Seaside Day – 11th March 2020

It’s a Wednesday so that means time to get with Rachel and have some family time. Rachel has been ill for the last two weeks but it wasn’t the dreaded Covid-19 it turns out she just had the flu but it had wiped her out pretty badly. We also hadn’t seen her because she didn’t want to pass it on to me as I tend to go one way or the other with illnesses. Either they completely floor me or I don’t get ill at all. Anyways today was the first time we were seeing Rachel since Bella’s birthday.

As Rachel hadn’t seen me for my birthday she arrived baring gifts. We had already decided we were going to the arcades so before we left we had a bit of chill out time and I opened my presents. Rachel had bought me a couple of pairs of Friends socks – I love Friends and I think socks are an awesome present. She had also bought me some nail varnish (so I would stop stealing hers lol) some hooped earrings and two Costa thermal mugs. I mean if anything I’d only expect one but I received two. I had been needing one for ages, especially for when I’m doing nursery runs and early morning ballet. Daly had bought me one when we first got together but mum had managed to smash it one day while washing it. She glued it back together but because the seal had been broken the heat was no longer held in the cup.

Once all the presents were open we were ready to head out. I put the car seat and pram into Rachel’s car and then we hit the road to go to Herne Bay.

We arrived at the seaside at lunchtime. Bella was seeming a bit grumpy and I guessed it was down to her being hungry. There are several fish and chip shops along the sea front so we headed into the nearest one to the arcades. We headed in and found a seat at the back of the shop. We ordered our food and then settled down to catch up on what had been going on for the last two weeks.

We enjoyed our food and chatted about the current situation with the coronavirus and the discussion of schools being closed and all the panic buying. I’ve been trying to keep up with everything that’s going on across the world. I just find it insane how everyone is going mad over toilet paper.

Once we’d finished our lunch we headed back towards the arcades. I changed up a few notes into pound coins so Bella could play some games.

When she was younger she loved the 2p machines and I could leave her to play for hours but now she has experienced the rest of the arcade and she loves the games.

The first game Bella wanted to play was a whack a mole game. You had to hit the clowns on the head but avoid the red one. Bella did really well. She does seem to really like the option to hit things on the head with a hammer.

Next she wanted to do some fishing. She struggled a little with this one as she would forget to wind the reel to bring the line back in. Even though she needed a little reminding on how to play she came away with a lot of tickets.

We carried on around the arcades and Bella came across another whack a mole game but this time it was firemen. You had to hit the firemen on the head to try and get a fireman to climb a ladder to save a burning building. Once again she did very well and walked away with more tickets.

We played the bean bag toss game. Bella always enjoys this game. She may not be able to through the bean bags far enough to reach the holes and score but she just enjoys tossing the bean bags in that general direction. After this Bella wanted to go on the Space Invaders game but I wasn’t prepared to pay for it but she had great fun just playing with the guns and thinking she was shooting the little ships.

We continued our walk around and Bella came across the bowling game. She really likes this game and normally pretty good at it so we happily stopped and played. Today she needed a little help to bowl as she didn’t seem to have the power to make the ball reach the end of the lane. So I just gave it a little push to make it to the end.

As we were walking around and looking for Rachel, who had disappeared somewhere, we came across a little horse riding game. Now we’ve had a go on this ride in the past several times and it doesn’t tend to go well but I was happy for Bella to give it a go if she wanted to. Turns out it went pretty well. There wasn’t any crying or trying to climb off. She ended up finishing in 2nd place.

We had finally found Rachel at one of the 2p machines trying to win a Jack Skeleton. There were little iron cast Disney characters in each of the machines. Bella and I had a look around all the different characters and settled on trying to win her a Daisy Duck.

We had great fun with Bella and Rachel popping in their 2ps and my job was to just top up Bella’s 2ps and stand by Rachel’s machine as she was constantly jamming it. She had to keep running off to find the man to fix it but her persistence held out and she eventually won the Jack Skeleton. Bella and I managed to win the Daisy duck as well.

We took another walk around the arcades to find any more games we wanted to play. We ended up having another go on the bowling with Bella and Rachel taking it in turns.

They then played a little foosball to win a bouncy ball. Sadly Bella lost to Rachel but of course we let Bella have the ball. Bella wanted a go on the basketball game. Rachel and Bella stood there shooting their hoops on the mini version of the game, again winning plenty of tickets.

One of the last games they played was a zombie water squirting game. Bella always enjoys this game but needs a little help to beat the level.

Before we left the arcades Bella had a go on a mini claw machine trying to win a Minnie Mouse teddy. Sadly we weren’t able to win one but we cashed in all our tickets and went to see what Bella wanted from the prize stand. Bella chose a little fairy doll she had seen.

She proudly left the arcades carrying her fairy and we headed off to see what was on the pier.

Bella hopped into all the little head cut out pictures. She was too fast for me to grab photos in each of them but she was happy and having fun.

The pier was closed as it’s the off season at the moment but it was a nice walk out into the sea. On our way back to land Bella and Rachel walked one side of the pier while I walked the other. I could see Bella and Rachel through the windows down the centre but Bella was upset to not be with me.

We took a little walk into town. I wanted to see what they had and also I was on the hunt for a top for another carnival event this weekend. I don’t have many nice tops for the winter and I currently find trousers so comfortable. I have lots of dresses in my wardrobe but I seem to be all about comfort at the moment.

We had a nice wander around the town before heading back to the seafront and the car. I managed to pick up a pretty long sleeved blouse that I thought I could wear on Saturday. We loaded up the car and headed off to Sainsbury’s to do a little bit of shopping.

We went to the Sainsbury’s that Rachel works at so as soon as we walked through the door she was chatting to her work friends. We managed to go round the store and pick up most of what we needed although all the toilet roll was all gone. I mean why? Does anyone have an explanation anywhere in the world why everyone is buying toilet roll? It’s crazy.

We had a lovely day at the beach it was nice and quiet and it was good that we could spend some family time together.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Carnival Season Begins – 8th March 2020

Carnival season has hit Kent again. To be totally honest carnival season started in January but it’s the first carnival event I have attended this year. I was meeting Leanne there as she was judging,

Daly dropped Bella and off at the hall and then headed back home to wait for a phone call from me to pick us up. I had spent all morning making a shepherds pie for Liam to pop in the oven so it was ready for when Bella and I came home. I thought that would be a good plan as the event was suppose to end and 7pm and by the time I got home and cooked dinner it would be closer to 8pm.

