My Goals for 2020

Sorry for the delay in this but I wanted to get Blogmas up. I’m sure every one has set out their goals for 2020. I’m not too sure what my real goals are but I’ve come up with a few ideas I’d like to achieve this year.

  • Learn Latin – Or should I say relearn. I took the Cambridge Latin course GCSE when I was in secondary school. I did it along side my A Levels as I wanted to become an Archaeologist. Now in the eyes of my Latin teacher I failed. I didn’t really pay attention in class. In fact I remember sitting in class joking and listening to the radio more than actually listening to the teacher. I ended up coming away with an E grade. I know I’m not being graded this time but I want to see if I can make it to the end of the Cambridge Latin course and just be proud of that achievement. It’s a shame I don’t know anyone who knows Latin to check I’m translating right but I’ll try my hardest with the resources I have.
  • I want to keep up with the Team TOMM – I don’t know if you know what that is. It’s a cleaning programme designed to make cleaning easier, so your not constantly cleaning and means your able to keep your house tidy so you don’t have to do the massive purge of rooms when you clean them.
  • Keep up to date with blogging – I seem to have good months and bad months. I’ve now bought a Social Media planning to try and help me stay organised and keep up to date. Whether it works I don’t know but we will see. I will still be having my days off during the week to have time to myself but I will also be setting aside time during the week to dedicate to blogging. That way unless there is a huge emergency or I’m ill blogs should go up on time at 8pm GMT everyday.
  • Lose weight/walk more – I like to walk to ease my anxiety and I used to find it was a good way to lose weight. I’m hoping by walking again I can achieve that. Especially as the speed I walk at I’m sure could be considered as power walking. I’ve been struggling to lose my weight from when I was pregnant with Bella – the joys of Narcolepsy. Constantly craving carbs and too tired to exercise. I want to try to get down to my original weight of 9 and a half stone but any loss is progress so I will be trying hard not to beat myself up if I don’t meet that goal. Especially as we would like to have a second child so that may not go to plan.
  • Watch all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films – I started this last year and didn’t get very far. I now how phase two DVD set and phase three part one so I can sit down and get pretty far through the films before I need to buy phase three part two. I love the MCU but I can’t claim to be a true fan as I have managed to miss films out. Hopefully this way I can be fully up to date with the first three phases.
  • Save money – I think this is a normal yearly goal for people. I did pretty well with saving and budgeting last year so hopefully I can carry on this year.

That is my main goals for this year so let’s see how well I do. Maybe share a few goals you have for 2020. Maybe one of my goals is the same as yours and we can try to achieve it together. Let me know in the comments section.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope it’s as wonderful as you can make it. And remember things go wrong, things fail but always focus on the progress you’ve made. Any progress is progress and therefore a positive.

Love CiCi x

Off to see Frozen II – 29th December 2019

After a Frozen Christmas Bella has been driving me loopy wanting to constantly watch Frozen on the TV. So to cure my sanity I decided to arrange to take Bella to the cinema to see Frozen II.

We don’t have one of those big chain cinemas in our town or even the next town either. But we do have a little independent cinema. I had checked the times yesterday and found out that our little town cinema was showing Frozen II at 12. So of course we did our normal routine of having breakfast and getting dressed. Now Bella still had a few presents under the tree and I knew one was very appropriate for today. I hunted around under the tree for a bit and by giving each of her presents a good feel I managed to find the present I was looking for.

I gave the present to Bella just before we were leaving and told her to open it. She’d been singing ‘Let it go’ all morning so I thought this present would make her very happy.

Inside the present was an Elsa doll with a microphone. When you press Elsa’s diamond necklace she sings ‘Let it go’ if you hold the microphone up to her and then you can sing into it as well. So you and Elsa take turns singing. It had two different modes so if you switch it to the other mode Elsa encourages you to sing with her and just sings the chorus.

It was time for us to go to the cinema. Now Daly was at work so we were walking into town. I wrapped Bella up in her new fluffy coat and she decided Elsa was coming with us. Bella was very excited to go to the cinema to see Elsa.

We took the long walk down to the cinema with Bella and I chatting to each other. It was pretty cold outside but thankfully walking managed to keep me warm. I was a bit worried about Bella though just sitting in the pram. The whole way I kept asking her if she was ok and apparently she was.

We eventually made it to the cinema and headed up the millions of stairs to the entrance. Our cinema is on top of the Bingo hall. We made our way over to the ticket stand and I paid for our tickets. I also grabbed me a drink. I had made sure I had Bella’s bottle with me but I always manage to forget myself.

