she can watch it. We settled down to watch what acts had been on. I’ve found this year they tend to only show the really good acts this year whereas in previous years there have been a range of good and bad.

Once Britain’s got Talent was over I headed over to Disney+ to watch a film. Well so Bella could watch a film while I tried to get some work done. I’ve fallen far behind. It seems to be a habit this lockdown. I just can’t keep up.

Bella was watching Zootopia. She used to watch this film lots when she was round her grandparents. We hadn’t watched it in a while and it was nice it wasn’t Cinderella again.

While I was working I was also taking some time to catch up with some messages and emails as well as some Youtube videos. Of course the way I work.

I had relocated to the kitchen to do my blogging. I swear it’s become my office. I mean I’ve always loved sitting in the kitchen for some reason and now Bella has learnt not to come in the kitchen while I’m cooking it’s nice to have some space that’s mine. Maybe if I can sort mum’s study out, I can turn it into my own study.

I got a little bit bored of blogging, so I did a bit of online window shopping. Little hard when I don’t have any money but it’s nice to look at pretty things and dream.

It was soon time to start dinner.

Bella had been looking forward to tonight. We had arranged to have a sleepover in the front room as Daly was switching from day shifts to nights so was the perfect evening to stay up with an excited toddler. Work had tried to change Daly’s shifts but thankfully they hadn’t. It’s very hard to explain to a toddler when plans have changed. Especially as she’d been waiting all week for this sleepover.

After dinner we got Bella dressed into her pyjamas and I brought down her mattress. We set her little bed up infront of one of the sofas while we all settled down to watch a film. Well we were going to watch a film and do those sort of fun sleepover things but Daly and Liam settled down to watch the Mandalorian.

Oh man I am not a Star Wars fan and it seems Bella isn’t either. She was having more fun hiding under her duvet and jumping out.

Considering the excitement of having a sleepover with mummy and daddy in the living room Bella very quickly crashed out. I moved her mattress out the way so we could pull out the sofa bed for us. She looked so cute snuggled up in her duvet at the bottom of our bed.

I’m glad I was able to give Bella her sleepover.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Boring Saturday – 16th May 2020

This morning was ballet time. Bella’s normal ballet leotards were in the wash so I found out a leotard with a tutu that mum had bought her. It was this cute little purple velvet leotard with little pink roses around the neck line. To match her leotard she wanted a purple bow in her hair. However once she was dressed instead of getting ready to get ready for ballet she decided to build a fort out of her little chairs. She was trying to hide from me.

Eventually she came out for her fort and settled down nicely to join in with ballet. I linked her class up on to the tv. Normally she will join in on her own but today she wanted me to join in with her.

Halfway through her class she eventually let me sit down and enjoy her dancing. She was running all around and join in with all the different dances. She loved skipping across the living room with her scarves.

After yesterdays picnic with snacks Bella wanted to have another picnic today. So after ballet I headed into the kitchen to make us a proper picnic. I made us some rolls and then packed them into the picnic bag with some fruit and yoghurts. Once it was all packed I put the picnic bag to one side and told Bella she could set it all up for us.

She headed into the living room, laid out a little blanket and then laid out all the food. We settled down on the floor and started to enjoy our picnic.

Bella really enjoyed our little picnic. She really enjoys mummy and Bella time.

After lunch Bella had a little bit of play time with her horse. While Bella was playing I set about working out. I’ve been pretty successful with keeping up with my work out schedule. The lovely days outside have meant I’ve been able to workout outside and not have to take over the whole of the living room.

Once I’d finished my workout I went and got a snack. I settled down on the sofa to watch some TV.

Bella and I ended up heading up stairs and chilling out in bed for a little bit. Bella had found her colouring book and came and snuggled up colouring. She’s getting really good with her colouring but she tends to just colour in one colour rather than using different colours for different bits.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Getting crafty with spoons – 15th May 2020

This morning we actually managed some home schooling. I feel so bad that I’ve not managed to keep up with it as well as I was at the beginning of lockdown but I suppose I should cut myself some slack, I mean we are inside 24/7 and it’s having a huge impact on everyone’s mental health I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack.

I had been planning on doing this activity with Bella for a few weeks but I had been procrastinating and putting off completing the resources. We were choosing numbers and then feeding the monkey that many bananas. It was a good way for Bella to practice counting and trying to recognise numbers.

Bella had great fun feeding the monkey and did very well with her counting. She seems to have cracked it and remembers the number 4 every time now whereas in the past she was jumping straight from number 3 to 5.