When we arrived at the hall I chatted with an old Miss Sittingbourne, we’d known each other for years so we had a quick catch up before I headed inside to find Leanne. I wasn’t too sure where Leanne was but I spotted my friend Grace at the back of the hall. I went over to say hello and set up a camp with her at the back. It turned out she was also sat with the Teynham girls and Paige. Seemed like a good place to sit. Although they didn’t have any spare chairs at their table it didn’t matter. I’m happy to sit on the floor, it just meant I had somewhere to aim for when it was time to sit. I dropped our coats and bags down and Bella went over to spend some time with Paige. I headed off to find Leanne. Before I went I told Bella to stay with Paige or if she wanted to dance to go with the Teynham girls.

I found Leanne sat at the judges table and we headed off to the bar to grab a drink. It was pretty busy at the bar so it meant Leanne and I had plenty of time catch up. You wouldn’t have thought we’d only just seen each other last weekend. While we were waiting Paige came and found me and told me that Bella was on the dancefloor with the Teynham girls.

We eventually made it to the front of the queue and it was time to order. I was originally going to get a glass of wine to treat myself especially as I wasn’t driving but I changed my mind back when it came to ordering.

Leanne and I got our drinks and headed back to the main room. Leanne sat back at the judges table and I sat down on the floor next to her. I’m one of those people who will happily sit anywhere. I could easily see Bella dancing and I was able to keep chatting to Leanne.

Bella was having a great time dancing with the girls. Just before we were told to go get our seats I took Bella outside to a display that had set up deliberately for photos. I didn’t manage to get great photos but that’s how you can tell she’s a photographers daughter.

We went and sat back with the Teynham and Dover girls at the back of the hall to enjoy the judging. Bella was having great fun playing with the Teynham girls while trying to stay quiet. She absolutely loves those girls.

It was soon time for Bella to hit the dancefloor again but before she was allowed I wanted to see if the Teynham girls could get her to take a nice photo. We had some fun taking a few photos but Bella quickly got bored and ran back off to the dancefloor. She carried on dancing with the girls until it was time for the outgoing court to do their speeches and final curtsey.

Bella went and sat with the Teynham girls while I sat on the floor by the judges table and went live on Facebook so other friends that weren’t there were able to see their goodbye. Grace came and sat with me so it was nice to know I’m not on my own. During the girls curtsey I couldn’t see very much while recording so I actually ended up led on the floor trying to get as much as I can in the shot.

After the goodbye speeches there was only a little bit of a break before they crowned the new court. Leanne was heading off as she had quite a drive to get home so we said goodbye to her with plans to meet up soon for a proper catch up over some Costa.

Bella was happily dancing with the Teynham girls before going to sit back with them for crowning.

When it came to crowning Grace and I ended up on the floor again going live for those who weren’t there. I had a bit of an issue filming, turns out going live is not my forte lol. I ended up filming my forehead at one point. Once the girls were crowned all the other courts headed to the dance floor to congratulate the new court. Luckily Grace and I stayed safe from the crowd by hiding between two tables.

Now as the court had been crowned I decided to take Bella home. Daly had turned up because he was bored at home and was outside chatting to Richard. I said goodbye to Grace and the Teynham girls and then followed Bella who was trying to escape out of the building with one of the balloon displays. I managed to catch her as she headed out of the main hall and stopped her to take photo in front of the carnival backdrop.

I managed to get  few nice photos before she wanted to head out. I found Richard and Daly by the car chatting and Bella climbed her way into the car. Sadly as she was climbing in one of the balloons got caught and ended up flying away but she still had two. We said goodbye and headed home to enjoy my shepherds pie.

Not the most interesting blog but there it is.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lunch with Leanne – 29th February 2020

We’ve got a busy day today.

First task of the day Bella’s new Babyballet class. Bella has moved up a class now she’s 3. I’m not happy it’s an early morning start though. 9am starts I hate. We were at a new venue as well as having a new class and a new teacher so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.

When we got there it was a bit different, instead of sitting with Bella on the mats all the parents sit along the side of the class and watch. Bella wasn’t too happy with that. She wouldn’t leave my side but that’s ok. It’s all new so I expected her to be nervous. She was much better when they were performing little dances and not having to sit or dance on her individual mat.

She did pretty well at her first big girl ballet class. Another mum reassured me that it had taken a while for her daughter to settle and join in with the others so not to worry.

After class we headed home to get changed before we headed off to go see Leanne for our birthday. Daly was dropping us off at Leanne’s and was then going to head off to entertain himself.

We made it to Leanne’s and said goodbye to Daly. We headed inside for a little bit before we decided to take a walk into town and get some lunch. We made our minds up to go to Wetherspoons for lunch as we always love a Wetherspoons lunch.

We got all bundled up in our coats and popped Bella in the pram and walked into town. Now the walk from Leanne’s to town nearly killed me. I mean I’m fine walking on my own but pushing a pram it knackers me. It didn’t help that town was slightly up hill from Leanne’s and it decided to rain and then hail.

On our way we took shelter under a bus shelter with an old lady. Bella was throwing a fit because of the hail and screaming and crying so I took the time while we were under the shelter to pop on the rain cover. I had been just using her hood while we had been walking in the rain but the hail was hitting her legs and hurting her so definitely time for the rain cover.

We said goodbye to the lady as the rain had eased and continued our walk into town. We eventually made it to Wetherspoons which was pretty busy. Thankfully we managed to find a booth and sat down. I sorted Bella out and she sat next to me while Leanne sat opposite.

To make life easy, especially with a toddler, we ordered via the app, each ordering our own food on our own apps. Bella chose a pizza and I’m so glad they now serve that. It makes it much easier to pick something for Bella that isn’t too messy. I ordered a jacket potato and while we were waiting Leanne and I caught up on everything we’d been up to and discussed Bella’s birthday trip.