We parked the pram up outside the theatre and then we walked in to find a seat. Bella decided she wanted to sit right at the front today so we settled into a mini row of three seats and waited for the film to start. Bella sat in her seat snuggled up with Elsa.

While we were sitting for the film I realised Elsa had lost a shoe on the way down. I tried not to freak out – I hate losing things. I didn’t let it ruin the film though. I figured it might be in the pram and if not we would just trace the way we came and see if we can find it on the route.

The film was really good. A little confusing in parts but I think that’s because you always go into a film with an idea of the story from the trailer. But even though it wasn’t the film I thought it was going to be it was still good. Bella was a bit of a fidget throughout the film. Up and down from her seat. In the end she settled sitting on the steps next to me. I wasn’t happy about it but she was at least sitting down and I could easily grab her out of anyone’s way.

After the film I thought we’d pop in to town and get some lunch. We wandered up the High Street and I popped into a few shops on the way but didn’t really pick up anything. We headed to Costa for lunch. Of course I was going to get my girl a gingerbread man. We went in and ordered our lunch and drinks and Bella wanted to sit at a table in the corner.

I ordered my usual Costa of a Latte and a tea cake and sat down with Bella. We chatted about the film and what Bella liked.

We finished our lunch and then walked back home the way we had come. As we walked I kept the eye out for Elsa’s shoe. Amazingly I found it on the pavement a few meters away from the cinema. I was so happy we managed to find it. No need to panic about lost things. I could relax.

We had a wonderful time today at the cinema. I do love Bella and I’s little mummy daughter days. I’m glad we’re able to do that rather than just be at home all the time. It’s nice to share things and experiences with her.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what our next adventure is.

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Christmas with Nathan – 27th December 2019

Grandad was picking us up today to go back over to Cathy’s so we spent our morning just getting ready. Bella happily played with her Christmas presents. This morning the toy of choice was a make up set she had gotten. She set it all up and sat on the floor pretending to do her make up.

Grandad soon turned up and Bella ran down to the car. Happy to jump in and head off. We had to pick up Grandma on our way. Luckily she was feeling better. We drove round to Cathy’s and heading in to wish everyone Happy Christmas again. Nathan was very happy to see Bella. Once again we exchanged gifts between the adults and then it was on to the present battle with Bella.

I was impressed though Bella sorted through her stack of presents from Nathan and pulled out the largest one from the bottom of the pile. It was funny watching her pull it out from under the rest. Inside the biggest present was a tool work bench. Which was ideal as I think we’d spent the last 6 months saying about getting her a work bench.

The next present she ripped into was a Paw Patrol Scalextric. I didn’t even know they did like toddler Scalextric so that’s pretty cool.

Now this now set task one of the day – build the Scalextric. Zach and Grandad got down on the floor and popped it all together while I sat a cut out all the little bits to put round the edge of the track.

Once it was build Bella and Grandad had a little race but Bella didn’t like the idea of anyone else winning. I discovered if you told Bella you were winning she’d pull the cars off the track and insist on starting again. It was so funny.

After playing with the Scalextric Nathan set about building the work bench. That didn’t quite go to plan to start with but once Zach found the instructions and helped him the bench managed to be built.

Bella opened the rest of her presents with the help of Grandad.

Once she’d opened her presents it was time for food. Daly was finishing work soon so would be round. Now with Christmas food you have to have Christmas crackers. Bella likes to pull crackers but she hasn’t got the strength. To prevent Bella pulling the cracker and flying backwards Nathan stood behind her to catch her if she flew backwards.

With Daly there, he opened up his presents from Nathan before we played some family games.

To keep Bella occupied while we played games she stuck to building with her work bench.

It was nice to be able to spend ‘Christmas’ with Nathan. It’s been fun having Christmas dragged out for four days. It’s been busy but a good few days and seeing everyone important in our lives.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Boxing Day – 26th December 2019

It’s Boxing Day which means we’re heading off to Cathy’s. Daly was back at work and Liam was having a chilled day at home so it was just Bella and I who were off to Cathy’s.

Bella got up and helped me pack all the presents up to take them round. She does like to be helpful.

Once everything was packed and we were all dressed we jumped in the car to go to Cathy’s but first I needed to do my Boxing Day tradition. Every year on Boxing Day I would always go and get mum and I a Costa while the rest of the family went on a walk. Now I carry on that tradition with Bella. We headed to Costa and went through the drive through. I bought Bella a gingerbread Santa face and me a Latte. Bella was very happy to get her gingerbread man.