Once we’d finished with her maths, it was time for breakfast and then ballet. As soon as breakfast was over Bella got changed into her ballet leotard and it was time for class. Bella did very well this morning and joined in very well.

While Bella was doing ballet I started work on the final round of the pageant. We have to take a photo of us with a sheet, a cushion, a spoon or a toilet roll. We were told to be as creative as possible so I had been thinking all night and decided I could be the most creative with a spoon. I guessed a lot of people were going to use a cushion or pillow and do the pillow trend that had been circulating on Instagram.

I hunted out some plastic spoons for my creative project. I had decided I was going to try and make some jewellery. Mum used to make jewellery all the time and when she died I laid claim to all her art and craft supplies so I knew I should have everything I needed to make what I wanted.

I first set about making a bow as I knew that would be an easy start. I attached a spoon to a black bow I already had and added some gold ribbon.

Next up was some earrings and a necklace. I wanted to do a pearl themed thing so I found some gold and white pearl beads and worked out how to attach them to the spoons. Before I could attach them though I needed to make some holes in the top of the cut off spoons so I could attach the earring hooks and the loop to make a necklace pendant. I used a hot screwdriver and then filed down the melted plastic.

Once I had attached the fixtures I worked out how to attach the pearls. I decided that using some metal jewellery wire weaved around the spoons.

It turned out it didn’t actually take me long to make the jewellery. And I even added some pearls and wire to the bow so all the pieces tided in.

Once I’d finished it was back to focusing on Bella, she had decided she wanted to play with her spots. She had laid them out cross the living room and was jumping from spot to spot.

I had received a video on facebook from Leanne to show Bella. It was Disney’s video with Olaf all about how we can’t be together because of the coronavirus but how we still love each other and will see each other soon. I showed the video to Bella and she stole my phone, just sitting on the floor watching it over and over again.

I needed to do a few bits in the kitchen so I left Bella playing while I went and did the washing up and tidied the kitchen. When I came back out of the kitchen and into the living room this is what I walked into …

Bella had set up a picnic for us using the snacks from yesterday. It was so sweet. She had laid out a little picnic blanket and had laid all the snacks out. Turns out there was a lot of chocolate for snacks in the picnic bag.

Bella had even set out her two little seats that she had received yesterday and instructed me to sit down.

We had a lovely picnic together and then Bella had a nursery session. This weeks session was all about listening and identifying between different sounds. Bella did very well and I was really impressed with her ability to tell the difference between the sounds.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chilled. Bella played around with her unicorn head and tried scaring me – I hate those things even if I know whose inside them. They just scare me.

I took my photo for the final round of the pageant wearing all the jewellery I had made once I had done my make up. I was pretty happy with how the photos had come out and sent it off to be judged. We will find out tomorrow if I place.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – A trip to Dover – 14th May 2020

We’re actually venturing out today. But before we did that we needed to get up and start our day.

Bella wanted to do some drawing this morning. I remembered we had made the recycled crayons yesterday and had left them on the side to cool. We found them and popped the little crayon lego bricks out. She was pretty impressed by them but instead of drawing and colouring with them she just put them back into the mould.

Daly had headed out to pick up some bits before we headed off later so while he was busy we just chilled in our pjs.

Daly soon came back surprising me with a Costa as they have reopened the Costa in town. YAY! He had remembered my order and brought me home a medium latte and 4 brown sugars. Now the sugars had come in a mini Costa cup. I thought it would be a cute idea to pour a little bit of my latte into the mini cup so Bella could be just like mummy and have her own latte. She does actually like coffee but she’s not a huge fan of tea.

I poured a little bit into the mini cup and gave it to her. She was so happy to have her own mini Costa and even let me film her first sip. I’m sad, I’ll hold my hands up to that.

I was in the kitchen cooking Bella some lunch. Daly had said about buying something to eat on our way home later or while we were out but I didn’t think that was very likely with lockdown. I mean it’s only be eased a tiny bit so you can now drive somewhere to get exercise. Although Daly was heading off to get our lights put back on our car, we were going with him to go for a walk and a change of scenery.

I finished cooking Bella’s lunch and sat her up at the table. I had done her some pasta with sausage as that always seems to go down well with her. That way I knew she had eaten and had eaten something proper.

Turns out I’d made a tiny bit too much so I had the left over pasta with some sauce and covered it in cheese. It wasn’t much but it was lunch. I sat with Bella at the table and we both enjoyed our pasta with our Costas. She really is a mini me.

After lunch I packed us a picnic, well snacky bits for us grown ups and some sandwiches and some fruit for Bella alongside all the snacks. I got Bella ready and grabbed some bits for me to do while Daly was busy with the car and grabbed Bella’s iPad.