We enjoyed a lovely meal in Wetherspoons and then we made our way back to Leanne’s. It had stopped raining and was starting to brighten up so it was a much nice walk back than to town. And the fact we were going down hill that made it 20 times easier to walk home. We continued to chat while we walked home with Leanne telling me all about her recent trip to London.

Once we got back to Leanne’s we sat down with a cup of tea and opened our presents. Leanne always spoils us. I really am so lucky to have her in my life.

She had bought Bella some Little Mermaid pyjamas, a stitch water bottle, and a cute little summer dress with daisys all over it. Leanne had bought me some Thumper pyjamas (the girl knows which Disney characters we love), and some Alice in Wonderland pens. I believe there was something else but I have completely forgotten – I’m so sorry Leanne , I love you!

We carried on chatting and enjoying our tea before Daly turned up to pick us up at 3pm. We said our goodbyes and then we headed off home.

The rest of the day was a pretty chilled out one. Daly headed off out in the evening so Bella and I snuggled up in our new PJs and enjoyed so Saturday night TV.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Happy Birthday to me – 28th February 2020

Today is my birthday and it did not start as planned. Instead it started with another hospital trip. You know the perfect way to start a birthday.

I had had a bit of a headache so had tried to take some pain killers and go to bed with Daly but that didn’t last. By about 1.30am I was curled up in agony in bed and Daly was on the phone to 111. I’m so sick of this pain – it kills. Once again because it’s chest pains an ambulance was sent. Now I don’t actually remember much because of the pain and how spaced out I was so bear with me.

By the time the paramedics turned up I was curled up in the bath room again. It’s my go to place when I’m in pain. The cold floor grounds me. This time I had three paramedics. Two fully qualified ones and a student. That was a first. This time they examined me down stairs on the sofa. I have to say I think this attack was the worst of the bunch another reason I don’t remember much.

They performed an ECG to check my heart and once again it was fine. I then was given a lecture on taking ibuprofen which I really didn’t need when I was in so much pain. It was a case of yes what your saying is probably right and helpful but right now I want you to help me and make the pain go away. I nearly shouted at him ‘Is this really the time to lecture me, just shut up and do your job’ but they were the ones with pain killers so I bit my tongue and just tried to breathe through the pain.

We did have a giggle though when they asked me about my allergies. I told them I was allergic to aspirin and they asked me what happens if I take it. When I answered I couldn’t remember as it had been such a long time one of the paramedics said why don’t we give you some and see what happens. To which I replied was he related to my husband because that’s the sort of comment he comes out with.

Finally they decided to take me into hospital to have me checked over because of the pain. We went out to the ambulance and climbed in. I was still in a lot of pain so they offered me some morphine. I took it. I don’t do needles but I’m willing to do anything to ease this pain. Then came the discussion between the three of them who was going to put the canula in. After a bit of arguing I was told the student was allowed to do it and I was very much with the view would someone put the canula in so I can have some pain meds.

First he was questioned where he was putting the canula because instead of trying the back of my hand first but instead the inside of my elbow. He gave it a go in my arm but sadly he didn’t manage to put it in properly, he literally only just missed the vein so he did a damn good job. My vein just decided to bend away from him. In the end one of the other paramedics put it in and I was so grateful to get some pain meds. Then came the playful argument between the paramedics over who was going to drive. I honestly felt I was in the ambulance with the Three Ronnies. At least it was taking my mind off the pain.

We finally got going and made our way to the hospital. This time instead of being walked into the Urgent Care reception I was wheeled into A and E in a wheel chair. It was a bit of a wait but soon I was seen by a nurse. They wanted to do another ECG to make sure there was nothing wrong with my heart. Guess what! My heart is fine. Big surprise there so I was once again shipped through to MEDOC. Which is the out of hours doctor at the hospital.

Now I was exhausted and a bit spaced out on morphine so I instantly set up camp on a row of chairs in the waiting room and curled up under my blanket (which always comes to the hospital with me) And I went to sleep. I managed to sleep but I’m not surprised. I was woken up by Daly at about half 6 in the morning as I was being called into the doctors. Not a great thing though. I was tired, very sleepy and very spaced on morphine, I’d only just woken up so I was in no mood to talk to the doctor. The pain had gone and I just wanted to go home and sleep. I actually don’t remember what was discussed with the doctor but I ended up walking away with a prescription for my stomach/chest because he thought I had Gastritis and he told me to book an appointment with my own doctors. He suggested an endoscope so they can see what’s going on. Anyways I was very grateful to be released and to go home.

Yay! I got to go to sleep in my own bed … for two hours! Bella came in at 9am insisting we got up because it was sunny outside. We went downstairs and I ended up dozing on and off on the sofa while Bella played. That’s how my birthday morning started.

After a chilled morning of dozing on the sofa and Daly had woken up we went over to Cathy’s to see the family. Dawn and Grant were going to be having Bella during the day so they were going to meet us there.

Once we were at Cathy’s everyone wished me a happy birthday and Nathan presented me with a card and a present. I opened the present and inside was GTA for a PS4 which confused me as I only have a PS3.

Not too long later Cathy, Dawn and Nathan walked in with a large present with 3 candles balancing on top. Of course I blew out the candles and then opened the present. On top was a little note saying the present was from Daly, Nathan, Zach, Cathy, Dawn and Grant. And inside was a PS4. I’d been complaining at Christmas that I had no one to play with on the PS3 as now everyone had PS4. So hopefully I’ll be able to play with everyone now.

After all the excitement of presents and cards Bella took over everyones attention making everyone play with her whether it was making puzzles or playing board games. So with everyones focus there and the main celebrations stopped for the time being I curled up on the sofa and had a little snooze.

As the evening progressed we decided to go out for dinner as a big family. We got ourselves ready and headed off to the restaurant. It was really nice to have a family meal especially to celebrate my birthday.

After the meal the grown ups went home and Zach, Nathan, Daly and I headed into town to have some drinks. We met up with Morganne and Joe and Jess. Joe and Jess were out with some other friends but we had a quick catch up. The funny thing was Zach and Nathan weren’t originally suppose to come out but I asked Zach if he was going to now as we weren’t going clubbing now. After last night I was really not up to hitting the town properly. Nathan, however, I told him he was coming out with us. Hehe that’s what he gets for adopting me as his little sister.