I got a bit emotional as it was my Christmas tradition with mum and she wasn’t around to share it with me. Last year hadn’t been so bad even though mum had only just died. I had had Daly and Zach in the car with me so I had distrations but with just Bella with me I had time to dwell. Luckily by the time I got to Cathy’s I had stopped crying.

We got in, said our hellos and I curled up on the sofa with my Latte.

Now it was back to our Boxing day tradition with Cathy and Zach. We sorted all the presents out and shared them out between us. Bella had a massive pile of presents by the TV waiting for her. As Nathan wasn’t around we piled his up out of the way for him to open tomorrow.

Bella was encouraged to take presents out of her pile and open them as the day went on. Once again below is photos from the day and I will just be adding little comments in here and there.

Daly and I had got Zach a spoon with cereal killer on it. It’s a bit of an inside joke between Zach and Daly.

Now Zach has a habit of getting Bella giant presents. Her first Christmas he bought a giant Simba from the Disney store. Last year a giant unicorn – and it’s so comfortable to lie on and this year to go with her Frozen theme she received a giant Olaf. It is actually taller than her.

Bella had received an Elsa dress from Cathy for Christmas, She wanted to wear it so she dressed up in her Elsa dress and then to encourage her to come out from the sofa (she was a bit shy) Zach told her to open the giant present. Inside was this Olaf. She was so excited and happy when she opened it. Paige filmed her opening it and once it was unwrapped she gave it a massive hug.

As well as an Olaf, Zach had also bought Bella a camera where she had shown so much interest in my photography over the past year. Adam helped her set it up and then she had fun taking photos.

Bella needed a little encouragement to open her presents. As I said yesterday she’s very happy opening two or three and then just playing with them for the rest of the day. Instead she took to grabbing a present and then getting a grown up to help open them up.

Her favourite person to help her open presents for the day seemed to be Cathy. Cathy kept popping off into the kitchen to check on dinner but that didn’t please Bella. She followed Cathy out into the kitchen with her presents to get Cathy to come back into the living room to help her.

It turned out the present Bella had followed Cathy with was a drum kit. Apparently Zach’s buying her everything she needs to start a band he’s just going to buy them all over birthdays and Christmases. It was quite funny watching all the men set up the drum kit for her.

Zach wanted to hold a few presents back for Bella to open when Daly finished work so to fill in that time Bella played. She went a found a jigsaw in her toy cupboard and then she and Paige sat on the floor to complete it.

Daly soon finished work and popped round. This meant Bella was able to open the rest of her presents. It turned out the main one Zach wanted Daly to be around for was a football goal. Daly used to play football when he was younger and it’s something he wants to share with Bella so this seemed like the perfect present to get her started.

Bella continued to open her presents, opening a few clothing items Zach had got her. He had got her a new dressing gown (with unicorns all over it of course) a unicorn onesie and a nice fluffy coat. As well as a few dresses.

Dawn had started to feel a bit poorly so Grant took her home so she could rest and hopefully be well enough to continue with the festivities tomorrow. Bella had wanted to do some drawing but the boys had another idea of what to do with the paper. Instead of drawing they wanted to make paper planes and had a paper plane fight.

We had a wonderful day with Daly’s family and Cathy and Zach. Bella was truly spoilt and received lots of goodies. Tomorrow we get to do it all again with Nathan.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Christmas Day – 25th December 2019


I woke up quite early. I think I was freaking out about cooking Christmas dinner. Bella however was not waking up. In the end I woke her up. For half an hour I sat on the floor next to her bed playing with her stocking while she was trying to wake up and telling me about the TV and that Santa had left presents down stairs.

Eventually she noticed her stocking and got all excited. She opened it up and pulled out all the presents. She was amazed that Santa had left presents in her bedroom.

I persuaded Bella to bring her stocking into our bedroom so we could wake Daly up and we could all open our stockings together.

We woke Daly up and all cracked on with opening our stockings.

Bella loved finally being able to open some presents. She had a few cute little items in it and of course the Frozen theme carried on.

We eventually made our way down stairs from opening all our stocking presents and Bella was so excited to see all the presents under the tree. I showed her that Santa had definitely been as he’d drunk his drink and eaten his mince pie. Rodolph had also been as his carrot had been munched.

Daly popped off out to pick up Liam for Christmas dinner and I popped a Christmas film on for Bella to watch while I cracked on with dinner.