We loaded up the car and off we went. We had to make a little stop at Cathy’s first to pick up some Easter presents from them as we obviously hadn’t seen them over Easter.

Omg! It was the hardest thing ever going to their house. Bella went up to the door to knock like normal but I had to hold Bella back from running into the house when the door was opened. I ended up on their path sitting with Bella curled up on my lap crying her eyes out. Its so tough on her, she knows that she can’t give people cuddles or kisses but when she is so used to just running into places and doing those things its crushing to see her so upset. That truly shows the stress it’s had on her, but we need to keep her safe and everyone else safe. Stupid virus.

After the tears and Bella and I having our talk about why she couldn’t go in the house and couldn’t hug people because we didn’t want to make anyone sick or get sick ourselves she calmed down and happily played in the garden while we chatted to Cathy, Zach and Nathan from the other end of their garden path.

Bella was happy running up and down and soon the boys came out with her Easter presents. She had two little animal chairs, one a unicorn (of course) and the other an elephant, and she also received a unicorn mascot head. We’ve seen them in the past in toy shops and I’ve gotten Rachel to put them on but not something I would have thought of for Bella but of course it was a unicorn.

Bella was very happy with her presents and Daly went and popped them in the back of the car. I said Zach was hinting at something by buying her two chairs. I’m sure Bella would love a little brother or sister. She keeps telling me she has a little sister but god knows who it is.

We stayed and chatted for a little longer with Bella running around. Cathy brought out a box of crackers for Bella to have but Daly had told her she had to wait. So instead Cathy brought out a small packet of mini cheddars for Bella to have there and then. Bella happily sat in front of the gate munching her cheddars before we said our goodbyes and headed off to Dover.

We arrived in Dover to find our friends (and garage owners) Drew and Smurf, outside clearing some weeds from outside their garage. Daly, Bella and I got out of the car and walked down to meet them. We stood the other side of the road while their finished up and then they came over to join us (socially distancing) We stood on the side of the road chatting and were soon joined by another pair of friends, Sam and Stephen. We all had a lovely socially distancing chat and we all said how nice it was to have adult conversations as we’re all losing our minds just chatting to those we live with.

Once we’d all caught up and Stephen and Sam had to head off and Daly, Drew and Smurf headed into the garage to work on our car. I was taking Bella for a walk around Western Heights. I had done a little bit of research into the area and it looked like a great place to let Bella run around and burn some energy off and explore.

Off we headed, first heading down the hill. We had a lovely time exploring. There were many different trails all around the hillside. I kept asking Bella which way she wanted to go and I just followed her.

We ended up down the bottom of the hill and I found a map. This map didn’t help me at all though, and we were well and truly lost lol. I really had no idea where we were or where we were going but I took the view that we’d continue to make it up and see where we got to. I took the view if we got lost that badly I’d phone Daly and make him come find me.

By the map were some steps heading up the hill so we headed that way rather than going via the roads. As we walked up the hill Bella found some stones and stopped to tell me all about them and to show me how she could bang them together to make music.

We continued up and across the hill. We found flowers dotted around and I showed Bella how to use a buttercup to tell if someone likes butter. It was great showing Bella all the different bits in nature and sharing with her things I did when I was a kid.

We eventually made it to the top of the hill and came across a fort buried under the bushes. We walked round the top of the fort and Bella and I chatted about it. We came across the odd dog walker but the heights were pretty quiet.

As we made our way past the fort we could see another fort in the distance. Bella spotted it and told me that it was a castle. She headed off in that direction running and I had to run after her to stop her running straight off the side of the hill to get to the castle.

We made our way round all the hills and we soon came out at a road with a big metal fence. We followed the road round and ended up coming out in the car park where Daly had turned around to head down to the garage. Finally I knew where I was.

We walked down to find Daly at the garage. They were still working on the car so Bella and I jumped into the boot of the car. Bella tested out her new little seats and really enjoyed them. She also tried on the unicorn head before settling down to play on her iPad.

Once we’d finished we started to head back home. On our way home I received a message letting me know I had gotten through to the third and final round of a pageant I had entered. Considering how much I had doubted myself I was extremely surprised that I’d made it through another round.

The final round is a bit of an interesting one so I’m going to have to do some thinking about how I approach it.

When we got home we decided to order Dominos as I was in no mood to cook and Daly had said he was going to treat us to take away. I ordered it on the app and then once it turned up we set up our little pizza party in the living room. I had also ordered some dominos cookies. I had been craving the gooey chocolate chips so I thought why not.

A nice change today being able to get out and be somewhere different.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x