We had a fairly chilled night out enjoying a few drinks in town. I love a chilled out birthday shame I just didn’t get much sleep.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi

Bella’s Birthday – Family Tea Party – 23rd February 2020

Today Bella is having a mini family tea party.

I spent most of my day cooking various bits. I made some cupcakes last night so I iced them today. But I wanted to make some little pizzas so I did them and also cooked the little bits you normally have a parties such as sausages and sausage rolls. Rachel had brought round Bella’s cake last night as she wasn’t going to be able to make it to the start of her tea party.

Once everything was cooked I tidied up the living room and dining room and sorted all the decorations. I had set up the little mermaid backdrop as bit of an extra decoration and to set the theme. Rachel had bought me some mermaid table decorations so we had plates, cups, napkins and table cloth. The set up looked pretty good. I was happy with everything the way it was so I settled down to chill before her little party.

Sadly we received a call from Dawn saying that Grant was really unwell and wouldn’t be able to make it. We knew he had to be really poorly as nothing keeps him from spending time with his Bella. We understood though. He didn’t want Bella to get poorly as well. Sad that he wouldn’t be here.

Daly went and picked Paige up at about 4.30ish. Everyone was coming to ours for 5pm. Not too long after Daly came back with Paige, Dawn turned up with Cathy, Zach, Nathan and a lot of presents. We helped transport them all into the living room, sorted out everyone a drink and then it was down to the important stuff – opening the presents.

Bella enjoyed opening all her presents. She received a little house for her characters and Nathan and Daly spent ages battling with it to pop the batteries init. It had a little light system through the house which is really cute.

She also received a toot toot castle from Zach and an outdoor playhouse. She was a bit disappointed I wouldn’t put the playhouse up but its for the garden. She’s already got plenty of toys indoors.

She received a few clothes including a Belle dress and some cute sparkly butterfly shoes from Grandma and Grandad. Her fancy dress costume collection is growing fast.

As well as houses there were a few Frozen items, she received a Frozen coat from Nathan and some mini Frozen soft toys from Paige and Adam.

Rachel and Oli had bought Bella some emergency services vehicles. She has a police car and an ambulance. There’s also a helicopter and a fire engine so I said we’d have to see if we could get hold of them for her.

Everyone enjoyed a few nibbles while Bella happily played with her new toys. We ended up having a bit of a debate about the flavour of the icing on the mermaid cupcakes I had made. It turns out they were suppose to be raspberry flavoured but no one agreed. They all said they did not taste great. I couldn’t even stand the smell of the icing so I never even tried one.

After everyone had eaten and I’d managed to get some photos of Bella with her birthday balloons it was birthday cake time.

Rachel had made Bella a Little Mermaid birthday cake with Ariel and Flounder sat on top. Daly lit the candle and then carried it over to Bella who was sitting with Dawn.

We all sang happy birthday and Bella blew the candles out. I made Rachel cut the cake. I refuse to cut cakes. When I have Dawn and Rachel who both make cakes and know how to cut cakes, I’m going to use them.

We all enjoyed our pieces of cake and then people started to go home. Paige and Dawn stayed a bit longer as Adam was coming over to wish Bella happy birthday. He wasn’t able to stay long when he arrived but long enough to give Bella a fuss and wish her happy birthday.

It was great that everyone was able to spend time with Bella for her birthday and Bella was very spoilt again. She is such a lucky girl.

Anyways, night all

Love CiCi x

Bella’s Birthday 2020 – Peppa Pig World Day 2 – 22nd February 2020

Part two of Bella’s birthday today as we head back to Peppa Pig world.

We woke up a little earlier this morning. We wanted to get to the park as close to opening time as we could. Bella once again needed to be woken up but she was in a bit of a better mood this morning than yesterday. She must have had enough sleep last night. I on the other hand hadn’t. I don’t sleep well at all when I’m away from home. I mean I don’t sleep that great at home but I wake up constantly when we’re away so I’m currently sleep deprived.

While Daly went to get us our morning drinks from the garage next door. Zach and I packed up the room and checked for anything. Bella had been playing under the beds so we knew we had to check there. We finally were packed up and ready to leave with Bella leading us away.

I left Zach to check us out as I was trying to keep up with Bella. We climbed into the car, Daly packed the boot while I strapped Bella in. Once everyone was settled Daly shared out the hot drinks and I set about directing him back to Paultons Park.

We took a different route this morning. I had taken Daly along the main roads yesterday as the SAT NAV had said their were police on the quicker route but today it looked clear. This little route was going to take us through the New Forest. Sadly the route the SAT NAV had taken me went through a ford but it had been closed due to flooding. Luckily I have quick a good sense of direction so I was able to think on my feet and make up a new route while I waited for the SAT NAV to catch up with me. I was gutted we hadn’t gone through the ford. I think their great fun.

As we drove Daly made a comment about how it looked like we were driving through military training ground. I informed Daly that the military training grounds were further north in Hampshire. I told Daly about when mum and I had come down to Wiltshire to go to Longleat and how there were all these warning signs for tanks. I told him how that whole holiday I wanted to see a wild tank as I’d only ever seen tanks in captivity. Daly suddenly pointed out a New Forest pony and told me that there was a wild horse. But that’s not a tank. That was the only pony we found.

We eventually made it to Paultons Park and we were far earlier than yesterday. When we parked up we were about 3 cars away from the path that lead up to the entrance. We loaded up the pram and set off for round two.

This morning they wanted to measure Bella which I found quite entertaining as her height hadn’t been questioned yesterday. I stated I highly doubted she’d grown 6cms over night but I guessed they had to make sure. Soon we were in and it was time to head to Peppa Pig world.

As we were walking that way Bella spotted Critter Creek and wanted to go on the little train and rollercoaster again. This time she went on the little train with Zach while I stood at the fence with Daly and took photos. Bella had a great time, this time she sat with Zach in the rear carriage. Zach encouraged to wave everytime she went past but she seemed she was having too much fun.

Next up was the little rollercoaster. The queue was pretty long today but I’m not surprised considering it was the last Saturday of Half Term. It meant it was slightly busier than yesterday although the weather wasn’t so great. Zach and I queued up with Bella and this time Bella was going to ride with Zach and I was going to ride behind them. We made it to the front of the queue and waited to get on the coaster.