While everything was cooking I quickly redid the table, swapping out places and name places for today’s dinner. Daly and Liam returned and Daly moaned about the fact we weren’t opening presents. The thing is I am in the kitchen from 10am until 2pm cooking dinner so I don’t get any opportunity to open presents.

Eventually dinner was cooked and it was time to sit up to the table.

I wasn’t very happy with how a lot of bits of the dinner had turned out. My roast potatoes were dreadful. I’m determined to try better next year.

After we’d finished our dinner we all congregated in the living room. We gave Liam his stocking and then Daly shared out the presents. He made little piles of presents next to everyone except Bella. He left Bella’s presents under the tree so she could grab them and open them as she wished.

We all started opening our presents although I enjoyed myself watching everyone else open their presents. Bella ripped into a few presents under the tree.

However she was quite happy just playing with the ones she’d opened after opening three. She had no interest in the rest of the presents.

Daly’s parents turned up in the afternoon to do our gift exchange with them. We handed out our presents to Dawn and Grant and they handed out their presents from them and Daly’s Grandparents. So the next few photos are just of us gift exchanging with Daly’s side.

Bella enjoyed her present from Grandma and Grandad (Daly’s parents) They had bought her this really cool light up tablet board. I had been given a few hints but I thought they had bought her one of those magic water mats. It turns out it’s a tablet like board with neon pens so when you turn the light in the tablet on the ink lights up.

Soon Adam and Pige turned up and it was time for their gift exchange. Like every year Adam helped Bella unwrap her presents.

Now once all the presents were opened the boys were a bit bored while we waited for Adam and Paige to turn up so Daly and Grant decided they were going to build Daly’s Lego Technics he had got. Grant sat up at the dining room table and Daly on the floor in the living room (just to give a little context as to why Grant is sat at the dining room table in the photo below)

Adam and Paige had bought Bella a very cute walking unicorn. She discovered it didn’t work too great on the carpet but it worked very well on the laminate. She happily walked her little unicorn around the house. She seemed very happy with her present.

After a while it was time for everyone to head back home and we said our goodbyes. When everyone had left Bella happily led on the floor playing with her princess book she had received from Grandma and Grandad. Turns out that is definitely one of her favourite presents this year.

And us adults chilled out with a couple of drinks and some films on TV.

We had a lovely Christmas. Not everything went to plan but I tried. I’m glad we got to have a lovely day with Daly’s family.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Christmas Eve – 24th December 2019

It’s Christmas Eve which means it’s Christmas with my sister and Oli. They are with Oli’s family for Christmas this year so we’d arranged to get together and have what was our family’s traditional boxing day dinner on Christmas Eve instead. Rachel was finishing work at 4pm and then they were going to come round at some point before dinner at 6.30pm.

Because of it being Boxing Day dinner – or what will now be our Christmas Eve dinner, it didn’t actually require much cooking. That meant I was able to spend time setting up the dining table and colour coding my glasses.I have pretty multi coloured glasses we had gotten as wedding presents and I thought Christmas Eve and Christmas was the perfect opportunity to use them. So I set the table with everyone having little bauble place names that mum used to have and then matched the glasses to the baubles as best I could. I was extremely proud of the table once I’d finished.

We were having baked potatoes with meat and vegetables for dinner and it is my favourite dinner of the year. I finished cooking all the vegetables and placed them into serving dishes then popped them on the table. Daly went round the table serving everyone with their meat. We all sat up to the table and tucked into the best meal of the year. I had given Bella my plate that I used to use when I went to my Grandparents. I have several Bunnikins plates and I felt Bella was at an age where she shouldn’t damage or break it.

We all enjoyed our dinner. Chatting and laughing. We cracked open all the crackers with Oli loving his paper hat. We all shared our jokes and tried the charades that were in the crackers. I felt my charade was a bit ironic as I had Spiderman and I have a huge crush on Tom Holland.

Once dinner was over we moved on to sitting in the living room to share presents out. But first I gave Bella her Christmas Eve box. Inside she had a drinks cup, some chocolate coins, a Christmas book and of course some pyjamas. And finally her stocking.

Oli decided he was going to play Santa with his wonky hat. Now I’m not going to comment on everything and present that was shared out. Instead enjoy the Christmassy photos.

Now Daly’s last present from Rachel and Oli was a signed Ipswich Town crest with all the football player signatures from 20. He was extremely happy with that.