When it was our turn Bella got on with Zach and I sat behind as decided. I love rollercoasters but it seemed a bit weird being on a little kids one with no one next to me. Apparently Bella had a great time giggling next to Zach.

When we got off we went and looked at the photo. We thought the photo of Zach and Bella was so cute so we had to get a copy. The funny thing was on the screen you could see me in the background of their photo but when it was printed out I was hidden behind a snake.

We started to make our way to Peppa Pig world. On our way Bella saw the Carousel and wanted to go on again. This time she didn’t want to sit on a horse instead she wanted to sit in one of the carriages. We happily went round and round Bella and I but towards the end of our ride Bella wanted to sit on one of the horses instead. I had to stop Bella from running across the ride so she could sit on a horse. When it came time to get off Bella wanted to sit on the horse and I had to carry her off. She was very upset and I told her if she wanted we could come back later and she could go on the horse.

When we got into Peppa Pig World Bella couldn’t really decide what she wanted to do. We gave her several options but she didn’t seem sure at all. We wandered around and we discovered the penguin talk was happening soon. We went and sat down to watch that while Bella worked out what she wanted to do.

There were a lot of people sitting to watch the penguins and we couldn’t see anything. Daly took Bella down to the little walk way alongside the penguins pool with a window in it. He put Bella on his shoulders and they stood there the watch the penguins. Because of Daly’s height Bella had a perfect vantage point. Zach and I could see nothing, however.

After the penguin talk we went back onto Grandpa Pigs Boat ride. Bella really loved this ride. We thought as we’d come to visit Peppa Pig world we’d take Bella to actually meet Peppa Pig. I had used the app to see when Peppa was appearing and it turned out we got off the boats just as Peppa and George appeared outside the School House. The queue was pretty long though so Daly decided to find something else to do to pass the time while we waited for the queue to go down.

We headed into George’s Spaceship Play Zone. Bella happily ran off to play. Daly headed on in after her while Zach took photos. I took this chance to sit down and relax. I was feeling a bit tired so I wasn’t prepared to run around this massive soft play area. After a while of running around Bella and Daly gave the slides ago. This all went well until Bella bumped her head coming down the slide.

After a few cuddles with daddy she was ready to run off again. Daly headed off back to the car for something so I jumped into the soft play with Bella. We had great fun playing with the plastic balls and these vacuum tubes. I think I had a little bit too much fun.

Eventually we decided we should make a move and head off to find something to eat. We decided we were going to the same stall we used yesterday. Again we ordered three burgers and a portion of fries and then walked over to the Lost Kingdom.

We still had one photo left on our photo pass so we wanted to get a photo of us all on the Dinosaur Tour Co. offering the dinosaurs chips. The queue was a bit shorter today so it didn’t take us long to get on.

We headed around the tour all having a good laugh. Soon came the time for the photo. We all grabbed our chips and made sure that the camera could see Zach over Daly’s head.

As the tour continued I completely forgot the second dinosaur that squirted water at you. I screamed as it made me jump. This ride is such a good laugh we had great fun.

We got off the tour and quickly ran through to see our photo. As we ran up to see the photos the lady behind the desk informed us the camera was down. So no funny photo of us offering the dinosaurs chips. We were gutted.

We headed out of the shop and went to see what else Bella wanted to do. Bella saw the Sky Swinger and wanted to have a go. I was a little concerned as I wasn’t sure how she was going to react sitting on her own. As we walked over though Zach pointed out there were double seats so I would be able to sit with Bella and she could hang on to me if she needed to. Sadly she was too short to go on though. I told her she’d have to have a go when the funfair comes to town.

So instead we walked around further into the Lost Kingdom to see what other rides we could find. Bella saw the Boulder Dash and wanted to give it a go. Again the queue was pretty short so we quickly got onto the ride. It was a bit of a scary ride in my opinion. You spin round in either a boulder or an egg (Bella chose an egg) and these boulders and eggs go round in a figure of 8 missing each other by inches. I mean if I reached in front of me I could touch another of these boulders or eggs. Pretty scary seeing how close they came to each other.

Once we’d finished on this ride we thought we’d have a quick look around the rest of this area and see what we could find. We came across the Dragon Ride and Bella decided she wanted a go. So while Zach and Daly took a break and sat down on a bench while I queued up with Bella. I wasn’t sure if she was going to like this ride but I wasn’t going to stop her.

We eventually climbed on a found a little carriage to sit in. Soon the ride started and we were spun round and round extremely fast. Bella began to freak out a little bit so I gave her cuddles the whole time. The ride came to a stop but it wasn’t the end of it, the ride was quickly wacked into reverse. Bella continued to hang on to me and she seemed very grateful when the ride came to the end. I was feeling a bit sick zooming round in this ride so I was also very grateful to get off.

We gave Bella a final chose. Whether she wanted to go home or head back over to Peppa Pig world. She initially said she wanted to go home but as we headed towards the exit she changed her mind and wanted to headed towards Peppa Pig world.

We decided to have one last visit over to Peppa Pig world before leaving. As we hadn’t managed to get a photo on the Dinosaur Tour Co. ride we thought we’d get a group photo on Daddy Pig’s car ride.

Before we went on Daddy Pig’s car ride we took a quick visit to Peppa Pigs house. We headed on in however had a family behind us that weren’t patient at all and tried to barged past Bella on our way into the house and then insisted on getting into our photos rather than letting us take the photos and wait to the side. Thankfully we managed to get some nice photos of Bella and moved away from the disturbance. So sad as that was the only downer all weekend. Every other family had been so polite and we were all supported each other knowing we were all in the same boat.

Time for the final ride of the day Daddy Pig’s car ride. The queue was pretty long for this one so we entertained each other. Soon we were at the front of the queue and able to get on our car. Bella wanted me to drive this time so I sat in the front with her and Daly and Zach sat in the back. While we went round the ride I was telling the boys all the character names and we were coming up with our own. Like you do.