And Rachel’s last present from us was a Harry Potter cushion. Well actually it was a cushion made from one of mum’s favourite t-shirts. Rachel was thrilled with it. I was so glad I was able to give it to her now. I had wanted to do it for her birthday this year but I just hadn’t got round to it.

We were truly spoilt by Oli and Rachel. Now Daly wanted to watch White Christmas with Bella before bed so before that we sorted out goodies for Santa before we settled down. Bella gave Santa a bottle of Asahi, a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph.

I said goodbye to Oli and Rachel while Daly and Bella snuggled down on the sofa to watch White Christmas. I was glad Daly was able to share this Christmas tradition with Bella, even if she did fall asleep while watching it.

Once the film was over I took Bella up to bed and sorted hanging the stockings up in the bedrooms. It’s now time for bed ready to see what Santa brings us in the morning.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – The Family came to Visit – 23rd December 2019

Today my uncle and aunty came to visit. Like I said yesterday I had thought about getting my nails done but I went and got that done yesterday to prevent me rushing around today. I did however end up popping into town this morning to print off photos for Dawn’s Christmas present.

During all the tidying Bella opened up her advent calendar. It was an exciting item behind the door. Today Bella received Santa’s sleigh. She was very excited about it.

Bella had fun putting Santa in the sleigh. We discovered that it was possible to attach the reindeer to the sleigh by hooking it to the reindeer’s tail. You did have to be careful though as it was very easy to knock the sleigh off. Bella did end up getting a bit frustrated. I had to show her that she needed to be gentle with it.

Once she’d finished with her sleigh and the reindeer, she found her giant floor piano. I swear she knows when I’m trying to keep the house tidy. She finds all her toys and decides she wants them all out. So her giant piano ended up out across the floor with her running across it and turning the demo track up loud so I couldn’t hear my music on Spotify.

Now Bella has recently gotten into having cereal for breakfast. Which is extremely brave of me. I hate giving Bella cereal for breakfast. I think it’s so messy. But anyway I had given Bella cereal for breakfast. Now she seemed to have liked it so much that she wanted some more, but instead of asking me for some more she headed into the kitchen and came back with the box. Now I fully support independence, so instead of interfering with her wanting more cereal I let her pour out some more for herself. Thankfully she decided to do this over the giant piano. She didn’t pour out too much cereal but she didn’t manage to get it all in the bowl.

Hats off to her independence. I was very proud of her. She sat and enjoyed her breakfast while I tidied up a little bit around the chaos Bella was creating.

I needed to pop into town quickly to do a job so Bella and I headed into town so we could get the picture we needed. This time I managed to print them off as well as some of Bella for my aunty and uncle.

Once we’d made it home, I pretty much spent the rest of my time just tidying and making sure the house looked ok. Having the house be disorganised and a mess makes me really anxious. I get this horrible feeling in my tummy and it doesn’t settle until I find something to calm it. I spent the rest of my day buzzing around tidying anything I could find and straightening up. It’s so bad having this nervous energy.

Daly sadly had to head off to work so he wasn’t around for when my aunty and uncle turned up. Rache turned up just before they turned up. We settled into the living to wait for them with Bella happily entertaining herself with her FiFi and the Flowertops house. She had found all her Frozen figures so that’s who she was playing with in the house.

Soon the doorbell went and my uncle and aunt had turned up. We welcomed them. My aunty instantly shared out the dutch goodies they bring us between Rachel and I. Rachel really likes Stroopwafles so I happily gave them up to her. Daly and I received a box of yummy Belgium chocolates. I offered everyone a drink and headed off to the kitchen to pop the kettle on. Once I made our tea I headed back into the living room so we could all sit down and get on with catching up.

My aunty and uncle had bought Bella a couple of presents for Christmas. She had a largish one to put under the tree and she was also given a little one she could open now. Bella was pretty excited to be able to open a present. She has had several under the tree for the last few weeks/days but they were for Christmas day. So she jumped right into ripping open the small package.

Inside were a couple of books. Now Bella loves books so she is always happy to receive some. She had received one book telling her the Easter story which my uncle pointed out it was obviously the wrong time of the year. And the second book was a book about the bible in general. Once she’d opened the present she went back to playing with her toys and we all went back to chatting and catching up on everything from the last year. We don’t see each other often due to life circumstances and distance as they live in Holland.

While the grown ups were talking Bella raided her playroom and returned with a jigsaw. She’s normally pretty good with simple jigsaws but a massive floor jigsaw is pretty difficult for her.