We managed to get our photo so we collected that and then finally made our move back to the car park. It’s been a long weekend with Peppa Pig and I think we were all ready to go home to bed.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Bella’s Birthday 2020 – Peppa Pig World Day 1 – 21st February 2020

It’s Bella’s birthday! Oh my, where have the last 3 years gone. We all ended up sleeping in this morning. I’m guessing Bella’s bouncing tired us all out. Zach and I were the first ones up followed by Daly. I woke Bella up but she wasn’t happy about it. Even the idea of seeing Peppa Pig wouldn’t get her to stir. In the end I had to pick her up out of her bed and pop her in bed with Daly. That worked. She wasn’t happy but she woke up.

We started our morning by Daly heading off to get Zach and I a Costa while we got dressed. I then gave Bella a few presents for her birthday. I chose the most useful ones for the day. She settled down on Daly and I’s bed and ripped into them.

She was very happy with her new wellies and instantly wanted to put them on. I guessed that would be a useful present to bring with us and give to her this morning. It wasn’t suppose to be wet today but it had rained all of yesterday so I guessed they’d keep her dry from the puddles.

She also received a new water bottle and a Peppa Pig book this morning. We filled the water bottle and popped it in her bag and took it with us.

Daly returned with our drinks and we started to make a move to Peppa Pig world. Bella and I sat in the back of the car playing snap with cards.

We were only a 15 minute drive away so it didn’t take us long to get to Peppa Pig world. When we got there the main car park was full so we were directed into the second car park.

We parked up and bundled up in layers. It was cold. Because of that we popped Bella into her Frozen onesie. We loaded up the pram and headed towards the parks entrance.

I had already bought our tickets so it was pretty quick to make our way through the gates. Bella’s height wasn’t even debated, they just let her straight in.

We made our way in and asked Bella where she wanted to go first. She had a look at the map with Daly and decided she wanted to head towards Peppa Pig world. So that’s where we headed.

On our way over towards Peppa Pig world, Bella spotted the entrance to Critter Creek. She could see the mini rollercoaster in this area and wanted to see what was in this area.

She wanted to go on the little train first and after enjoying this ride she wanted to go on her first rollercoaster. She was just tall enough so I thought why not. I mean if she got too scared watching it while in the line we could easily jump out. Zach joined us in the queue with the view if there was enough space on the rollercoaster he’d go in the seat behind us.

Sadly when we got to go on we were the last carriage so Zach was unable to come on with us. He did take a nice photo of us once we were settled in the carriage before going to stand with Daly to watch. I was a little bit concerned about taking Bella on the rollercoaster but she was adamant she wanted to go on. Turns out I had nothing to be worried about, she absolutely loved it. She sat beside me giggling and saying ‘weee!’

When we got off of the ride we went to look at the ride photo. We decided to purchase the photo as it was Bella’s first rollercoaster. We ended up purchasing a photo pass at it was far more cost effective. You end up getting four photos for the price of two and a half.

We then started to make our way back towards Peppa Pig World. However we were side tracked once again. Bella spotted the carousel and decided she wanted to give it a go. I was so excited as Bella is now big enough to sit on the horses. She didn’t seem to thrilled about sitting on a horse but she soon warmed up once she was sat on it. We ended up sitting on a horse that rocked rather than went up and down. Luckily I noticed and we were able to quickly change horses.

Bella absolutely loved the carousel. She was grinning and waving to Daly as we went round. Mum absolutely loved carousels so it was a bit emotional for me finally getting Bella on a horse and her enjoying it.

Once we were off the carousel we eventually made it into Peppa Pig World.

As we walked through the gate we asked Bella where she wanted to go. She spotted the castle and told us she wanted to go on there. It’s one of those sort of sky train rides that takes you over parts of Peppa Pig World. So we ditched the pram at the bottom of the stairs and joined the queue for The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride. The queue said it was 20 minutes long but it didn’t feel like it was that long. Soon we made it to the top of the stairs and soon were welcomed into one of the queens coach.

Bella decided she wanted to sit with me so Zach and Daly sat opposite us. It was a lovely relaxing ride and we were able to get a good look at all the other rides in Peppa Pig World.

The ride soon came back into the castle and we got off. Bella was very grumpy to get of the ride but we quickly distracted her with the idea of another ride.

We took a walk around and past George’s Dinosaur Adventure. Bella wasn’t interested in that though. She saw Daddy Pig’s car ride and wanted to go on that one. Bella and Daly went on it together which was cute. It was nice they were going to have a daddy daughter ride.

The queue was a little bit of a wait so Zach and I hung around waiting for them to go on. I ended up trying to find a good spot to take photos. It turns out that isn’t any except standing in the exit gate. I chatted to the worker helping people off the ride while I waited.

Bella and Daly made it to the front of the queue and climbed into their car. They made their way around the track. Apparently Bella was driving daddy to the pub according to Daly.

When they made their way off the ride we headed to find some food. Zach and I had discussed going to find some while Bella was on the ride. We were all hungry so it seemed like a good idea. We walked back through the park to the entrance where the main restaurant was.

When we made it to the restaurant it was packed. Of course it was. Despite this we managed to find a table. As we walked in a family was leaving so we instantly grabbed that table and take a seat. A member of staff came over and cleaned the table commenting on how it was meant to be as this table was just perfect for us. We sat and had a look at the menus and Zach and Daly then went us to order. They quickly returned to the table though to inform us that it was over an hours wait for food. We had seen a few of those outdoor food stalls so decided to head back into the park to grab food. We had made the decision to go out for a proper meal later to celebrate Bella’s birthday so we only needed something to keep us going for the rest of the afternoon in the park. We had our drinks in the restaurant and then walked back into the park. Zach and I had needed hot drinks to warm us up.

We walked back to Critter Creek and bought us adults a cheeseburger each and Bella a portion of fries. I had brought some snacks with me so I knew she had some other bits to eat. We decided instead of heading back to Peppa Pig world now we’d head back about half 3 (so an hour and a half before the park closed) as we thought it might be quieter.

We headed over to the Lost Kingdom. Bella was a bit upset as she was complaining she was cold so I snuggled her up under my scarf to try and warm her up. She cheered up once she had her fries. They must have been warming her up as well.

As we walked into the Lost Kingdom we had a little wander around to see what we could find and Bella discovered the Dinosaur Tour Co. A little car tour a bit like Jurassic Park but without it breaking down and a T-rex trying to eat you.

We joined the queue and as we walked through the entrance I noticed a sign saying ‘No food or drink beyond this point’. Now Bella still had her box of fries and was walking along the queue eating them. I told Daly, that as we got closer to front of the queue, that he would need to put her fries in his pocket so we didn’t get in trouble. As well as the sign at the entrance over the speakers it was constantly mentioned not to feed the dinosaurs. I told Daly to make sure he didn’t feed them. When I wasn’t telling Daly not to feed the dinosaurs I was badly singing the Jurassic Park theme.

We eventually made it to the front of the queue. Daly had hidden the fries in her pocket and kept pulling one out and offering it to Zach and I going ‘ wanna chip?’ As if it was a dodgy deal. Bella wanted to sit in the front with Daly so Zach and I were sat in the back. I videoed our whole little tour while Daly sat in the front offering the dinosaurs chips. It was a good laugh. There were even a few dinosaurs along the way who squirted water.

When we got off the ride you had to exit through the shop. We stopped to have a look at the photo from the ride but sadly due to Daly being so tall you couldn’t see Zach sat behind him. Bella being Bella was instantly drawn to the soft toys in the shop. She had a look at all the dinosaurs and Daly was showing her some of them but she ended up settling on a blue diplodocus. We paid and she proudly left carrying her new dinosaur.

We had a look at the few little stalls near the ride but we decided to head back towards Peppa Pig World to finish off our day. As we headed back we spotted a penny machine that squishes pennies and puts an image on them. I collect these and between us we managed to find a pound and a penny so we could have a go. I chose the design I wanted but let Bella squash it with Daly’s help. Happy we’d squashed the penny we carried on towards Peppa Pig World.

Now Bella really wanted to go on the Miss Rabbit Helicopter ride. The queue had been huge all day but we decided to chance it. The queue wasn’t too bad but it took a while to get through it. Eventually we made it too the front of the queue and could climb into our very own helicopter. Bella sat with daddy in the front while Zach and I were at the back. Daly and Zach were pretending they were in an attack helicopter as we went round and round. It’s a bit like a Ferris wheel.

It took us a while to get off it as they unload each helicopter and load each helicopter once the ride finishes. We were the last helicopter to be unloaded so we had a lovely view over the park while each of the other helicopters were filled.

When we got off the ride Bella wanted to go onto the Windy Castle ride. Bella had had a chance to look around and choose what she wanted to do next after the helicopter. So we headed that way.

Next to the Windy Castle was Madame Gazelle’s School House. Inside there was a photo opportunity so we headed in there first before heading to the Windy Castle queue. Now one thing I will say is they were so good about letting you take your own photos even though it is one of those set ups with a camera and you can buy the photos. After a little encouragement from me, Bella went and stood with George and Peppa figures and held their hands for the photo. With our Photo Pass we felt we had to get a copy as this was the whole reason we were here.

We left the school house and went round to the Windy castle. I took Bella on the ride but because the queues for rides were virtually non existent I didn’t really have a chance to see what the ride did. It’s like two mini Ferris wheels attached to a castle tower. I thought the Ferris wheels were just raised to the top of the tower and then did their thing. Boy was I wrong. We got into our little pod in the Ferris wheel and up we went. Everything spins on this ride. The Ferris wheels go round like a normal Ferris wheel. Then the castle tower you’re on also spins round. As well as the pods your sat in. They spin round as well then stop and spin the opposite way. Man did I feel sick when I got off. It did stand up to it’s name though. The wind had started to pick up so when you were at the top of the tower the Ferris wheel was swaying. Not a fun ride for me at all. Zach and Daly were laughing at me when I got off complaining how sick I felt.

While we’d been sat on the ride I had asked Bella what she wanted to do next. While we were in the air she had spotted Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip. Daly had told her it was time to go home when we got off of the Windy Castle but I had already told Bella she could go on the boats. We agreed this would be the last ride of the day and we’d be back tomorrow so she could go on any other rides then.

Again the queue was non existent and we walked straight on. Bella chose her boat and on we got. Bella sitting at the front driving the boat while I sat behind. Again I hadn’t had a chance to work out what the ride did. I thought the boats just went round in a circle but not only that they also went up and down. Bella loved this ride and pretended to steer the boat. She noticed that the boat bobbing up and down in front of us was splashing us so she was giggling and laughing everytime she got splashed. As we got off the ride the worker operating it noticed Bella’s birthday badge and wished her happy birthday. She tried to give Bella a high five but she can be a little bit funny about physical touch from strangers so instead the lady pulled a funny face at her.

As with a lot of places to leave the site you have to leave through the shop. We had a little look while we were heading to the exit. We managed to avoid all the Peppa Pig toys thankfully but Daly and Zach took Bella to look at all the soft toys. Bella became attached to a unicorn teddy (she has a huge thing for unicorns) so Zach bought it for her while Bella and I headed out through the exit and back towards the car.

We loaded up the car and Daly asked me to SAT NAV to a garage and a restaurant for dinner. I sat in the back with Bella while she snuggled with her unicorn and directed Daly. After the quick pitstop at the garage we headed off to a Harvester. We do love a Harvester for a birthday meal.

Eventually we pulled up at the Harvester and got out. When we checked in to see if there was any tables we were asked if we’d booked. We hadn’t but thankfully the waiter was able to fit us in. We were shown to our table and settled down for dinner.

It was nice to have a little family dinner. Bella was a little up and down during dinner but she wasn’t too much trouble. The waitress had spotted Bella’s badge and when it came to time for the dessert she brought out Bella’s ice cream with a candle on it and the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday. Bella honestly couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the cutest thing ever.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and Bella opened the rest of her presents that we had brought with us as well as a few cards. Bella had great fun opening her presents and then spent the rest of the evening playing with them while us adults chilled out and watched TV. Then it wasn’t long before we all headed to bed.

Bella had an amazing third birthday. I’m so glad we were able to do something so fun and different.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Bella’s Birthday 2020 – Traveling to the South – 20th February 2020

We are off for a few days away for Bella’s birthday. We are taking her away to Paultons Park to go a visit Peppa Pig.