So to help her out I completed the main part of the jigsaw and then left Bella to insert all the vehicles. It was a massive construction site jigsaw so there were lots of construction vehicle to insert. My aunt helped her place in the vehicles so it was lovely to see Bella interact with her Great aunt. It’s lovely how she is willing to play with members of the family she rarely sees and feels so comfortable with them.

Sadly they soon had to head off but it was ok. They were heading back to the hotel they were staying at to pick up our cousin, who had been revising for her university exams, and then they were returning and we were all going out for dinner.

Rachel headed home as well to meet up with Oli and then they were coming back to pick Bella and I up. We had thought about dressing up for the meal but in the end we all decided we were going to go as we were. There’s nothing wrong with comfort.

It was soon time to get ourselves sorted and Oli and Rachel came and picked us up. We made our way to the restaurant and met up with my uncle, aunt and cousin at the bar while we were waiting for someone to show us to our table. We were soon seated round by the play area and we were able to sit down and get round to ordering. Bella was very excited to go into the play area but I have a rule for her. She has to wait until everyone at the table has chosen and ordered their drinks and meals and then she can go to the play area. Obviously I’m a bit more lenient when she’s with her cousins.

To keep Bella occupied my aunt had bought her a sticker book for her to play with. I was a really cool book, it was full of stickers with dog themed scenes to make. She happily sat at the table and I helped her choose the stickers while we all chose our orders for my uncle to go up to the bar and order.

Once we’d ordered Bella was allowed to head off into the soft play. She ran off and it was time for adults to talk. We all chatted and it gave a chance for Rachel and I to talk to my cousin while our aunt and uncle chatted with Oli. I was very happy to not be driving it meant I was allowed to have a drink. Now it wasn’t a full on drink though. I had a rose spritzer rather than just a glass of rose.

We had had crackers placed on the table so as a bit of fun we decided to crack them. I really liked the crackers they were full recyclable crackers and inside were little wooden decorations. So we all had a lovely time trying to complete the jokes and it was lovely to be around family having a nice Christmas meal and having lots of fun.

I tried to wear my paper hat but I have major issues wearing them when my hair is done. They constantly slip off my head. Anyways. our food soon turned up and we tucked into our meals. Once we’d finished we decided we all wanted some desserts. Oli had gotten up from the table and my uncle went to order so I felt very lonely at the end of the table on my own. So instead I stole Oli’s chair and sat next to my cousin so we could chat. For some reason when we go out for meals with this side of the family we end up playing musical chairs. It’s quite nice though it means we’re able to talk to each other.

Soon the desserts turned up. I’d ordered a yummy After Eight Sunday and it was yummy.

I’d ordered Bella some strawberry ice cream. She wasn’t too happy about coming out of the soft play but once she saw it was ice cream she cheered up. She happily sat next to me munching away while wearing my Christmas hat.

It was lovely seeing my family and especially a nice treat for them to take us out for dinner. It’s a shame we don’t see them very often but it doesn’t seem like it’s been that much time before visits. Hopefully there’s not such a gap between visits next time

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Christmas Nails – 22nd December 2019

I was a brave girl today. I went completely out of my comfort zone and rang up the nail salon I go to to book an appointment to get my nails redone for Christmas. I had thought about going tomorrow but with family coming I didn’t know if I’d be able to get back in time.

Now a simple phone call to book an appointment doesn’t seem like a huge issue. But I hate talking on the phone, whether it’s me ringing someone or someone ringing me. The only person I have ever felt comfortable talking to on the phone or calling was mum. I don’t even like talking to Daly on the phone and I’m married to him. I used to get mum to ring up and book my hair appointments and even booking doctor appointments I have to be dying to book one. I loved the fact our doctors had online appointments, shame we have a different doctors now.

Now my nails had not survived too well this time around. I have no idea why. I’d had already gone and got them repaired two days after I had them done due to chipping nail varnish but it had happened now on two more nails and I refused to have chipped nails over Christmas.

So because of the amount of people who would be wanting their Christmas nails done I had rung up for an appointment rather than chancing it and walking in to see if they have any space like normal. Luckily they had a little bit of space this afternoon so I managed to get an appointment for 3.15pm. Now Daly is still on nights at the moment. Although I get my nails done in the same town that he works but I didn’t want to force him to get up and ready for work 2 hours before his shift starts. So instead I was going to get the train over.

I asked Liam if he was happy to watch Bella if I wasn’t home before Daly went to work. I didn’t want to have to take her with me and make her sit in the pram while I had my nails done. He said of course and I headed off to catch the train. I like using the train and bus to get places – Bella loves it because it’s a mini adventure for her and I like it because when I’m on my own I can listen to my music.

I walked into town listening to my music. I wanted a drink so I stopped in Costa on my way. My friend Char was working so I had a quick chat with her while she made my drink. She told me her sister was getting her nails done as well so I might see her. I gave her a hug, wished her Happy Christmas and set off on my way.

I got to the station, bought my ticket and waited for my train to turn up. It was a bit cold but luckily I had my Latte to keep me warm. Does anyone else like holding their hot drinks until it feels like their hands are burning when it’s cold? I love that it feels like if I burn my hands at least the rest of me is slightly warming up. I know I’m weird.

Eventually my train turned up and I was on my way. Luckily it’s not too long a train ride. I mean I’m not going to go half way across the county to get my nails done. Once we stopped I made it off the train and walked through town down to the nail salon. It was very busy. Like I thought everyone was getting their nails done for Christmas. Even though I had booked an appointment it was still very busy and I had to wait until someone was free.

I eventually managed to get myself into a seat. I was first seen but someone who they were either training, had roped into help or just wasn’t too experienced. I’m not knocking them but they had only been given the responsibility of filing off the previous gel. Once he had filed of all the gel I moved onto another girl who then shaped my nails and redid the acrylic.

I was too fond of her though. She did the reshaping and acrylic fine but when it came to painting my nails she was beginning to be a bit funny. She did my right hand fine. Two coats of gel polish well applied on each nail and remembering to turn the UV light on. But when it came to my left hand I was less than impressed. Firstly she kept forgetting to turn the UV light on or insisting to only place my hand under for a couple of seconds rather than the full time. At one point I had to tell her she’d put my hand under the UV light but hadn’t turned it on. She had only put one coat of gel on and not very well at that. When she started to go over with the clear coat she noticed that on my thumb she had put it on so badly there was a line of plain nail going through the middle. She huffed when she noticed and put on a new coat.

Then when she put clear on my nails my middle nail had bobbled where the paint wasn’t dried properly but she made out it was my fault. She told me to be careful putting my hand under the UV light not to hit it on the top as that was causing the bobbles and shody paint job. She even showed my crap nail job to the technician next to her saying how I wasn’t being careful and she’d have finished if I didn’t keep messing them up. I was not impressed.

Luckily she’s not a regular technician in the salon. If she was I would have certainly left a review about how badly my nails had been done and everything had been made out to be my fault. I figured she had been called into help with the business and at the end of a long day she had lost her concentration leading to all the mistakes. Thankful when I left everything had been sorted and my nails didn’t look as bad as they could have. I’m just hoping I get my normal nail technician when I go into to get them done next month.

I’m not knocking the salon as my nails are always lovely and they always manage to do what I ask. I just think this one girl dropped the ball and couldn’t take responsibility for what had happened. Anyways I happily left with my new Christmas nails. I had been chatting with my friend Joe while I was getting my nails done. He had offered to give me a lift home so I didn’t have to catch the train back. Only problem was he was driving back from London so I had to wait for a little bit.

To pass the I walked round to the Co-op to pick up a box off biscuits for a Christmas present – I mean a box of shortbread is my go to gift for people. Joe was still a bit a way and he’d told me he needed to pick up Jess so I told him I would start to walk that way and I’d meet him along the route someway.

He caught me about a ten minute walk away from Jess. I jumped in the car and then we drove round to get Jess. It was nice to see the pair of them. I haven’t really seen or heard from them much in the last month or so with everything being busy. We got Jess and then drove me home. As we drove we chatted about how things were and what we’d been up to.

When I got home Liam was surprised I was home so early. I’m guessing he’d expected me to be gone a lot longer. Rachel had been as good as gold for him. He always says he barely hears from her when he watches her. She’s so well behaved and quiet.

Of course we had to open Bella’s advent calendar. Behind today’s door was an elf. So Santa now has an elf and a reindeer. He seems to be getting ready for Christmas.

Not my best trip to the nail salon but I still left with pretty nails.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Christmas Food Shop – 21st December 2019

I did the final Christmas food shop today. I was still hunting for Cathy’s present so I headed over to the island. I visited the usual suspects – Poundland, B and M but then I thought I’d head into Sheerness and see what the big Tesco’s had to offer. I needed to get some photos printed for Dawn’s Christmas present so I thought I could do that while I was there as well as present hunting.