We had thought about getting up early especially as I planned on going into town before we head down to Hampshire. That, however, did not happen. Bella came into us at 9am telling us that it was sunny outside and to get up. I was really struggling to wake up though so instead I managed to persuade Bella to climb into bed with us and snuggle down. She happily climbed in over me and curled up under the duvet. She must have been tired because not long after she climbed in she ended up falling asleep.

In the end we woke up at 10.30am when Liam came in and woke us up. We got up and started to get ready for the travelling ahead of us. I made Bella and I some breakfast and Daly packed the car. Once he’d finished we settled down while Bella played. She had found the bag of toys I had packed for our trip so had pulled it all out and was happily colouring on the sofa. We were running a bit late and I still needed to go into town.we thought it would be easier for Daly to get Bella ready while I quickly ran into town.

I managed to pick up what I needed from town and by the time I got back Bella was ready. I quickly packed up the rest of our stuff into the car and we decided to make a move. We were heading to pick up Zach first as he was coming with us to celebrate Bella’s birthday

We said goodbye to Liam and hit the road. We got to Zachs and stopped for about half an hour so we could see Cathy and Nathan before we headed off.

Bella and I went up to the house and knocked on the door. Nathan answered the door to us. We went in and found Zach and Cathy on the sofas in the living room. While I made myself comfy next to Cathy, after a hug with Nathan, Bella raided their toy cupboard. She pulled out the checkers board and her and Zach settled down to play while I showed Cathy the photos from Bella’s birthday photo shoot.

After a bit of catching up with Nathan and Cathy we decided we should probably make a move. Zach went and grabbed his bags and we said our goodbyes. We loaded the car up and set off on our way. We took a quick swing by Sainsburys to buy some snacks and then hit the motorways.

I settled in the back with Bella and we settled down to watch Cinderella.

We stopped at Clacket lane services for a quick pit stop and I picked up a Costa. Bella and I can’t do a road trip with our gingerbread man and latte. Once we had our Costa we headed back on the road.

We continued to watch Cinderella. It was a pretty uneventful journey. It had started uneventful journey. It had started in torrential rain but it gradually cleared up the further west we got. Daly and Zach we’re happily chatting in the front seat.

Soon we came across Fleet services and we stopped again. We’re trying the whole potty training thing again so we were trying to stop as often as needed. So after a quick pit stop in Fleet services we were back on the road.

As we got closer to Southampton I pulled up directions to our hotel. Daly wanted me to SAT NAV it but it was so easy I didn’t need one. So instead I sat in the back seat and just gave him the few little directions he needed. I told him as we drove down this A road he would see the Travelodge on his left.

The Travelodge appeared and we pulled in. However Daly wouldn’t tell me if it was the right Travelodge so I had to get out and check. Yeah the blind person is really going to be able to read the signs. Once we’d discovered it was the right hotel, we unloaded the car and headed inside to check in. There was a little confusion at the check in desk. I wasn’t sure which surname I had used to book it and I gave my maiden name first. The receptionist panicked because there was no booking under that name and the hotel was fully booked but luckily I had booked it under my married name instead.

We received our key and headed off to move into our room for two nights. We didn’t stay in the room long though. I was straight away on the case of trying to find us somewhere to eat. We were all starving. It turned out there was a McDonalds just down the road so we packed ourselves up and headed off.

The McDonalds was a little bit confusing to find. I find a lot of the places in Hampshire are like that but you get used to it. We made it and bundled out of the car. We walked in and Zach and I ordered while Daly and Bella found a table.

Bella did some colouring while we waited. Our food soon turned up and we tucked in. We enjoyed our dinner but it was soon time to head back to the hotel and settle down for the night.

We arrived back at the hotel. We all got ready for bed and snuggled in under the covers. Us grown ups decided we were going to watch Pretty Woman – I love that film. Bella had different ideas though. She was bouncing round the room, on and off the beds and playing with her toys. She would not settle and I refused to turn the TV off. I wanted to see the film.

After a long time of Bella bouncing I asked Daly what the time was. It was 20 past 11. I warned the boys that Bella would still have a good 40 minutes of running around in her. She is either asleep by 9pm or she’d stay up until midnight. Turns out tonight was one of those nights.

I just hope she isn’t too tired tomorrow for Peppa Pig World.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

I’m so bad at uploading – I apologise. I’m trying

I really apologise for the lack of uploads. If you read I think my previous blog you’ll have seen I’ve had a few health problems recently. At the time we thought it might be a one off or at least a few months before it happens again but that has not been the case. This seems to have aggravated my Narcolepsy as well. I am severely sleep deprived at the moment which has had a knock on effect on any activities I might have had planned or means I’m struggling to catch up with blogs.

I am currently trying to find ways to solve this but with the current global health situation gaining doctors appointments seems to be a struggle. I’ve been trying for ages and I still haven’t managed to get one yet. Hopefully I will be able to book an appointment soon to try and find out what is going on. I also have my B12 injection booked for the coming weeks so that will hopefully have a benefit on my motivation and energy levels. I feel I’m constantly apologising for my content. And it’s tempting to completely walk away but I actually enjoy this and I love the fact I can look back at stuff I’ve done I obviously just need to find a way to make it work around my current health conditions and home responsibilities.

Thank you everyone who still takes time to read my blogs and is still following. I’m even struggling on my Instagram account to post but I find that easier to keep up with at the moment. So if you want to see what I’m up to with Bella before the blogs come out go check it out @making_memoriesblog. I’m hoping I will be back up and running again soon. So annoying because I had this huge back log of blogs got them all up and then my health went down hill.

Thank you again, see you on Instagram

Love CiCi x

Birthday Photoshoot for Bella – 18th February

Today I finally got round to doing Bella’s birthday photoshoot. She had a Little Mermaid themed photoshoot. I had set up the backdrop and props last night with the lighting and now it was time to shoot.

Bella needed a little encouragement to put on her Little Mermaid outfit and join in but her Ariel doll seemed to do the trip. She was happy to show me her doll. I’d also hunted out a digglehopper for her to pose with and her number 3 that I’d made especially. Once Bella warmed up to the shoot she had great fun. Below are a few examples from the shoot.

Hope you loved this sneak peek at her shoot.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x