I do like to shop in the big Tescos. I thought as I was there and wasn’t going to have much chance over the next few days to do the Christmas food shop I’d do it now.

I grabbed Bella and popped her in the trolley, then made my way up and down the aisles following mum Christmas food list that she worked off of every year. I had already bought half of it but as I hadn’t been too sure what we were doing Christmas eve I hadn’t bought any food for that dinner.

Bella was helpful holding onto items as I found them and putting certain ones in the trolley that she didn’t want to hold. Once we’d picked up all the food and I’d made sure we had dessert for Christmas eve we headed to the gifts and clothes. I thought I might at least find something in the clothes section for Cathy but nope. I managed to find Liam and Oli an extra presents for their stockings. I had ordered them some socks but they weren’t here yet and I didn’t know if they would be before Christmas. I didn’t want to chance it so I grabbed them something extra.

Now I was a little naughty walking through the kids section. I spotted a Frozen 2 all in one snowsuit. Bella had one of these last Christmas and I think their great when it’s really cold. I would honestly wear one myself if they did adult ones. They are warm and cozy. And this one was half price. I had thought of giving it to Bella for Christmas but as she’d chosen it I didn’t see the point.

We headed to the check out and sent it all through. I’d also stocked up on pull ups so we had enough during the Christmas period. Nothing worse than being caught short on Christmas day.

I did a quick stop by the photo store on our way out but it was full of people getting photos printed so I decided to leave it. We have a boots in town, I just thought I’d use the one in Tesco’s as I was there at the time.

We loaded up that car and headed back home. Funnily Daly hadn’t even realised I’d been out shopping when I got home. He was still on nights so was just barely getting up when I made it home. We got in and I unloaded the shopping and tidied everything away in the kitchen.

The rest of the day was a pretty chilled one just getting the odd little bits ready for Christmas. Bella was quite happy playing and entertaining herself so I could get on.

As the afternoon went on Bella asked if she could open her advent calendar. Now we had completely forgotten yesterday even though we didn’t really do anything so it meant we had two doors to open today.

Behind the first door was a bauble to go on the tree

And behind the second was a sign for the North Pole.

It’s really cute she’s got so many toys to make up her little North Pole with Santa. I wonder what she will find behind tomorrows door.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

Blogmas – Movies and Fancy Dress – 19th December 2019

Today was a boring lazy day. Daly was at work, there was no nursery or ballet so we had an at home day. Now I have been trying to sort Bella’s play room out ready for Christmas which means Bella has been finding a lot of toys she’d forgotten she had. While tidy today I came across the bag of costumes we took on holiday with us over Halloween. Of course that meant Bella wanted to play dress up.

Her first costume of the day was her witches costume. Now because she was a witch she also needed her hat and broom. So I had a good hunt and found them hiding in the mess and Bella was a fully kitted out witch.

Now this witch, like I said, had found lots of toys she had forgotten about. Her cleaning trolley being one of them. She wheeled it out into the living room and then proceeded to clean. She used to broom to sweep and the mop to clean the floors.

As well as doing all the cleaning she also came across her babies high chair and pram and played with them. I suppose it’s a good thing she’d playing with her toys but a bit of a pain that instead of playing with them in the play room she insists on dragging them into the living room.

In the back ground we had Disney Life on playing films. Bella loves the Cinderella films and Sleeping Beauty. Surprisingly she doesn’t ask for Frozen on too much but this morning we watched Frozen followed by all the little films they made afterwards.

While she was playing she decided it was time for a costume change. Bella wanted to be a pumpkin …

Which lasted two minutes before sh decided she wanted to be Tinkerbell. She struggled a little bit with her wings but we soon had them attached to her back and she could fly round the living room.

With the flying round the living room she found a gymnastics ribbon which used to be Rachel’s. She loves to twirl this thing around and insist I take photos of her.

Once she had finished being Tinkerbell she wanted to be a purple fairy but we discovered the purple tutu was far too big for her so instead she had to settle for being a blu and pink fairy – one of the first fancy dress costumes I ever bought her. I remember finding it in the sale section of Claire’s at Bluewater when I went shopping with Rachel. As soon as we bought it she wanted the tutu and wings on and walked around waving the wand as we carried on with our shopping. She was so cute – good memories.

So that was Bella this afternoon my little Blue and Pink fairy while we settled down to watch Tinkerbell on the TV.

Until next time

Love CiCi x